A/N: Hello! This is just a little something I came up with when my family and I went to the cemetery to visit my grandmother's grave for her 40th day. I was just in awe of the silence in the cemetery and how our footsteps would echo. It wasn't even supposed to end this way, actually. I originally planned it to be about a group of friends running around the cemetery. But it turned to this. Haha. I blame WriteOrDie. That was where I wrote this.

… This was written in 12 minutes, and is unedited.


The adrenaline rush kept her going. She couldn't stop, not now. The sounds of her footsteps echoed around her, bouncing off of the walls. That was the only sound to be heard that night, along with the gentle wisps of the wind and the trees. She couldn't bear to think of what other sound may come. After all, with all the silence, it would be easy to hear anything else. The crunch of twigs behind her, the sound of the earth being dug- those thoughts were enough for her to keep on running, running, running. She couldn't stop.

And then she heard it. Someone was there. Breathing, breathing- it, she, he, it didn't matter, whoever it was, they were getting close. Closer. And even closer.

She broke off into a mad sprint, trying to get away from that horrible, horrible sound of someone else breathing. There shouldn't be anyone else here. It should only be her. She should know. After all, this cemetery was part of an abandoned town. She would have heard if anyone else had come in, which no one should have. So why, why, why was someone else in there with her? She had to run, she had to hide. There was no way that whoever else with her in the cemetery was up to something good.

Crunch, crunch, crunch. They were following her. They followed her pace, they followed her route- her heart thumped wildly in her chest. Oh god, oh god, who the hell was it? She couldn't bear to look, not wanting to see just whoever it was. Would there be decaying flesh hanging off the arms? Would one eye socket be empty? Would the jaw be hanging off? Or was it just some grave robber- a grave robber who wouldn't hesitate to kill her for interrupting his 'activities'?

She bit back a scream and pushed herself even harder. She had to go, she had to leave. She couldn't stay here, not anymore, not tonight. She changed the route she mapped out in her head and took a different turn than she had previously planned. Just a little more and she would be out of there, out of that town, and she would drive back home. Just. A little. MORE.

And as she finally, finally got out of the cemetery gates, she didn't look back, only listening as the sound of footsteps behind her slowed down before coming at a stop. She was free.

And behind her, back at the cemetery gates, nobody stood. The wind blew, sending leaves to fly through the air and into the night.