He lay there on the grassy knoll just above the ocean, watching the sunrise. He hadn't slept in he didn't know how long; he didn't really care. He couldn't sleep anyway. There were just too many thoughts running through his head, some unimportant, others repetitive, and some… Some of them were just so important, he couldn't forget about them.

Jason let them run through his head without really focusing on them. Right now, they were background noise, something he didn't need to think about. Right now, he was thinking about love and beauty.

The sunrise was beautiful, not a thought that passed through his head very often. It made him want to cry, also not something that happened often. Beauty like this could make him fall in love again simply because it reminded him that there were still good things in life.

Jason was twenty-two and still hadn't identified himself. He felt lost, confused… scared. He had experimented with boys and girls, and he had truly loved those people. He still did even if it wasn't the same kind of love as before.

"Did you know," he told himself, "that most languages have at least four or five different ways of identifying love? Only English has one word for love."

The boys and girls he had loved had ended up not loving him back, or had been wrong for him, or otherwise hurt him even if they didn't mean to. He had been single for so many years, he was beginning to think he'd die alone with his two dogs for company. He had long since given up on love.

But this morning, laying here in the grass, far away from the city and the hustle-and-bustle, he felt like maybe, just maybe, he could love again. Even if this feeling lasted for the duration of this one sunrise, it felt nice. He wished it would stay forever.