I think The Blind Side had many strong messages that should be applied to everyday life. The first being that, no matter what someone looks like, no matter what they seem like, there is always something you're not going to know, Micheal was dismissed as a dumb kid from the Projects. He turned out to have this amazing gift for football and a strength no one expected. The second message ism no matter your past, or what's happened to you, you can rise above that. Your past doesn't, shouldn't, have to dictate your future.

One thing I really liked about the portrayal of Micheal was that, though he came from a bad place, seen bad things, knew the inner workings of those bad things, he still had this air of blissful ignorance. He was still able to smile, laugh and play with the innocence of a child. That's something I think people should always have. Innocence, the ability to play. The world moves so quickly, but Micheal was able to show the people around him that life is worth slowing down for. Another message would be: things are going to happen, whether you walk or run to it.

*Written for English class.