December: Blue Topaz (The Second Coming)

Everything in this world is made, was made and will be made.

Like a puzzle, the pieces of the broken world scatter around the

surface of the earth, only to be seeped into the cracks of the splitting


Life is classified in the same way; a big, scattered puzzle.

The earth is full of broken puzzle pieces, mostly man-made.

The people living on earth are the biggest and most complicated of all.

Each human being is different in every way; not one is the same.

Their character, personality, mood, and emotions are all jumbled in

a huge mosaic.

Since the Fall, darkness scattered the puzzle and began to take away

pieces away of their true identity.

Some pieces have been taken in moderation, some pieces are stolen in

chunks in violent sequences.

In all instances, the original puzzle needs to be made whole again

for the person to know their true purpose on earth.

Many times, too many pieces have been stolen which makes the person

give up searching of being whole again.

the World War against Germany which caused a massacre of jews and

declared the uprising of communism.

The Red Light District, full of prostitutes and child trafficking to

feed the avarice of perverted men and even women.

The abortion of millions of fetuses and the guilty conscious associated

with the murder.

The Church of Satan. Established in the 50s, full of satanists and

people following the ways of Lucifer.

The husband and wife divorcing because of lost love and affairs by

both spouses.

The uneducated homeless man dying of cancer with no one to

recognize his life after his passing.

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the man that had a heart for

other races and declared racial mixture.

The dying american soldier in iraq, bullets puncturing his chest while

his wife and newborn baby are flashing before his eyes.

The Chinese man, forced to kill his baby daughter because of the

socialistic laws.

The martyr burned on a cross in africa by tribal men, drenched in

voodoo magic and sorcery.

Many causes and self-destruction has scattered human puzzle

pieces to the point of insanity by lone search.

It seemed as if there was no hope...until He came.

He, the only one perfect in this world.

A jew, a regular man who was God in the flesh, came down in the form

of a newly born infant.

As Ee grew, He blessed and touched the hearts of all who were around

Him and when He became a man, His love spread like a wild-fire in

a dry field.

He picked up the broken pieces of our puzzle and gave life to those who

believed in Him and His father, Yahweh.

His influence was so great that people stared with anger and greed

(The Pharisees) began to hate Him.

Persecuted, humiliated, beaten and cursed by His own kind.

They had Him nailed on a cross made of wood as a false prophet/

He knew He was to be murdered and yet, He still came and never

fought back.

With His last words, "It is done.", He bore our sins onto Him to be

killed with Him and to be sent to Hell, the eternal punishment for all

who sin against God.

Everything seemed to be lost until three days passed and He

rose out of His tomb.

With holes in His hands and feet, He showed the world a greater

love no human has ever shown.

Humanity's sins, including mine, have been forgiven and will be

forgotten by the Lord, our God.

Instead of eternal damnation, we can choose eternal life and spend

our lives with the Lord and his son, Jesus.

He, the Lord God who made us whole, has restored our puzzles for

us to become what he wanted us to be.

With a world so lost in the dark, He makes us a shining light to

disperse the darkness from His beloved.

All I can say is thank you.

Thank you to the one who has fixed the puzzles of this life and

showed us His never ending love and grace.

He chose us, now we choose Him.

I declare war over our generation, as an era of distance and hatred

toward's the light; an S.O.S.

Save us, take us to the place of peace and rest.

Maker of us inkstones, bring a close to your epic with the coming of

your son, Jesus Christ.

By: Devin "SK" Dawson.