Unleashing my emotions is like freeing a river that's infinite.

So maybe I'll actually try to close my heart's lid tonight.

I know by now that this pain is never ending.

So I'll just go back to pretending….

Pretending that I'm fine,

My heart is not on the line,

You just can't blow me up with a mine.

Oh no, not this time!

I'm gonna be like a turtle-

Will never let my strong demeanor fail.

Even when it hurts so much I can't take it anymore,

I'll pretend I'm fine and just ignore.

I won't let myself cry.

So what if I'm living a lie?

It's so much better than doing this thing again and again.

Let me try to pretend that I'm not in pain.

I'm so vulnerable,

So emotionally unstable,

And now it's taking a toll on my health.

Before I crash, I've gotta fasten my seat-belt.

Need to start to pretend.

I know this thing will never end.

So let's pretend that this didn't even start.

Let's pretend that you didn't break my heart.

You know what? Let's start now.

I won't even finish this poem….. wow.

A/N: *cringes* talk about horrible rhythm :/