Do you remember the conversations we used to have? Oh, the topics we discussed! The stories we told! The memories we shared! What has happened to them? Where has the time gone?

From the day I met you our conversations were deep and meaningful, maybe even insightful. Topics ranging from death to children to college to life in general. How we could talk! Conversations going on for hours, days, never stopping always picking back up, continuous. I poured my heart out in these conversations; telling my deepest thoughts and my hidden secrets.

But these conversations…these conversations I've treasured…they have stopped. I have not been apart of one in ages! Weeks, months, maybe a whole year, maybe more. You went to high school, you went to college, and you have left me behind. Your abandonment has created a loss of words for me. Words, that are so precious to me.

Words that describe me, words that melt my heart, words that make me smile.

Words left unspoken, words so empty, words that break my heart.

These words, mine and yours. They linger in the air; forgotten by you always remembered by me.

These words fill me up; tear me down. I refuse to believe but I always listen.

I cry endlessly your words stinging me. I always remember echoing in the back of my mind.

These words, mine and yours, they echo and repeat… when will they leave?