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A cold wind blasted through the corridors of Brooklyn Middle School as Emily Mason opened the doors into the deserted school. It was 7:30 am on the 12th of December and the first snow of the year had hit the previous night. It had dropped down to below zero so Emily was mostly hidden beneath a dark blue muffler, matching hat and mittens with a deep red over coat. On her feet she had black waterproof boots covering the bottom of her black stockings that went up to her navy blue skirt that was barely visible beneath her long coat. Poking out from underneath her hat her unruly mass of curly blonde hair accentuated the redness of her cheeks as her bright blue eyes scouted the isolated halls. Finally, she found what she was looking for as she walked slowly passed the rows of multi-coloured lockers. Stopping by a grey metal locker, she opened the lock and began drawing out the books she needed. The reason the halls were empty was because she was 45 minutes early, like she was every morning. Her father dropped her off first, as her school was closest to their house. Then, 20 minutes later, they would get to her younger sisters school and drop her off, 10 minutes before her class started. Last, it was 3 of her 5 older brothers, the two oldest having already finished school. After emptying her locker, Emily made her way to the cafeteria and sat down at a table closest to the windows. The white landscape outside was untouched by living things and masked the human element to the scene. Snow covered all the trees in the athletics field and most of the outlying buildings in the school grounds making the area look desolate. Sighing, Emily opened her canvas backpack and took out the book that her English class had been reading, The Wind in the Willows.

The time had passed at a snails pace for Emily as she read. It was only 5 past 8, 10 minutes before class started and it already felt like millennium since she had arrived. Sighing, she put her book down and watched the school come to life. Already the serenity of the scene out the window had been destroyed by kids playing in the snow.

"Emily!" she turned to the voice and saw her best friend Lucy.

"Hey Luce." she greeted her with a smile. Lucy's energetic personality made her one of the most liked girls in their year so time with her was rare.

"LUCY!!!" the shriek of Amanda Bentley's voice filled the cafeteria. She was part of the clique that was 'Lucy, Mandy & co'. That didn't include Emily, even though the title of 'Lucy's BFF' belonged to her. Amanda was well on her way of becoming one of the 'Barbie's' her brothers talked about so often. Not in a good way either. She was pretty now, but in 3 years' time when she hit junior year, she would be gorgeous. Her long blonde hair framed her face and her large hazel eyes were framed with long thick lashes that left boys trailing in her wake.

"Hi Emily." she greeted her. Amanda was nice enough but Emily could never be real friends with her. They had a mutual agreement.

Amanda glared at Emily from across the table. Emily ducked her head, trying to get away from her.
"Hey Mandy!!!" Emily's best friend Lucy came into the cafeteria and rushed to Amanda for the necessary hug. "What's wrong?" she asked, sensing some hostility between her two friends.

"Oh, nothing," Emily answered brightly, "Just a slight misunderstanding." She took a sip from her juice box, avoiding eye contact. The truth was, it was more than a slight misunderstanding. Emily had dared to cross the lines of the 'Girl Code'. She had started liking the same guy as Amanda. Not that she knew Amanda liked him, if she had she never would've taken an interest in Jeremy.

"Well, I'm going to go get some milk," Lucy hurried off to join the ever growing canteen line.

"You stay away from him, you hear me." Amanda said in a threatening tone. She was not to be messed with.

"Yup," Emily's voice squeaked out, she wasn't usually frightened but Amanda had a way with words that made it impossible not to be scared of her. That and she was bigger than Emily, "sure do." She finished off her juice box.

"Good, I'm glad we agree." Amanda ended the conversation, her voice once again happy.

Emily had decided then that those two would never be friends.

"Hi." was all she said in reply.

"Come on Lucy!" Amanda pulled Lucy towards the corridor, "Shane is here and he wants to see me." Lucy threw an apologetic smile in Emily's direction and mouthed 'see you later'. Emily just smiled.

Cameron Scott was a short, gangly 13 year old boy in comparison to most his age, but to Emily, he was practically Goliath. He stood more a head taller than her, so in talking to him, she would have to crane her neck to see his face. They sat next to each other, looking in opposite directions, both trying to muster the courage to say the first words. It was his first day at school and Emily, being the upstanding student she was, had been given the task of befriending him and showing him around the school. Easier said than done. He didn't talk much that was evident. Not a word had been spoken between the two since they had been introduced 15 minutes ago. Finally, Emily mustered up the courage to talk.

"So… Where are you from?" she asked timidly

"Hamilton, Wisconsin." he replied quietly. Awkward silence ensued.

"Do you have any brothers or sisters?" he just shook his head, "Well, I have 5 older brothers and a younger sister." this wasn't going very well. Emily looked away, slightly embarrassed. Thankfully, the bell for the next period rang. Emily shot up and almost left Cameron behind.
"Excuse me," his voice startled her, "could you show me to my next class. I don't know where it is." Emily smiled sheepishly in realisation that she was supposed to stay with him the whole day.

"Just come with me, we're in the same class," she started leading him down various corridors, passed the cafeteria and into a small room near the entrance of the school. Algebra II was Emily's least favourite class but unfortunately she had to do it as she had already completed Algebra I. Being an 'advanced' student had its disadvantages. There were only 5 other students in the class, 6 now that Cameron was in it, so they were put into a room previously used as the reception office before renovations moved it elsewhere.

"Who's this Emily?" Miss Rodgers asked as they entered.

"Cameron Scott," she answered simply as she sat in her seat, "he's new"

"Oh, that's right. Welcome to Algebra Cameron, I'm Miss Rodgers. I presume you have already done this course, back at your old school?"

"Um… I haven't actually." his voice was small when he answered.

"Well, we'll soon know if it's the right course for you so don't worry if you don't understand some things." she smiled at him. Just then the other 5 students came in and sat down. Emily felt sorry for Cameron as Lucy sat next to her. He was the only one not with anyone and, as this course contained a lot of discussions, he would be by himself. Pushing the feeling aside, she listened up as Miss Rodgers started the class.

As the day wore on, Cameron started talking more, much to Emily's relief. One-sided conversations weren't much fun. By lunch, she had learnt a lot more about him than she ever thought possible. He had moved to New York because of his parents so he was living with his aunty while they sorted out their marital problems. Which meant that he could be back home by Christmas or he could stay for the rest of the school year depending on when they sorted everything out.

"So, do you like sports?" they were sitting in the cafeteria during the lu nch break and the line of conversation about animals had long since died down.

"Uhh, sort of," Emily answered, "not really though. You?"

"Yeah, some."

"What ones?" she didn't really care but it was polite to ask.

"Swimming and Gridiron."
"Do you play them? Or just watch?" she was genuinely interested now but only because she wanted to know more about him.
"Yeah, I swim."


"Yup, for 2 years now." he seemed proud of himself which made her smile. It was quite cute.

"Are you any good?" she asked sceptically. Just because he swam competitively didn't make him an excellent swimmer.
"You could say that." was all he said. She raised an eyebrow at him but he wouldn't elaborate so she dropped it and changed the subject.

"How long have you been in New York?"

"A week almost," he took a bite out of his sandwich, "6 days"

"You know anyone here?"

"Nah, just my aunty and my grandma."

"So you've never been here before now?"


"Do you like it?" she asked just as the bell rang

"Yeah, it's heaps different than Hamilton and my old school," they stood up and cleared their table, "but it's a nice different." he added as she led them out the door and into the rush of students making their way to class.

It was the end of the day and Emily had already left class when she saw Cameron next. He came up and walked with her to the entrance of the school before a word was spoken.

"Did you enjoy your first day?" Emily asked him

"Yeah, it was cool." He nodded his head.

"Well, it was cool meeting you," she grinned at him, "I'll see you again tomorrow" she was at the door before she turned to wave. With a small wave in reply from him, she left the building.

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