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*Yaoi= male x male. Japanese term. Basically homoerotic relationships. Most yaois don't have any plot and just focus on the sex. It's kinda like gay porn, but there are a few with plot and character developments.

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"Ouch! Watch where you're going asshole!" I growled to a person who had collided with me. The person took his hoodie off his head and looked up at me. My eyes widened.


I was seriously pissed off that day. But all my anger evaporated when I saw him before me. I completely forgot why I was so angry.

"Nathan?" Kevin's eyes shone with recognition. I could see my own reflection on those hazel eyes. Without another word I put my arms below his arm pits and hugged him.

"Na-Nathan?" I heard him stammer. I lifted him off his feet and slowly circled around. Oh god... he smells sooooo good. I took a whiff and hugged him even tighter.

"Nathan, I can't breathe", his strained voice sounded. "Nathan, put me down".

"Oh, geez, get a room you guys", I heard an irritated voice from some lady.

Huh? Get a room? Yes! I know, let's get a room!

I finally put Kevin down. He looked at me with that cute face of his. He was blushing. Oh my god... he's soooo cute... oh? I'm acting like a girl. I grabbed his hand and marched him along with me.

"Nathan?" he called. I didn't say anything, just continued to walk forward. People around were staring at us, but what the fuck do I care?

"Nathan, where are we going?" I kept marching forward.

"Nathan? Where the hell are we going?" I stopped and looked back at him. "We're gonna get a room", I replied and continued walking.

"Wha- room? Nathan? What the hell?"

Okay, we're getting a room. We're getting a room. But where? I looked around as we were walking. He was tottering slightly. His hand felt so small in mine. So small and so warm. Oh goddammit, I can't wait anymore. I saw the public toilets a few feet away. Okay, this will do. Anything with closed four sides of walls and a door to open and close is a room right? Yeah... that toilet even might have a window, who knows.

I walked up to the toilet door and stopped. I took a few steps back. Ah, closed, cleaning in progress, sign in front of the women's. I grabbed it and placed it outside the men's.

"What are you doing Nathan? Why did you-?" I banged open the door and pulled him inside.

"Nathan? What's going on?"

I paused and stared at him. I think he's become even more cute. His sandy hair was messed up as always, his cheeks were slightly pink and those hazel eyes were staring at me innocently. I scanned him from head to toe. He was a few inches... around five inches shorter than me. He was a sophomore and I was a senior, in the same high school.

He was wearing a red hoodie and quarter shorts. He usually wears the three quarter shorts. Something I loved on him so much. He was still staring at me. His lips were moving but I couldn't hear what he was saying. Those rosy lips, long eyelashes...

I pushed him down on the floor in an instant.

"Ow! What the hell?" he screamed in surprise.

I started to kiss him. Furiously. Viciously. Shoving my tongue inside his mouth. French kiss. Or whatever you call it. He started to moan. Actually gag on my mouth. I continued kissing him. Something I wanted to do for so long.

He grabbed my forehead and my cheek and pushed me off with great effort. He is very scrawny you see and I'm quite strong (I'm a black-belt in taekwondo). So imagine how much force he would have used.

"What are you doing?" he yelled. "Are you nuts?"

"Yeah, I am", I said smug. "I am nuts. I am totally nuts, about you". He raised his eyebrows. I pushed him down and started to kiss him again. He gagged against my mouth again and pushed my face away. I slipped my hand inside his hoodie. He yelped in surprise. I ran my hands through his torso and chest. He shivered. Perhaps my hands were cold, or his body was too hot. I yanked off his hoodie and the shirt underneath in one go.

"Ow, Nathan! No"

I stopped and scanned for a few seconds. His delicious body. Those perky pink nipples. That pale skin. That thin waist. I was going crazy.

(A/N: sorry for the sudden author note but I'll have to tell you I'm laughing my arse off at this part XDDDD does anyone else find this funny or is it just me? This story is not supposed to be comedy. Hahahhaah maybe it is? O_O)

I ran my hands all over his chest and rubbed his nipples.

"Ah! Nathan, stop it!"

I started to lick him. He twitched under me and grabbed my head to push me away. I continued as if nothing happened. The one advantage of being strong is that you get to take advantages of others. I pinched his nipples and teased them. He was moaning and panting and twitching. My hands reached lower towards his shorts button. I unbuttoned swiftly and plunged my hands inside his underwear. He yelped again but louder this time. It felt really warm, hot to be exact. I gripped his length.

You have no idea how much I wanted his dick – his particular dick.

"Nathan! Stop it!"

I continued stroking and gripping his length.

"Ah... No... Ah..."

He was getting hard. And slippery. His length was trying to come out of his underwear. I took it out and started to suck him off.

"Nathan.... please... stop it... ngh!"

I sucked in deeper.

"Nnn... Ah... nn..."

He was panting heavily, trying to push my head away again. I continued what I was doing stroking his balls and sucking his dick. He started to tremble. He was trying to cum. I sucked harder. He moaned and started to cry out.




He cummed inside my mouth. It didn't feel gross at all. He watched in horror as I swallowed. Okay, without further ado, the next step.

The moment I let go of his dick. He quickly crawled and started to head for the door. I grabbed his ankle and pulled him back.

"Don't run away from me", I said looking deep into his eyes. "Don't you dare run away from me". He whimpered cutely. Yeah, done, so next step.

I pulled his shorts off. He yelped again, this time in fear. His eyes widened as I leaned closer to him. His hands were placed before his groin covering them and he started to tremble. An awesome sight. I should take a picture of this. Geez, I don't have a camera! But there'll be plenty of opportunities later on, so for now...

I grabbed his legs and spread them apart. "No!" he screamed as he tried to close them. Well I did say I'm quite strong so he didn't stand a chance against me. His ass looked pink and raw. God I wanted to plunge inside that ass for so long (two months to be exact, but hey, I'm an 18 year old guy with raging hormones, so who can blame me right?)

"Kevin, stop struggling", I said in a straight voice like a teacher. He stopped. "Good boy", I said ruffling his head. "Now keep still". I crouched down and started to lick his ass. He twitched. "Kevin", I said. He remained still. As I licked his ass I started to stretch it with my fingers. Kevin was groaning and moaning at the same time. I inserted a finger inside his hole. He was startled badly I supposed. I shoved another finger. He twitched and tried to sit up. "Kevin don't move and lay back", I ordered him. "I made you come once so it's my turn now". I smirked at him. His cute face was filled with both surprise and fear. I curled my fingers and started to push them inwards and outwards. He trembled and moaned more. Wow, such erotic sounds, it's making me even more turned on. I can't wait any longer.

I shoved a third finger inside his hole. He was dripping wet now. And my dick was straining against my pants desperate to come out and plunge inside him. I finally took out my fingers. He gasped. I licked my fingers and unbuttoned my pants. My manhood came out. Kevin's eyes nearly poked out of his socket. He tried to crawl away again. I grabbed his legs and pulled him towards me.

"I told you not to run away from me".

I poked his ass with my dick. He gasped. I stretched his hole with my fingers and pushed myself inside in one go. He screamed. My ears rang for a while. I started to thrust. It felt so damn warm. He was really tight so I reached for his nipples and teased them. He had closed his eyes and bit his lips with all his might. I couldn't help but smile when I saw his face. I kept moving. We were starting to make squelching sounds. His expression slowly changed. He was feeling good. I felt smug of myself. Now he was throwing his head back and moaning.

"Kevin, look at me", I said leaning towards his face as I continued thrusting. He shook his head and turned away his eyes still shut. "Hey, Kevin do you know how lewd you look at this moment?"

I started thrusting faster. Kevin was making louder noises. Our thighs slapped against one another.

"I love you", I whispered against his ear and kissed him. He moved away his face again. "Kevin, let me kiss you", I said. He shook his head. I was going to cum now. My breathing got faster and so did his. I grinded faster against him. He threw his head back and moaned. I started to moan too. God, this feels like heaven... I felt the wave of pleasure sweep inside me and reach the tip of my dick as I reached climax.


We both came at the same time. We both panted.

"Hey, that was amazing man", I said as I fell beside him panting. I zipped up my pants. "I know you felt it too". I got up and turned him around to face me. He was crying. Little tears were flowing through his cute face.

"Hey, what's wrong?" I asked shaking him.

"What's wrong?" he said in a thick voice. "Look what you just did to me".

"Did it hurt?" I asked him. "Was I too rough?"

"Of course it did, you prick!" he screamed. "What the hell do you think?"

"I'm sorry Kevin", I said and placed his head on my chest. "It's your fault".

He sobbed on my chest quietly.

"It's your fault for making me crazy about you. It's your fault for making me fall in love with you. I love you Kevin, I really do".

"Stop saying I love you!" he screamed and pushed away from my chest. "You say the same things to all the girls who sleep with you! Hic! You're just teasing me! You're bullying me cause I'm weak... hic..." he started to cry harder.

"What?" I said raising my eyebrows. "I've never said I love you to any girl who tries to sleep with me". I scratched my head. "It's like the other way round, they say they love me to sleep with me". I tried to reach for him but he slapped me away.

"Get away from me! You're the worst!" he turned around. I rubbed my hand. Man even though he's got small hands you wouldn't wanna get slapped by him. It hurts like taking an injection. I slid to him and placed my legs around where he was seated. Then I placed my arms around him.

"Kevin, did you know how much I looked for you in the two months you were gone?" I whispered on his ear. He hiccupped and remained silent. "I asked all your friends, relatives and all your teachers. I had to flirt with the administration lady to get your number". I shuddered. That was not a pleasant moment to remember.

"All because I missed you so much. When you were gone I felt like I was gonna go crazy".

"You-you're lying", Kevin sniffed.

"Hey why would I lie?" I said. "You remember I told you I may not be a good guy but I never lie, don't you? You were probably the only one who believed me".

I paused for a while. He was quietly sniffing now. I turned him around and wiped his face.

"When I said I love you I mean it", I told him looking deep in his eyes. "I don't use those words just like that".

"Wha-what about those girls then?" Kevin sniffed.

"Huh? Them? I wasn't dating them or anything".

"But you slept with them"

"You're forgetting that I am a guy with raging hormones, and besides I'm a heavy exerciser person. I need more than energy to get going. But now I think I won't be needing them anymore. I'll have you for that".

"So if you get tired of me you're just gonna throw me away?" he was starting to get angry again.

"When did I say that?" I said innocently. "And do you really think I'll let you go? After you disappear for two months?" I sighed. "Hey, it's no problem right? You said you liked me... but don't you like me anymore?"

Kevin blushed. It was him who confessed that he liked me. I remember the first time he confessed to me. Like I said before, he is a sophomore and I'm a senior. When we met the first time he was getting bullied by some of the guys of my class. I stepped in and saved him. From that day we grew quite close. I realised even though he was a year lower than me, we took the same calculus class and he was damn good in it, unlike me of course. He started to help me with the calculus which I so much hated. My grades improved considerably after that and we started to hang out more. One day he suddenly said he likes me, not as a friend but something more. At that time I just whisked it away as a joke. I seriously hurt him, I didn't realise. And plus I had no idea I would fall for him like this.

I guess it was from that day.

I had just finished my taekwondo practice and was going to hit the showers. I had stayed up late with my coach because I was going to take part in a tournament. The shower room was deserted. I walked towards it. I wasn't wearing any shoes so my feet didn't make any sounds at all. I guess that's why he didn't hear me. I saw the door of the changing rooms was partly open. When I grabbed the handle, I could hear someone panting and moaning. I peered inside.

Oh, my Mary goddess...

My jaw dropped. I probably looked like the mask whenever his jaw is dropped. His shirt was pulled up to his neck and his dick was out of his shorts. Kevin was there jerking himself off. Usually it would be gross for a guy to see another guy jerking off, but I fucking couldn't look away at all! He was stroking his erect dick with his left hand and the other hand was touching his... god those nipples... I always liked girls with big boobs but this one is not a girl. Dammit, why the hell can't I look away? He was moaning softly. His facial expression... oh my god. I felt my own dick straining slightly. Geez I'm getting a boner just by looking at someone – wanking? It was not like I was watching a girl fingering herself. The girls I'd been with seemed nothing compared to this...

I stared at his smooth skin. It was white and pale. I suddenly had the urge to burst inside and lick his skin all over. He was biting his lips. I wanted to bite them too. I was one step closer to burst inside and grab him when someone's footsteps sounded. My eyes widened and I quickly stepped aside. Kevin must have heard them too because he emerged a few seconds later flushed. Luckily, he didn't see me as I was hidden behind the door.

I didn't sleep that night. The images of Kevin doing himself circled over my eyes again and again. Geez, was I turning gay?

The next day I saw Kevin in the halls a few feet before me. I never realised he was this cute before. But before I could talk to him I was swept away by the usual group of girls. He had started to avoid me ever since he confessed to me. He used to sit on the row next to me, a few seats before me in calculus. I looked at his shoulders and his slim waist. I wanted to hug his waist. I wanted those legs wrapped around my – okay stop. I'm hallucinating. I shook my head vigorously.

I was in my usual sex session with the girls. They were playfully taking their clothes off. I was looking at them lazily. One of the girls leapt on me. Kevin's face flashed on her face. I jolted and sat up quickly and pushed the girl off me. Holy shit. Why did his face have to appear now? Maybe I was just lusting after his body and nothing else. I tried to talk to him but couldn't. Every time he looked at me I would have the urge to pounce and rape him.

I was seriously going crazy. But before I could sort out my feelings, he disappeared. He stopped coming to school. I wondered if it was because of me. I asked all his friends but no one knew where he was and why he stopped coming to school. All of a sudden coming to school and not seeing him felt so lonely.

I grew desperate. I asked the teachers about him but they wouldn't tell me anything, saying it was 'confidential'. The more days passed the more desperate I would become. I missed him so much that I lost my appetite. Even my performance in taekwondo was getting low. I had to see him anyhow.

I got his house number and called but no one answered. I didn't know why I was so frantic to see him again. I thought I'd lost all hope when his best friend Aaron told me his parents had gotten divorced. Unfortunately he had no idea where Kevin took off. I was in a way relieved that the reason he left wasn't due to me. Still I was worried for him. He must be hurting a lot. I didn't understand why I was starting to care about him. I wanted to comfort him myself, but the problem was he was nowhere to be found.

So, how did I realise my feelings for him? Yeah, today when I met him by chance, actually ran into him.

Now he was in my arms curled up against me. I never expected this to happen.

"You still like me, right?" I asked him. He turned away turning a deep shade of red. I chuckled. He's so cute.

"Okay, so we can go out, right?"

"I didn't permit that", he said quickly.

"Okay, let's just go on dates and stuff at first. Then when you think you can trust me, we'll go out for real".

"It's going to affect your reputation"

"Do you think I actually care for that?"


"O-okay then", Kevin finally said. I felt so relieved when he said that. He was opening his mouth to say something else when I planted a wet, sloppy kiss on him. He hit my back probably telling me to stop but I didn't. Until the cleaning lady walked in.


We both jolted and looked around. The cleaning lady was staring at us (one of us was naked except for the shoes and socks). She looked like she was gonna faint but instead of fainting she scampered away closing the door behind her. We looked at each other.

"Oh, no she's gonna call security", Kevin said worried. I started to laugh. Kevin frowned at me. "This isn't funny!" he yelled. I continued laughing. "Did you see her face?" I had started to cackle. "You're not listening, I'm cold". I finally stopped laughing.

I helped Kevin up on his feet and handed him his clothes. He took them and looked at me. I grinned widely and he blushed.

We both walked out of the toilet holding hands. He was wobbling slightly. I guess I was a bit rough.

"So, how's the condition with your parents? Are they still talking?" I asked him. "Your friend Aaron told me", I added seeing the surprised look on his face.

"Mom has decided to live here... I'll live with her too", he replied slowly. "My older sister will live with dad".

"That means you're not moving away?" I felt happiness swell on my stomach. He nodded. "You're staying? For me?"

"No!" he said quickly. "School and stuff..."

I grinned. "So where did you go in those two months?"

"A trip. The last ever family trip", he replied. "I guess my parents felt guilty about the divorce affecting us".

"So, are you alright now?" I asked him. We stopped walking and faced each other.

"Yeah, I will be", he said smiling a bit. "I'll get used to it".

"Of course you will", I told him. "You've got me". I pointed to myself. He blushed.

"And if you need comforting I can comfort you as looooong as you like".

"You're a pervert", Kevin said looking away.

"Of course I am", I said and kissed him.


A/N: for some reasons I really like the bottom one to be weak and cute and the other one to be strong and erm... big... not big as in really big wrestlers type, but big you know, bigger than the bottom one. I was very tempted to make Kevin a high school freshman and Nathan a senior in college, which would have made it a shotacon (it means male x male situations between older guys and boys younger than 16, or older ladies and young boys...) but I don't want to turn myself into a paedophile. O.O maybe I am... I love reading shotacon mangas...O.o I'm sorry if I sound like a freak... my first attempt in male x male was something like that, a high school kid and a 2nd year college guy. The story was really weird and it just kept going on and on and on. I published it on fictionpress, but a few months later, when I read it, I realised how lame the story was. Sigh... so I deleted it.

Another reason I didn't make them a high school freshman and college senior is that they wouldn't meet in normal circumstances unless... it was fate of course ^_- a romance between a high school senior and the one a year below him seemed perfect.

I really had a hard time typing the love scene... ugh... I got so frustrated. Funny I was laughing my arse off at the start and then I was frustrated, weird. But I really do think that I'm improving – in writing =)

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