Prologue: Awakening

Darkness engulfed the space, save for the dim blue glow of the screens. All that could be heard were the soft beeping noises repeatedly sounding from the monitors, analysts tapping away on keys and indistinct chatter between the occupants of the vast, dark space. Each of the twelve screens was connected to one of twelve cameras, all trained on the same subject that presently remained hidden in the shadows of a large white sheet. All that was visible to the cameras at present were the countless wires and tubes snaking out from beneath the sheet, connected to large, unwieldy machines and a varied range of other equipment.

At the fingers of one particularly young analyst were the controls of the defence and security systems. One could never be too careful, especially with a subject of this nature. With the tap of a few keys and the flick of a few switches, the laboratory's enhanced defence system was initiated. The strength of the barrier was more than sufficient to withstand the impact of several nuclear weapons. There was no telling what would happen when the subject was activated.

A large body of white-coated scientists stood around the edges of the room. The tension was near tangible; they had all been waiting for this for years. The subject of which they were awaiting the activation was a revolutionary means of military defence. Should it prove to be efficient, it was highly likely it should be mass-produced. Given the structure and nature of the subject, there was only very little that would need to be modified before commencing large-scale manufacture.

The analyst readjusted his glasses as he rose from his place. "Everything is set. I'll ask him to come and oversee the activation." There was a murmur of mutual approval from the other occupants of the room. He left the laboratory and shortly returned with a taller man dressed in a dark business suit.

"The subject is now ready for activation, President," the analyst declared, a hint of excitement in his tone.

"Very well," responded the president. "I know how much this means to you. You may proceed."

Radiant white light abruptly illuminated the laboratory. The younger man adjusted his glasses once more as he proceeded to the middle of the floor, where the subject was yet concealed beneath the large white cover. Following the wires connecting the subject to the various machines, he stepped behind the control panel of the mechanisms necessary for the activation.

With a deep breath, he enunciated clearly. "This is Subject Ninety-Four." After the manipulation of a few switches, the mechanisms that had held the sheet over the subject promptly relinquished their grip on the white cloth. It crumpled to the floor around the table holding the subject.

On each of the twelve screens, the face of a young boy, probably no older than twelve, was clearly visible. His eyes were shut in dreamless sleep. Tidy hair, a shade off midnight, framed his boyish face. His small body was clothed in a seamless black suit bearing only a small emblem of the laboratory.

The young scientist spared a moment for a small smile before working the controls again. Sparks flew as the machines generated and channelled electricity into the wires connected to the frame of the small boy. Despite the amount of energy flowing into his body, he hardly reacted; his fingers twitched involuntarily, but that was all.

Then his eyelids slowly parted to reveal his piercing azure irises.

Not one person dared to breathe as the boy serenely pulled himself into a sitting position atop the table. Every eye and camera was fixed onto him. His movements were visible from a wide range of angles.

Finally, after a long silence, the young man began to speak to Subject Ninety-Four.

"Can you hear me?"

"Yes." The boy's voice was soft and melodic.

"How do you feel?"

"Fine. Tired."

Adjusting his glasses once more, the analyst shot a glance at the president. He seemed impressed as he approached the two at the table.

The analyst quickly spoke. "We have yet to conduct functionality tests, but it seems he is functioning perfectly for the time being."

The older man smiled. "If your specifications and predictions are as solid as you claim, it seems we now have no need to be concerned over military defence. Our laboratory now holds the world's most destructive weapon."

Ninety-Four spoke in his seraphic tones. "What weapon is this?" His voice was pure, innocent.

Still smiling, the head of the laboratory turned to the young boy. "That would be…" he broke off, realising the boy was not actually listening.

Subject Ninety-Four yawned and lay back on the table in tranquil sleep.

A/N: I've had this story on my mind for a while. I've always wanted to do something sci-fi, and this is my first attempt. Depending on how this goes I may or may not continue writing sci-fi.

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