-Grim Angels--

A crowd was standing in a cemetery, in the rain. A boy, in the crowd, was standing in the front near the freshly dug grave. He stared at the ground in front of him.

A grown man put his hand on his shoulder, "Xander, join The Guardians," the man paused and continued with a sigh, "It is what your father would have wanted you to do."

Xander clinched his left hand covered in a metal glove.

The First Episode: New Kid

Xander stepped in front on the gate to the guardians' HQ. He scanned the gate. It must have been bigger than a football field. "Hello!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, "It's me, Xander! I was sent by Colonel Erin!" It was silent. I guess no one's here. He turned around was about to start walking away when he heard a rumbling noise behind him.

"Get in there waiting for you." A male voice said from behind Xander, He turned and saw a boy around his age. He had a gloomy domineer about him, "Are you deaf or something get your ass in here."

They walked through the gate and into main court yard. They walked toward the giant castle in the middle of the courtyard. Xander fallowed the boy, "So, what's your name?" they continued to walk with an awkward silence.

"Jarred." The boy said coldly. There was silence in till they reached the main hall.

"Where is Jarred isn't he coming with the new kid." A man said impatiently.

Jarred walked into the room; followed by Xander. A woman said to the man, "See they were right around the corner. There was no need to complain."

A boy sitting across the room with his arms folded was agitated, "Can we just get his classification over with." He had two other people with him.

Jarred shrugged, "Just keep going forward and you will be given you class."

Xander looked at him, "Uh, class?"

Jarred turned around and started walking, "The general will of the class will explain."

Xander walked forward past the crowds there was around 40 people in the hall. Xander reached the end of the hall. There was a man dressed in a black and gold cloak, "They council was able to choose your class as a Grim Angel. Kyroru will answer all you questions." He gested toward a girl in her 20's how had been standing nearby. "Everyone is dismissed." And after those words the man was gone.

"Welcome to the Grim Angels," Kyroru said joyfully as she put her arm around Xander's neck.

"'Grim Angels'? Doesn't sound like something to be too happy about." Xander said low voice.

"Well we are called that because of the way we got out zeledran." Kyroru was walking Xander to the exit of the hall.

"Zeledran?" Xander asked looking up at her.

"Oh yeah I forgot." She smiled stop walking and rubbed her head, "You see its very powerful material and is the only way to stop The Darkness. The Darkness wants nothing more than to consume the world shadows. It is up to us as the guardians to stop this from happening. The zeledran is picky about its users only one specific person can accommodate each shard of zeledran. Another thing is that each zeledran shard can only take one shape it is up for the user to find that shape." Kyroru looked at Xander. He was staring at his left hand which had a metal glove on it.

"If the Shards pick the best form for their users then why do I have this thing?" Xander stared at his left.

"You hear that he can't even use his shard." Said the boy how had his arm crossed earlier.

"Back off Ambrose." A man with long hair, around Kyroru's age, stepped in front of the boy.

Kyroru pulled the man away from Ambrose, "Forget about him, Caleb"

Ambrose smiled, "Having your girlfriend fight your battles now?"

"What's your deal?" Xander was agitated, "If you have a problem with me say it to my face!"

Ambrose stepped close to Xander, "I do have a problem with you. You don't deserve to be a guardian! Your only here because your father was a famous general! I BEAT YOU CAN'T EVEN USE THAT THING!"Ambrose pointed at Xander's left metal glove. There was a moment of silence, "See worthless." Ambrose started to walk away and his gang fallowed.

"Ambrose!" Xander shouted, and Ambrose stopped and turned slowly, "If you want a fight you got it!"

Ambrose laughed, "Xander, I expect your challenge meet me in the court yard in 2 hours." Ambrose started to walk, "That is if you have the guts." Ambrose left the hall. There was more silence.

"You're in idiot you know that!" Kyroru was angry, "You just got here and you're already fighting with the one of the strongest dark knight!"

"I noticed your uniform has that emblem, Kyroru." Xander said pointing at the spot where the emblem was.

"Yea, it is the grim angel emblem every squad has their own and a custom uniform." Kyroru explained.

She tried to get back to the Ambrose topic but Xander would not let her, "Can I get a tail coat in an hour?"

"Ok, but Ambrose-"

"And where are the dorm rooms?"

"To the left and on the 3rd floor. You can have room 07. Now you're fight-"

"See you later, Kyroru" Xander waved and smiled and ran away toward his dorm.

"But what about-" Kyroru stuck out here hand as if to grab him but did not even try.

"Wow." Gasped Caleb, "That was painful."

"Oh shut up"

Xander was walking done the hall putting his tail coat on. He was at the door to the courtyard.

"Hey, Xander." Xander turned to see Jarred leaning on the wall, "Kick Ambrose's ass!"

Xander nodded his head, and walked out the door. There was a crowd around courtyard Ambrose stood alone. The sun was setting, and the sky was orange. Xander stood across from Ambrose.

"Let's start this!" Ambrose shouted and took out two rods.

Ambrose dashed up to Xander and swung at him. Xander ducked, barely dodging his attack. Xander sloppily swung his claw at Ambrose. Ambrose took a step back dodging Xander's attack. He kicked Xander's face into the ground. Xander tried to get back up, but Ambrose grabbed his neck and throw him halfway across the courtyard.

Ambrose slow walked toward Xander, "see you are pathetic!"

Xander got up barely able to stand, "I can't lose," Ambrose stopped to listen, "to this JACKASS!"

Xander ran and jumped to attack, but Ambrose punched Xander squared in the stomach. Xander was sent a couple feet back. I can't believe I failed.

"Time for me to end this," Ambrose walked up to Xander, "Activate!" The rods lit up with red, and Xander could feel the heat coming from it. "NOW DIE!" Ambrose swung the rod as Xander's body.

Everyone gasp. Xander had grabbed it with his gloved hand. Wind started to pick up around him. Then a gust of air blew Ambrose back. Ambrose looked at Xander. He had a sword in his left hand.

Xander looked at the sword, "How could I have my father's sword?"