I wonder if you'd ever realise how deeply in love I am with you. I wonder if you even notice me and my everlasting love for you. I wonder if I have ever crossed your mind even once. Sometimes, I might strongly deny my love for you, but do you know how it hurts for me to do that? I just don't want them to hurt you because you're the person I love. But I love you so. So, so much that it hurts me deep down now.

Even if it's just 1 minute of not seeing you, I would miss you a lot. Sad songs reminds me of you and our past. You might not fully understand me but I know that you will never. I love you in a way that is indescribable even to myself. Moments I've spent with you were moments I've truly lived. When I look back upon my days, those moments with you... were moments I felt alive and truly happy.

With you, I would unknowingly smile. I guess that's what you call a true smile? But now, it's fading. My heart is feeling numb with all the hurt and sorrow people are causing me. I wish you would be here for me. But I know I've also caused you pain, and now... you're long gone. You've continued running your path for glory. Run, there's nothing that will stop you.

I will watch your back figure closely as it vanishes in the white snow that devours. I love you so much, and no matter how much I need you, I know you won't hear my call. Please, I just hope that I will become one of your fragments of memories... at least. I don't want to be someone just passing through your life. I want to be someone you would remember. And when someone mentions my name, I hope you would smile and say, "Ah, that's my friend".

However, just being a friend hurts me - I love you, and would always be here waiting for you right here. And when you decide to run back to the past, I'll take your hand and be your important someone.