"Oh no-what's he doing here...?"

"His station was at Tensian though!"

"Stand your ground!"

"All of the officers are out though! All we have is the Sixth Division!"

"And they just got back-they can't fight so soon!"

"He can't take all of us at once!" The Dires rallied in front of their HQ, taking up defensive positions with weapons in hand.

"He'll kill all of us!"

"...Is he carrying something?" Someone asked as the figure's silhouette neared, its outline becoming easier to make out with the crashed pod's smoke clearing away finally.

"Lucas watch out! He's behind you!" Another voice cried from the back, warning one of the young recruits on the front line.

"Huh-No! No no no! Don't kill me!" The boy had his back turned to pick up a dropped magazine, only to find Giroux standing directly over him the next moment. The young man's free hand aimed an open palm down at the boy's face. A bundle of brown fabric was held in Giroux's other arm, pushed up against his chest like a sack of potatos.

"Shh." The blonde spoke. He paid no attention to the many forms of death aimed at him; he was more focused on the amount of noise they were making. Giroux closed his hand into a fist except for his index finger and brought it up to his lips. The hand went underneath the brown bundle and lifted it up with a slight jump, readjusting its weight. "You're loud. You'll wake him up." Giroux began walking into the crowd.

"What the hell do you think you're doing here, huh?! Who said you could come back without any-" A guildie started to yell but was shot a cold glare by the blonde man. Giroux stopped in his tracks just to stare him down. A crackle of electricity sparked in the air surrounding him.

"What'd I just say?" Giroux growled. He continued walking, parting the crowd in two as he marched ahead towards the HQ. Everyone was silenced as they caught sight of his face. It betrayed how exhausted he was; the wear of the days gone past were readily visible in his reddened eyes and dark circles.

"mmm..." A small voice mumbled as its owner stirred in Giroux's arms.

"Whoa!-It's alive!"

"What's in the robe?!"

"That's a robe?!"


"grr...where are we?" Half-lidded eyes slowly fluttered open and looked up at Giroux. Small hands clutched at his shirt for security even though there was no chance of falling.

"Almost there, you can sleep more if you want to." Giroux's tone softened a great deal to answer the tiny creature he held. It yawned.

"is pazuzu noka here?"

"I don't know, we'll find out when we head inside."


"...Are we just gonna let him go like that?-Lohardt?" A voice in the crowd asked to someone they thought was beside him.


"Can't let you go in there, Giroux." Corporal Lohardt held a pistol up to the back of Giroux's head, stopping him in his tracks.

"Don't be an idiot." Giroux replied.

"The rest of your division going around the back right now? You using yourself as the distraction?"

"I'm gonna be using you as a punching bag pretty soon if you don't put that useless noisemaker away."

"Hey guys! Check the back! The rest of his squad's probably sneaking around there!" Lohardt looked over his shoulder to yell at the crowd behind him.

"You know, I could've disarmed you right then. I could've disarmd you at any point up to now, but I wanted to see the look on your face."

"When wha-" Lohardt began to speak until he realized he was holding a banana. "Wait-what?"

"Oh you thief! You DID have my banana!" Brendan stood in the doorway of HQ and pointed at Lohardt's hand.

"When did-" Lohardt looked at what was in his hand and made sure it was real.

"I have no clue what you're talking about. I never touched that banana, and I've never seen it before in my life." Noka stood amongst the crowd, cracking open a bottle of juice.

"Brendan? When did you get back?" Lohardt dropped the banana into the snow.

"No! My lunch!-I mean...Huh? Me? I never left! You never saw-" Brendan began to recite the words until Lega appeared in the doorway alongside him.

"-Can you tell Wally it's not funny that he hid my pants in Noka's room?" The giant poked Brendan on the back.

"There's pants hidden in my room?" Noka asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"There's pants hidden in his room?" Giroux asked Lega.

"Yeah, I looked under the couch and the table but I CAN'T FIND IT STILL." Lega grieved in an annoyed voice. His boxers had egg print on it.

"When did Lega get back too?! Who else is back? Is Wally-" Lohardt pointed at the giant before looking over his shoulder.

"-Don't worry, I'm not waiting in the crowd behind you, I'm not as fast as ninja as Noka-Okay, so we have a problem." Wally walked into view next to Brendan and Lega in the doorway of HQ. "I tossed your pants out the window, but when I checked to see if it was outside on the ground, well..." Wally pointed at the top of the treeline several dozen feet in the air behind the crowd. A crow sat at the top of a tree in its now pants-warmed nest. "Yeah."

"Why do you hate me?" Lega asked as he stared at his pants with everyone else.

"Please forgive me." Wally intertwined his fingers together and held it over his head in a pleading manner.

"Are all of you in Sixth Division? You just landed right now, didn't you?"

"Well not all-" Brendan began but was interrupted by a yell beyond the crowd.


"...No..." Lohardt didn't look behind himself.


"Who's yelling-Rook?!" Abel made his way to the doorway and spotted a pink dot in the distance, running at a breakneck speed with Lenz, Deston, and Cor in tow.

"RUUUUUUUUN! GET INSIDE!" Rook yelled at the top of her lungs from the front of the pack, navigating through the woods with reckless abandon.

"We pissed off a Yeti! Get inside!" Deston yelled as he tried his best to keep up with the others. Cries of confusion and fear sparked up within the crowd. A blood-curdling howl echoed through the land, stoking the flames of panic.

"I got a clear shot!-Where'd it go?" Lenz was running backwards with his rifle shouldered, ready to shoot until he realize the white beast was nowhere to be seen. It uncloaked right before his eyes a mere ten feet away, lunging forward with a swipe of the arm. "Never mind-I regret my actions now." He turned around and focused on running instead, slinging the firearm over his back as he transitioned.