This is NOT based on any comic book heroines. So no suing me!

Uh, this might seem romance-y, but it's not really. Just read. You'll see.


I'm holding my boyfriend's hand.

Now, that doesn't sound like much

Just that simple and lovely touch

It makes saltwater sting my eyeballs

And some lump form in my throat

As white silk soaks wet with red.

I'm holding my boyfriend's hand

Since unless I made the first move

Nothing would ever have happened

He wouldn't have been mine to hold

And to keep trapped in my spider web

So I could drain him of his everything

My fangs clamped on soft and salty skin

Tasting the sweet taste of a life not mine

And when he was but a shell, I ate him

One tan and delicious piece at a time

yet I cried for no fathomable reason.

Licking my claws and sitting all alone

As I wait for my stomach to rumble

So I can weave another web of lies

I find something of his I've missed

It is the only thing I wanted of him

But was too afraid to really need:

I'm holding my boyfriend's hand

And have already eaten the rest.

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