I will never, ever have the one man I want.


Is it because I'm a guy, too? No. He came out our freshman year of high school.

So, he's out to everyone but his family? No, not that, either. His family has known longer than anyone else. And they don't care. His straight older brother started the school Gay-Straight Alliance because of him.

Because I'm unattractive? Hah. No. I'm not one of those guys who isn't capable of looking in a mirror; I know I look good.

So, why, then? Because he hates me. No, not in some cliché "we've been eternal rivals" way. He just hates me. He always has. Honestly, I can't blame him.

And yes, I'm positive that he's the one man I want.

How do I know that? I've already tried to get over him three times, and every attempt has led me back to his side. Not that he knows this. Skylar is deeply in love with someone already, and I've always been too terrified of him to say anything.

No one wants to be rejected.

Who am I? That's not important. This is Sky's love story, not mine.