-Grim Angels--

Xander was sleeping; it had been a week since his fight.

Kyroru walked into his room, "Xander." He shook his head. Kyroru "XANDER!"

He woke up, "What do you want?" He put his hand over his eyes because Kyroru open the curtain.

"Where being assigned you first mission today!"

"Meh." Xander rolled over.

"Oh yea and you will be assigned your partner." Kyroru explained.

"And," Xander yawned and tried to get comfortable, "Who might that be?"

Kyroru smiled, "Jarred."

"REALLY!" Xander jumped out of his bed, falling on his face.

The Third Episode: Partners

Xander walked down the hall to the garage to meet up with Jarred. He walked fast. He was excited to be partnered with guy who protected him from Ambrose and his gang.

Xander walked into the garage. It was more like a parking lot full of cars.

"Over here." It was jarred.

His voice echoed throughout the garage, but he had an idea where it came from. He walked toward Jarred. He was standing near a black dune buggy. "I am driving."

Xander go into the buggy. Jarred drove out of the garage and onto a bridge that crossed the large lake behind the HQ. They drove on for a while without speaking a word to each other.

"So," Xander broke the silence, "pretty cool that you're my partner, right?"

Jarred did not respond then he answered, "Not really."

Xander looked at him. "Why not?"

"I saved you so you may live a little longer." He said.

"What do you mean by that?" Xander thought he might be insulting him.

"Every partner I have dies on the first mission." Jarred did not look at Xander. He did not take his eyes off the road.

"Ha!" Xander laughed, "You won't get rid of me easily!"

Jarred smiled a little, but stopped when he caught himself.

Xander look out the window at the lake, "So how did u activated your weapon the first time?"

"It activated when I was about to be killed."

Xander looked at Jarred, "What was trying to kill you?"

"My parents."

Silence. Xander felt terrible now for asking. I probably ruined everything.

Jarred broke the silence this time, "What about you?" Xander was confused. "Any sad stories?"

"Nothing as bad yours." Xander explained.

Jarred waited for the rest, "Well you gonna tell me?"

Xander was surprise but he told his story, "You see my hand underneath this glove doesn't even look human." He looked at his hand. "My parents abandoned me at an orphanage. I never made any friends there. Then one day when I was 10 general Katsura found me and adopted me. He told me then that was destined for something great." He looks out at the lake again, "But when he died I had lost all hope for a new home. Then you guys helped me and gave me faith again to keep on walking."

Jarred looked at Xander through the corner of his eyes and smiled, "It seems we actually could be friends."

Xander smiled back and Jarred, "Let's go kick some ass."