"...in way too long."

"We haven't had any chance to fill up the water reserves"

"Yeah, our suits are still bare."

Conversation between Abel and Lega carried on in the distance, Noka and Giroux watched from underneath the giant's handmade awning. Voices carried off into the wind as the downpour continued, now overcome with relief now that Abel was alright.

"Take your helmet off!"


"The weather's better now-stay still, crybaby!"

"Get your hands off my head! I don't wanna get wet!" Deston was on the receiving end of Cor's antics. The two tumbled through the wet sand in a one-sided wrestling match as Lenz watched with Cait; the two gave faux-commentary as the fight progressed.

"Oh no, is she going for-" Lenz watched in genuine concern for his young friend.

"She's got the leg up!-Deston is locked into a shin choke!" Cait stood next to Lenz, both of them holding their helmets under arm like a basketball.

"...Why did you just bump your head into mine?"

"-Stupid helmet-getting in the way!" Brendan growled at his headgear. The equipment prevented him from making any actual contact with Wally. Both of them were slightly farther from the rest, sharing some time together during the lull.

"Where were the locks on these agai-never mind, found 'em~" Wally reached over to the base of Brendan's neck and undid the locks as he returned the gesture. "All because you want to kiss in the rain, watch it just stop when-" Wally was cut off as Brendan pressed his lips against the blonde's own, wrapping his arms around and above the taller boy's shoulders. The brunette had to stand slightly up on the tips of his toes to reach.

"Sorry guys." Zed stepped out from the ship and approached Noka and Giroux from behind. The pair continued watching their guildmates banter back and forth as the three came up. "They're listed in there."

"It wasn't the people on this ship though-though, if you wanna take your anger out on them it wouldn't be any help..." Darius added in.

"They umm...kinda escaped through the broken load door." Edison rubbed the back of his head and looked at the floor.

"Time and location?" Giroux was used to this situation, he knew what to ask.

"They were found in Vellus about two hours from here. It's right where the bedrock ends. Didn't survive last night." Zed answered in a somber tone.

"You're sure it's them?" Giroux inquired further without turning around.

"Rellius Far; age 23, male, type A negative. Whitney Wren; age 22, female, type A positive. Jewel Hoa; age 20, female, type O positive." Zed read the printout he had in hand. "Unknown ranks. Unknown division. Diresoldiers guild."

"Yeah, that's them." Giroux confirmed it.

"You wanna see the pict-" Zed held out the paper.

"It's alright. Are you heading off now?"

"We're set to leave." Giroux's tone wasn't lost on Zed. He looked at the two behind him. "Oh right, here." Zed stepped around to face Giroux and held out a small data chip. "I copied their files on the paladin network onto this. Thought you might need it for paperwork, so you don't have to search for it later."


"Don't mention it. Well, we're gonna start heading off. We managed to finally contact our guild with the ship's comm, so we need to get moving while it's still early. You guys take care, yeah?" Zed shook hands with Giroux before hesitating to shake with Noka. The smaller Dire looked different without his helmet on; the hue of his hair was brighter, his face more human without a visor separating it from the outside world. But despite these exposed features, he appeared colder. Not to anyone in specific, but more distant after receiving the news. Noka blinked before refocusing his eyes on Zed in order to bid him farewell. Zed shook quickly before walking around him.

"You too." Giroux answered for the lieutenant.