Okay, so I was wrong. Maybe just because it was Skylar's love story doesn't mean it wasn't mine, too.

That's all right. I was more than happy to be wrong. This time, at least.

It's August now, and nearly time to head off to college. Honestly, I'm supposed to be packing, but I wanted to type this up—though apparently Sky doesn't want me to, since he keeps deleting what I'm typing. He claims that he's trying to get me to focus on packing.

I'm not sure why. We've spent more time making out since he came over to help me pack than we have actually packing (this is partly because it's August and my air conditioner is broken, so it's really hot and we both took off our shirts. It's not exactly helping with the focusing problem).

Apparently, Skylar has also not realized that we'd get back to packing quicker if I didn't have to retype everything.

I could just shove him off of my lap so he doesn't have access to the keyboard anymore, but that sounds incredibly unappealing. And from the way Skylar is looking at me after that comment, I'd say he doesn't like the idea, either.

No, we're not going to be roommates next year (even if we wanted to be, we'd registered for housing before we got together), but we are staying in the same dorm. He's declared that most of his time will be spent in my room because the dorms don't have elevators, and my room is two floors below his. I don't like the idea much; his roommate seems to be more accepting of the homosexual thing than mine does. It's kind of hard to remember that not everyone likes the idea given the environment we grew up in.

Skylar is now protesting that this is starting to sound a bit too serious, so I'll change the subject.

So, let's see if I can summarize anything you guys are wondering about.

Yes, we went to Senior Prom together. No, we did not lose our virginity to each other then. Seriously. Neither of us is ready for that yet. Jeez. And even if we did, it's not like I'd give you details. Perverts.

Graduation was fine. Skylar says it was the most anti-climactic experience of his life. He argues that anything that spent the last 13 years building up to it should be more dramatic. I tend to disagree, but then, our relationship has been building up since the first day of kindergarten, too.

He just tried to type that he doesn't care, because that end result was a whole lot more satisfying than graduation was. But I deleted it because this is my epilogue, not his. So the only person allowed to type is me.

Summer was summer. At least now I don't have to pretend I'm not staring at Skylar's bare skin. Okay, ow. Skylar can hit pretty hard.

That sounded oddly dirty, and now I'm distracted again. I think I have better things to do than type this.