i wish these things didn't happen,

breakups, breakdowns, broken hearts.

it sucks, especially when there's someone

who knows exactly what you mean

because they've been there too.

i hate that it happens like that,

that so many people get hurt

in all the same ways.

do we ever learn? do we stop?

do we give up when it gets hard?


love is the one thing to which we all

refuse to apply what we know

(if it hurts, don't do it,

if it sucks, it's not worth it)

because it's love.

maybe we like the pain.

maybe we like knowing that

no matter how shitty you feel

someone else knows what you feel

to a t.

love connects people.

but sometimes, the lovers are the luckless.

i'm ready to give up...

but i'm (more) ready to give it one more shot.