"Get off our lawn!" Beau yelled at the knight in white standing at the edge of the forest.

"Get outta here, Pally!" Coaxial grabbed a handful of ice and made a quick snowball to throw. The snowball only made it halfway over before plopping to the ground. Both of them were still wearing their pajamas. Coaxial still had his toothbrush in his mouth.

"It is way too early in the morning for this kind of yelling..." KT appeared behind them before the doorway of HQ. The Captain towered over the two with a sleepy expression on his face. He somehow braved the outside temperature barefoot with only shorts on, his hair a poofy mess from sleep.

"Mr. Torrin! Mr. Torrin, it's me!" Bael yelled from across the snowfield, hesitant of stepping forward from the destroyed state of the yard. This wasn't the first time he had to make a visit to a Diresoldiers Headquarters. A clipboard was held against his chest with one arm, the other used to wave to KT.

"Oh yeah, you're that...one...paladin...person. Yeah." KT raised his voice slightly to be heard but didn't yell.

"Bael!" The young lieutenant reminded the loopy Captain.

"Yeah, I remember you. Bazel." KT yawned after responding, covering his mouth with a palm.

"Bael!" He corrected.




"Ba-I'm here for your guild's annual reading!" Bael gave up and informed.

"...At six in the mornin'?"

"We're swamped with work and we go through guilds alphabetically, starti-"

"-Bailey, do you know what happens at 6 in the mornin'?" KT cut off the newly named Bael before he could finish his sentence.


"-Nothing. Nothing happens at 6 in the morning. The entire world shuts down at 6 in the morning. Ask me why."


"Cause it's six in the fucking morning, man. Half of the people in here JUST fell asleep. Wanna know a better time to come by?"


"Anytime that isn't six in the fucking morning!" KT threw a quick snowball that fell shorter than Coaxial's.

"I can't leave without your guild's reading though!" Bael insisted with his eyes closed, fearful of making eye contact with the guild captain.

"Not my problem." KT dismissed it.

"Well-the clock just turned! It's a minute past six, does that count?" Bael was looking for any excuse at this point.

"...I'm gonna turn you into a snowman. You guys wanna make a snowman? I'm gonna make a snowman." KT asked Beau and Coaxial.

"I'll go left." Beau nodded.

"Quacks, you go right." KT instructed to the neon-green haired guildie. Within an instant KT was behind Bael. "Whoops~ where ya gonna go now?" KT blocked Bael's escape route, pouncing forward at normal human speed for Bael. The guild captain belly flopped and landed face first in the snow as Bael ran towards the HQ.

"Please! I still have over ninety guilds this morning-!" Bael tried to reason with the three Dires, but the words fell on deaf ears.

"Attaaaaaaaaaaaaack!" KT raised his head out of the snow and yelled to Coaxial and Beau.

"Oh no." Bael found himself flanked by the two younger Dires.


"Did someone make a fort?"

"I dunno, looks rushed though." Two Dires passed the pile of bodies in the living room. A large blanket had been tossed over, covering them in a sheet of pink, blue, and yellow plaid.

A yawn broke out from underneath the sheet.

"...What time is it?" Cor stretched out and found it was still dark.

"-Ow! That's my face!" Deston cried out when Cor's foot moved and kicked him.

"Sorry-" Cor apologized and rolled over, coming face to face with an already awake Lenz. She blushed and quickly pulled away. "-Err, how long have you been up?"

"Fifteen minutes." The auburn haired male responded.

"How come you haven't...gotten up then?"

"It would've woken you up. KT passed by. He tossed his blanket on top of us. He's doing stuff outside now, I think."

"Psst. Pssssssst. Help." Noka whispered over to the three sprawled on the table in front of him. "Heeeeelp."

"Noka? How long have you been awake?" Cor sat up and freed Lenz. She navigated her feet off of Deston and onto the floor, doing her best to not step on her fellow squadmates down there.

"I don't know-please-get them off me. I can't move without waking them." Noka whispered. Abra clung to his front, Lev leaned his head on the right, and Giroux on his left. "My nose itches. And. I can't scratch it. Without moving. Oh no-I think I'm gonna sneeze...!"

Lenz traded looks with Cor and Deston. "-I think KT needs help outside." Lenz quickly stated.

"No!" Noka protested.

"Yeah, sounds like it." Cor agreed by folding her arms and nodding.

"Yup." Deston seconded the notion by mirroring Cor's actions.

"Don't go!" The bluenette was pleading.

"You got this, lieutenant." Lenz saluted before sliding out and under the blanket.

"Good luck." Cor gave a thumbs up as she left.

"I'll bring you back some toast." Deston grinned while waving. Within seconds, Noka was all by himself again.



"I must say, you're the most dignified quadruple-amputee I've ever seen, Frosty." KT commented on the snowman in front of him. Bael was nowhere to be seen. The snowman lacked arms and legs, and was little more than a glorified pile of snow.

"He needs a hat-what kind should we give him?" Coaxial asked as he piled on more snow.

"I still have a sombrero from last summer." Beau suddenly remembered.

"A perfect fit for his fat frozen head!" KT patted Beau on the back.