-Tell Me-

We talked through all those restless nights.

I was there for you, I was there listening.

I thought I was helping you out, being your light.

I tried to stop your eyes from glistening

I know it's gone bad to worse, but we all suffer.

She was your angel, you two lived so happily.

I understand she was all you needed, you love her.

Your escape from your life's horrible tragedy.

Both your backgrounds were so dark and cold.

You had each other to ease all the pain.

So when her accident's story was told,

I couldn't help you as you cried in vain.

I did all I could for you to help you cope.

When, "She's in a coma. She'll wake up." was said,

That kept us all waiting, anxious with hope.

But only to tell us that we now lay dead.

Now we're at a loss an unhappy ending.

But you lost so much more, your other half,

Still depressed long after the funeral attending.

You were desperate to hear her carefree laugh.

I tried to talk you, tried to relieve your sorrows.

I checked on you every day, to talk this all out.

But you gave up on me so soon and said, "Tomorrow."

I was still here but you threw me aside no doubt.

I'm numb, I can't feel the pain.

I just look at with sadness, your body.

Why did your will to live wane?

Why give up so soon, give up on me?

You took it upon yourself to leave this behind.

Was it quick, the way out you chose?

Did the ropes take long to bind?

With numbness I throw down one last rose.