"-What just happened." Rook appeared in the doorway with Cor directly behind her.

"Welcome back." Abel greeted them.

"How did we end up back here?"

"You didn't walk back?"

"No-we were upstairs just a few seconds ago and suddenly now we're here." She looked around at her surroundings.

"Oh yeah, watch out for that. It'll happen sometimes. I think it's my fault." Lev ceased drinking to explain. "That's weird though, there was a delay that time..." He noted how it took several minutes for Rook and Cor to reappear.

"Will this be happening often? Should I be careful of these doorways? I've heard of what happened with KT and toasters-is this the same thing?" Cor asked as she followed Rook into the garage.

***"Speaking of which!"*** Elli's voice came through a speaker hung in a corner of the garage. ***"Noka! Meet me in the kitchen! On the double-triple-triple-double!"***

"...Please come with me." Noka looked over to Abel for support.


"What's up, bolatup?" Lev stuck his head out from the corner and asked Elli. The 4th Division Captain stood alone in the kitchen, glaring at the counter space next to the stovetops.

"Where's Noka?" Elli's eye twitched.

"I'm here." Noka rounded the corner with Abel trailing behind. Lev followed them in.

"Tell me, what am I looking at?" Elli crossed his arms and stared furiously at the counter.

"Um. Toasters." Noka answered, extremely wary of any sudden movements coming from the man that once choked him.

"How many?"


"Two. And that's one too many. Do you know why that's one too many?"

"I don't?"

"Because we don't need two toasters. No one needs two toasters. Owning two toasters is about as redundant as owning two cars. You can't drive both of them at the same time." Elli's logic caused Abel to blink several times in disbelief at what he had just heard. Noka was more used to it than him.

"I think Brendan owns like seven cars." Lev remembered but went ignored.

"But... can't use both toasters at the same time?" Abel tried to rationalize.

"NO YOU CAN'T!" Elli barked at him. "I just bought a brand new one to replace the old one, but now I'm second guessing myself. I don't know if I should throw the old one out, it looks so much better than the new one." He went back to the conundrum.

"Is that the old one?" Noka pointed at the toaster on the left. It had a heavy imprint of Solo's face dented into the side.

"No, that's the new one." Elli shook his head.

"What... happened to it?"

"Justice, Noka. Justice happened to it." Elli looked at the bluenette and spoke with absolute conviction. "But still..."

"What's happening in here?" Giroux was on his way out until he spotted the group standing around in the kitchen. It was unusual to see more than one person in the kitchen when there wasn't any food being cooked.

"We're figuring out whether to keep the new ugly toaster, or keep the old better looking toaster." Abel answered without taking his eyes off the two appliances. Giroux hadn't seen him at first.

'He's our brother?! Abel?!' The words echoed in Giroux's head. "Oh." He didn't bother glancing at the toasters. His eyes focused on the brunette. 'I drew blood from him on that train... Fuck.'

"Giroux?" Abel asked, breaking his trance.

"H-huh?" Giroux blinked a few times as he returned back to reality.

"Are you alright? You looked kind of pale and dazed there." Abel was confused as to why Giroux was staring at him.

"Yeah. Yeah, I'm alright." Giroux reassured. 'I didn't know. I fucked up. I'm sorry.'

"Oh yeah! You should ask Brendan if there's enough space for you to come!" Abel suddenly remembered and immediately opted for the former lieutenant to join them.


"We're going on a drive." Noka explained.


"To Rook's place."

"Why-they'll think we kidnapped her, we'll get shot at."

"Yeah, the plan is to sneak in and unsteal her. I guess you don't have to sneak in with us if you don't want to, Wally and Brendan are the experts so I guess you could just hang out in the car until they're finished?" Noka tried to figure out the plan that hadn't yet completely formed.

"...We're breaking into the president's house and you made it sound like we're returning something at a store."

"That's it!" Elli rose an index finger in the air. "We can return the new one! Then we'll get our money back, buy a non-defective one, throw out the old one, and use the newer new one!"

"Why is it so hard for us to make simple plans?" Abel turned to ask Noka.


"He's coming with us?!" Brendan stood aghast at the sight of Giroux towering behind Noka. Elli stood beside him.

"Hey hey hey-I'm coming too, this piece of crap isn't gonna refund itself." The Captain held up a poorly repacked toaster box. The plug was dangling out of the top.

"How many can your car fit?" Noka asked.

"Well, who's all going?" Brendan asked out to the crowd. Noka, Abel, Wally, Lev, Elli, and Giroux raised their hands. "That's seven including me-wait-Rook why isn't your hand raised..."