A/N: This is one of my older poems which I've written when I was in ninth grade. I've translated it into English at the beginning of this year and I'd already put it on my blog, and after some time of thinking and rereading of my older German poems I've decided to translate some of them into English and publish them here. Who knows? Maybe I'll even find the creativity to write some new ones? Anyway, enjoy!








She wanted to say something,

but no words escaped her lips.

She wanted to get away, to vanish into thin air,

but her whole body was paralyzed.


She stood before him, in front of his grave,

but she had never wanted to meet him again in this way.

She wanted to scream out loud, to break everything around her,

but she didn't even manage to move her fingers.


She wanted to apologize to him,

but now she would be never able to do so.

She wanted to confess her feelings to him,

but now she would never get the chance for this.


Why wasn't she allowed to see him again,

although she loves him from the bottom of her heart?

Why wasn't she allowed to stay by his side,

although she missed him so dearly?


She didn't want to forget him - never!

But the wheels of time won't stop,

they continue moving merciless,

and she couldn't do anything against them.


She told herself that she isn't weak,

but her weakness was an excuse

and her strength faked pride.

She never noticed until now how much she needed him.


She wanted to cry, to let her tears fall freely

because like that she could forget everything,

nearly everything - but

her love towards him was something she couldn't forget.


She hoped that her wish will come true,

but it didn't.

Although it was her greatest wish,

it stayed unfulfilled.


Because falling stars can't fulfil wishes.

They are too fast.

It is impossible to repeat a wish three times

before a falling star went out.


Everyone who is able

to create such a miracle -

this person belongs to the ones

who doesn't need to fear anything on earth.


But she wanted to fear,

so she could be together with him.

That's the reason it hurt so much,

that's why she wanted to be left alone with her pain.


And her cry of desperation

echoed through the sky full with tears:

"I hate you all!

Why are you separating us?"


Although she already knew the answer deep down in her heart,

she would have give anything to be able to push it away;

but she also didn't want to run away from the truth:

Because she was still alive...



Written on 15 June 2006

Translated and rewritten on 22 January 2011





So, any comments or criticisms? Was it good? Was it bad? What can be better?

Thanks for reading!