All you have

And all you know

Is an affection

That blinds you

a white

And yellow sun

As it shines in your eyes

But does not go deeper

So that

What you hide

Inside of yourself

Is not noticed

Or remedied.




Is simply an absence

Of light



Is an absence

Of joy?

But still,

You refuse

To show that sadness,

And darkness

That is deep inside of you

To that which

Would finally satisfy you.

Oh, dear angel

In the light and happiness of heaven

Do you dare

To ask for more

And risk your wings?

Will you show your sadness

And be comforted?

Or will you allow

It to admit itself

And overwhelm

And betray you?

Is love for the fallen?

You are unsure

So you will hide

Until you no longer can

And on that day

I hope you are comforted.