Chapter 1: A New Beginning

The wind whipped my hair up so it flowed around my head like a golden halo. I sat with one foot on the railing in front of me and the other dangling above my yard, two stories down. With my back to my house, I looked past my tress and my yard.

I should probably introduce myself; my name is Alex Knight. I am 14 and I am in 8th grade. My best friends' names are Elena Grayson and Sabrina is 14 also and she has long hair that flows to the middle of her back like an ocean of red. Sabrina is 14 (we're all 14) and she has ginger hair that stops a little lower than her shoulders into an anime-like fashion, cut with a pair of kitchen scissors (Don't ask long story).

So back to my life. I just sat there, lost in my thoughts, when my mom's voice rang up the stairs.

"Alex, honey, came down here." I rolled my eyes and I watched a bird pick up a worm and carry it off into the distance.

I jumped when my mom said placing a hand on my shoulder "Elena and Sabrina are here, so come down." I smiled as I jumped off my railing. I walked into my room and I said,

"I'll be down in a second, I need to put my hat on" she nodded as she walked out my door. I grabbed my blue hat that was ripped around the rim. I placed it over my blonde hair that was starting to gain dark brown streaks.

I heard the pitter patter of my little sister Dakota's feet. (I also have an older sister named Mindy, but you'll meet her later). I turned my head and I said holding my arms out, "Hi buddy!" She jumped into my arms and I spun her around. I helped her onto my back and I said walking out of my room "I'm goin' out with Elena and Sabrina for a while, so be good." She nodded and I set her down at the top of her stairs. She nodded and she looked down and waved as she said "Hi Elena! Hi Sabrina!"They waved up to her and I said racing down the stairs.

"Hi guys, ready for our walk?" Elena stretched and accidentally hit Sabrina in the head.

"Yeah, oops sorry." Sabrina rubbed her head and said "Yeah, yeah, let's go."

I live on a 55 acre farm and I have a bunch of woods, so my friends and I walk in them a lot. I sighed as the cool shadows covered us up and I said "Hey, I have question about Mr. William's home work."

Sabrina rubbed her head and pointed at Elena as she said "Ask Elena."

I smiled and I turned to Elena as she put a hand up and said "don't ask, what?"

"I was having trouble with number 25"

"You mean the easiest question?"

"Well, maybe it was so easy that I didn't understand it."

Elena smiled and shook her head as she said "Typical Alex".

I smiled and said "but what's the answer?"

"September 1985." she said "I think..."

We continued and I saw a blue jay land in front of us.

All three of us really loved nature. We could spend hours outside and not even realize it was cold until our hands were numb. I squeaked in delight and I said "guys, look I have perfected my bird call, see!" we stopped and I whistled a sweet bird song. The best part was that the bird started to sing back. We continued on and I saw a part in the trail were the trail split into two separate paths.

"Want to roll rocks down the hill?" I suggested. It may sound boring, but it was rather fun watching the rocks tumble down.

Sabrina squeaked "I love doing that!"

So we walked up the top trail and we stopped where there was a hill that was clear all the way to the bottom were the creek flowed pass. I picked up a shield made of leaves and vines that uncovered a pile of rocks that we have collected over the years.

We picked our favorite stones and we stood at the top of the hill. I took a breath and I said "Ready………Set……….Go!" We let our rocks fly down the hill and we cheered "Go! Go! Go!" If you are wondering, the purpose of this game is the person whose rock hits the bottom first, wins! Now you know. My rock hit the bottom first and I jumped up and pumped a fist in the air.

"YAY! I won!" Sabrina and Elena pushed me at the same time and they said "cheater!" I laughed and I said "Wee, I feel like a pin ball!" I lost my footing and I screamed as I slid down the hill. I slid faster and faster down the hill and I felt the rough edges of the rocks cutting into my arms and my back. The hill is about 60 feet and it stopped right at the edge of a creek. I screamed and I heard Elena and Sabrina scream "Alex!" by now I was half way down and my arms and legs were all cut up. I screamed as I felt a stick dig into my arm. Rocks were flying into the air and cutting my face. The trees started to become less dense and I started to slow down. In an instant I was thrown into the creek. The water washed over my head, pain doubling when the freezing water rushed by the cuts in my arms and legs. I gasped for breath when I hit the surface. Thank God I am a good swimmer; it was easy for me to to swim against the current. But when my knee scrapped across a rock it split my knee of my jeans wide open.

"My mom is going to kill me!" I spluttered, but at the same moment water rushed into my mouth. I coughed as the current pulled me farther downstream. When I finally made it to the shore I was about 10 feet from where I fell in. I pulled myself onto shore and I rolled onto my back, gasping for breath and coughing up water. I heard the noise of sneaker scrapping against rocks as Elena and Sabrina slid down the hill, I bet more graceful then me. I was breathing heavily as my friends ran up behind me.

They helped me up and I said once I got my breath "If you wanted a rematch you could have asked, instead of using me as the rock."

They laughed and I said looking down at my many cuts "We should get back and have me cleaned up, sorry our walk was cut short."

"Better the walk, then your life."

I shrugged "True"

We took a different route, one that didn't include a 60 foot hill. I had both my arms around the shoulders of my friends as I limped along. I said "hey guys, look" I pointed at a tall oak that had a nest of flying squirrels. I walked (poorly) over to the tree and I said watching a little baby crawl across the limb "awe, they are so cute!" it crawled back to its nest and I saw a glint out of the corner of my eye.

I turned and said, looking at my friends "Did you see that shine?" they looked at each other and Sabrina said shaking her head.

"No, why did you?" I nodded and I saw it again. I walked over to a dry patch of grass under the tree. I saw a dull shining and I knelled down by it. I winced in pain as I bent my scrapped knee.

I pushed the grass aside and I felt Elena and Sabrina come and stand behind me. I saw a silver chain and I said reaching into the grass "what the heck?" I pulled out three necklaces and I said painfully standing up "Why in the world are there necklaces in the middle of the woods?"


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