It all happened so fast...

"Hurry up, Miranda, we're going to be late again!" shouted Alice as Zelda and Rainbow hurriedly washed the dishes.

We weren't expecting it at all...

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" wailed Miranda as she thundered down the stairs, struggling into her cardigan.

Why...did it happen?

"Melody!" I shouted as I brushed my hair whilst trying to pack my bag "Did you take my A-Level English textbook again?!"

"Is yours missing too, Darcell?!" came the reply.

"Oh don't tell me you don't have your copy too?!" I shouted in frustration.


I threw the brush back on the bed then spotted our mother by the doorway, books in hand.

"I was interested," she said handing me one "I'm sorry for the inconvenience."

"Oh, don't worry at all!"

It couldn't have been just one simple normal day, could it?

"Alexia!" yelled Lucinda as I grabbed my packed lunch "Get off that computer now, we're going to be late for school!"

"Just a minute!" called Alexia from the living room.

Everything began normal...why couldn't it end normal?

"Hayley, hurry up with your breakfast!" called Molly in the kitchen.

"I'm eating as fast as I can!" shouted Hayley as she desperately tried to finish her breakfast.

I...didn't even to get to say a proper goodbye...

"Hurry, girls, hurry!" ushered Mother as we went through the door then gave the younger five their lunches "Now, peanut butter for Hayley, strawberry jam for Miranda, plain butter for Alice, cranberry jelly for Lucinda and salad for Zelda."

"Bye mum!" we chorused as we started our trek to school.

I kissed her cheek and smiled.

"Have a good day," I said as I walked down the lane.

And happened.


It was one noise that will haunt me to the day I die.

I turned upon hearing the explosion and widened my eyes. The bag in my hand fell to my feet as I struggled to breathe. The house was on fire...and Mother was still inside.


I rushed to the door to find that engulfed in flames too. Heck, everywhere I looked, flames were always in my vision.


I could here my sisters shriek and scream. I didn't think. Charging without a second thought, I broke down the door, ignoring the heat that surrounded me, choking me.


"Darcell, you idiot, what the hell are you doing?!"

I didn't listen, I just frantically ran into the house in flames.


It was the only word that would come out of me. I had to find her.

"Darcell, watch out!"


I was by the gas tanks that fuel the oven when the fire licked the oven seductively. Raising my arms to cover my face, I felt white hot pain on my arms and I noticed then that my long ebony hair was on fire.


"Melody, she's on fire!"

"I can see that! Darcell!"

"Mother's still here!"

"Rainbow's called the fire brigade, now come out with us!"

"Not until I find..."

A scream brought me out of my senses and I turned to see Alexia, near in tears as the skirt of her uniform caught on fire.

"Come on, Darcell!"


I widened my eyes as I realised that Melody was covered in burns as well. Sighing in defeat, I nodded. We rushed out, falling apart in the grass, rolling around to smother the flames.




I opened my eyes to see Hayley, Lucinda and Zelda around me, patting at the flames to put them out.

"M-Mother..." I choked out, tears appearing in my eyes.

I failed to save her...