A/N: This… was just weird. It's another product of my time at WriteOrDie. Haha. This was written in 30 minutes.


The sound of sheets rustling filled the room. It was a comforting sound, reassuring her that she wasn't alone. That he was still with her, for once. She knew he told her last night that he would stay, but she didn't dare count on it for fear of being let down. She didn't want to hope only to be disappointed at the end.

But he was there, with her, and she couldn't really ask for more. Well, okay, maybe she could, but she was satisfied with this for now. She could wait before he wanted to go further into their relationship.

A hand gently covered hers and squeezed. His deep voice, the same voice that whispered sweet nothings in her ears the night before, greeted her a good morning. She smiled at him and returned the greeting, feeling ecstatic that this was actually happening. Never had she had a morning waking up in his arms. It felt... good.

He chuckled at the dazed expression she had on her face and gave her a small kiss on the nose. She giggled and jokingly shoved him, not really disliking the kiss but pretending she did. They proceeded to have a playful tussle on the bed, filling the room with her shrieks and his shouts.

She lay pinned beneath him after a while, panting from too much laughter. She had been tickled in various places, preventing her from retaliating. She was very ticklish, after all, and she couldn't stand just being poked at the side. He smiled down at her, telling her that she looked adorable, all flushed and worked up as she was. She blushed, denying that she looked adorable. She was flattered, of course, but she really didn't think that she was attractive in any way.

He gave her a quizzical look, asking her why she thought that. She blinked up at him, not expecting such a thing. She told him she didn't know, which she really didn't. Nobody had ever told her such things before, so maybe that was why she couldn't believe him. The look he gave her next was incredulous. She was a beautiful woman, the kind of woman any man would fall for. How could anyone not tell her that she was more than just attractive?

She blushed fiercely and gave him a light slap on the arm. She stammered out that they should go and eat as it was getting late already. She wanted to steer away from their current topic, as she was getting too flustered. He chuckled at her and helped her stand. He offered to prepare breakfast for the both of them, but she vehemently disagreed. She wouldn't let him do things alone, and she knew he would just keep on insisting to cook, so why don't they both just cook together?

Their preparations for breakfast turned out to be a disaster. Too much things had gone wrong, courtesy of him giving her fleeting touches and kisses with every chance he got. It distracted her, and he didn't need any more distractions since he was already distracted (with touching her), so the food they were trying to cook ended up inedible. They didn't let it bother them, choosing instead to laugh at the predicament they found themselves in.

And then he noticed the time. He cursed and apologized. He needed to go, as he was going to be late for work. He rushed then, looking for his stuff all around her apartment. He gave her a small peck on the lips before he left, telling her he'd probably be back tomorrow. She gave him a shaky smile and told him to take care and work hard. He left her with a wave, running to the elevators.

She leaned on the doorway for support, her legs feeling weak. She knew why he wouldn't be back tonight. His work didn't take that long. She knew why, but she couldn't keep herself from breaking down anyway. After all, what they had was just an affair, something they couldn't really have…

And really, despite everything she had gone through all her life, that was what never failed to break her.