we rip through stale greens
and you grab my hand like a
and my breath's hitching
smoke pouring
the sun's gone and you're
the only light this side of lockwood
careening through red octagons
like the world
is at your back
but all i care about
is setting the E brake
listening our way
to the crumpled bed
with two mattresses
and peeling off rain stained
layers and socks
and paying for the ride
that never lasts long enough
for the thrill it brings.

exhales swirl around the lampshade
and we hear the rustle
of domestication
let our eyes bleed together
into a handful of
parted ways and
ill ideas
but it feels so good
to be like two states
knee in knee
ankle to ankle
labored breathing on a swollen neck
and fuck
your skin's so soft and
you taste so sweet
and i never want to leave
blurring back to sobriety
where the light's too bright
and you smell like a basement
but right here
where your hands trace maps on
the base of my spine

i finally feel alive
and not just living.