"Sis! Should you be out of bed so soon?!" Giroux rushed over to a slender girl several inches shorter than himself. Her short hair was a light blonde and drawn back in two pigtails. Rosy skin exposed itself to the sunlight as her hands drew open the drapes beside the bed. Turning around, Verona bumped into Giroux's chest.

"Ow...your wrist hit my funny bone..." She drew her elbow back and rubbed it.

"Sorry-I-" Giroux apologized for his clumsiness until he saw an empty bowl on the dresser next to the bed. There were still a few red drops left. He looked down at his standing sister, the same one that couldn't even sit up without any help several weeks ago. '...Finding that flower's hard enough, but actually being able to cook it correctly? How the hell did they do it..?'

"Oh hey! You look better now!" Verona shifted and looked up to meet eyes with her older brother.

"That's my line." Giroux blinked.

"Why? Did I look better all bedridden instead of up and about? Alright then, later~" She hopped back in bed and threw the covers over her entire body. Giroux failed to suppress a mischievous smile as he pulled the window up. A shock of cold air flowed into the room. "I can feel the cold through the sheets! Close it close it close it!" Verona popped up and made a break for the window, slamming it shut. Giroux felt a warmth in his chest; seeing her acting normal again felt right. Shivering on the way back to her bed, Verona grabbed the blanket and wrapped herself in it while standing. The pajamas apparently weren't enough. "These pajamas aren't enough..."

"How was the soup?" Giroux asked, leaning next to the window.

"Technically it's a tea~" Verona replied in her best imitation of Az's voice.

"How was the tea?"

"It tasted bland so I asked if I could add some fruit punch mix into it."

"What did he say?"

"'Knock yourself out-just don't spill it. That flower was a pain in the ass to cook.'" Verona stiffened up and mimicked the elf once again. "Tasted much better afterwards."

"Lev told me he searched everywhere for it. He even looked in the Shade." Giroux shook his head at the thought of Lev searching aimlessly for a single flower.

"Awww-he did? I should go thank him-" Verona let go of the blanket and allowed it to fall onto the bed. She turned around and climbed over the mattress, making her way towards the open doorway until the sound of a doorknob turning interrupted her. A split second later, Lev backed up into the room out of thin air through the open doorway. He was balancing a sandwich and glass of milk on a plate with his left hand; his right was still in the action of opening the now non-existent door behind him.

"Perfect-I knew I could make it in one goOOHHH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DOOR! ?" He screamed in confusion as he lost his sense of balance and fell towards the floor. The door he was previously leaning on with some of his weight had vanished as he randomly teleported to a different section of the HQ. He spun and fell flat on his rear. The plate somehow managed to stay in one piece with the sandwich and drink still on top. It was his new hat.

"What... the hell just happened?" Giroux didn't know how to react. His guild leader had for some reason appeared out of thin air with food and nearly ate it. Mind the pun.

"This... this isn't the Soh Cah Toa room-It happened again, didn't it? !" Lev took in his surroundings and made a correct deduction. His mana was messing with him again.

"What happened again?" Verona kneeled in her bed and looked down at the fallen guild leader. He sighed.

"My stupid magic is messing with me... Oh! If you guys are walking around and suddenly end up in the wrong room, don't freak out. Just... Iunno, wait for a while then try going through the doorway you came through." Lev gave the advice while remaining dead still, not wanting to tip over his food. "Also," He raised a finger in the air "I fell on something remarkably soft..." The guild leader brought the index finger down and poked whatever was underneath him.

"Oww..." Noka's voice emitted in the room. "Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-" He responded appropriately to each poke from Lev.

"Oh hey Noka!" The black haired guildie acted as though he hadn't seen the bluenette in forever, despite just speaking a few minutes ago.

"This isn't the garage... you're not Abel..." Noka groaned weakly. The words had a visible effect on Verona. Giroux noticed.

"Yeah, this isn't the garage or the Soh Cah Toa room. Life is full of disappointments." Lev crossed his arms and let out another sigh.

"I was in the garage with the others, and then Abel started poking my armor's chestpiece, and suddenly I ended up here with you poking me instead..." Noka recalled what was happening while still trapped under Lev.

"Huh. What happened to your armor?" Lev asked as he prodded bare skin.

"I don't know!-Wait..." Noka caught himself mid-sentence. It just dawned on him that he was only wearing underwear. Lev grabbed the plate off his head, stood up, and allowed Noka to do the same. The bluenette's bare skin was exposed to everyone in the room.

"Awesome." Verona commented.

"Seconded." Lev took a bite of sandwich and didn't look away.

"This happens too often-I need clothes-" Noka spoke in a resigned tone but stopped when he heard rapid approaching footsteps. Two people were running towards him. Rook and Cor skidded to a halt in front of the doorway.

"HOLD HIM DOWN!" Rook pointed at Noka.