Say No to Oppostion!

You are powerful,
and you can influence
my thoughts, actions,
and manner of speaking,
but you can never
waver my faith.

You are strong,
and you can force your way
through my mindset, behaviour,
and way of presenting myself,
but you can never
alter my beliefs.

I will stay
true to whom brought me up
and gave me a homeland of safety,
by these stringet laws that has
bonded us together,
as a nation.

I must try
my best to exert my influence to the most I can,
to win converts from oppositions
to join me, and our leaders,
in a fierce fight,
for justice and rights.

I may not
like some faces in there,
but I won't turn to another,
just because of the minority,
I'll stay firm and true,
to them whom gave me these...

And made me who I am today.