I've been bullied at school.

Everyone made a fool

Out of me

Almost instantly.

But I never give them the satisfaction of seeing me cry.

I always hold my smile and look them in the eye.

I always stay strong and hold my head high.

The gossips go around and around.

I stand still and hold my ground.

I'm not gonna give them the satisfaction of seeing me in trouble.

My strong eyes can answer them silently, not everyone needs to yell.

There's so many of them

They're playing this game

Of causing me pain and shame.

But my confidence is not easy to tame.

I just think of good things and take God's name,

They don't understand that by hurting me

They are only getting their own souls dirty!

I'm a strong girl,

My lips curl

Into a smile.

Yeah, I've been winning now for quite a while.

Yes, it hurts a lot,

My stomach clenches in knots

I wanna break down and run away.

But that's exactly what they want, so not today.

I'll ignore them, or retort back.

That's the end of it, now fade to blackā€¦

A/N: 7 years of High School. And how :P