Title:Hate that I love you so...

Author: xXClouDyXx

Part:Summary/ Chapter ?

Genre:Romantic Comedy

Rating:T (just to be safe; may change in the future)

Word Count: 463



Jerome is a top model, an in demand actor, a famous pop star, a dance machine, every girls dream (aka major heart throb), and one of the most sought after bachelor in Hollywood. He's basically an all around star.

He has it all money, popularity, a circle of glamorous friends, face, etc, etc, etc. You name it!

Unfortunately, he's not what everyone thinks he is; they always thought he was some kind of prince who's always polite. A gentleman who cares about his loved ones but don't be fooled; that's just for show. He's more likely the devil reincarnated. He's a conceited bastard, money-face manipulating jerk. A lazy dog who never bothered doing anything that will harm his 'oh-so-beautiful-nails'-or so he says. The most diva-ish person I know, who just happen to be good at acting and faking things; and also last but not the least- he's gay.

Not gay, as in happy, carefree or that bright and showy crap but gay. Capital G-A-Y, as in guy's who's attracted to the same gender. Yeah! That kind of gay.

Wonder why I know this? That's because I'm his best friend in the whole wide world! (I'm not saying he only have one friend in the whole universe; he have lots of friends- heck! they're even more glamorous than me, cause duh' they're celebs- but among the I'm the only one he trust with his life, cause I'm his childhood bff- he only befriend those people because of work and publicity)

Yeah! I know hard to believe, isn't it? I mean tomboyish Vanessa Jeanne Logan, the loser in 5th grade, isbest friends with THEJerome Dane Smith? Even I still have a hard time believing it!

Although I already knew he's gay, why can't I stop falling desperately, head-over-heels in love with him?

How can he like me? And why am I hoping he would?

He's gay, and gay people are supposed to like men... and he's a superstar, wait scratch that, he's a mega-MEGA SUPERSTAR! I practically see his face in every billboards and magazine- hell! Even corners- everywhere I look!... And this is no joke, I'm serious here, guys!

Where do I fit in all these? ...I'm ugly, I'm a nerd, I have a horrible haircut (Is this mop of a hair even called haircut? I just let them grew...), I have horrendous sense of style (I just wore anything as long as it's clean) and I'm... ok I'll stop. I could go on and on and make this list longer but I'm afraid I might go suicidal after all these 'pity-party' I'm having.

Well at least I'm rich...?

I guess being friends with him is already enough... but what if I'm tired of 'just enough'? Tired of loving someone from afar?


Authors note: Finally finish! *sigh* I have to sneak to my father's laptop to write this because my laptop is broken... well the charger is. Well... is it good? Please R&R^^

I already wrote this here but I deleted it since I want to improve my writing. This is the second and upgraded version.