Those words, those dreams, those visions I had,
were but pieces of shattered glass ornaments.
These lies, these tales, these stories I've heard,
are but blades that stab and wound my heart,
I should've been made a lifeless puppet doll.

I loved, I adored, I believed in you,
yet to be led by the nose, I'm ashamed.
My trust, my reliance, my faith all flew,
torn and tarnished like these ashen eyes,
Sometimes I wonder if I was born for this.

You left, you went, you vanish in a blink,
seemingly leaving nothing behind.
You missed, you forgot, you ignored this girl,
whom saw your shadow leave and never return,
Often, I'd ponder if you had this carefully planned.

Man stray, man change, man decide what he wants,
just like you've chosen to cast me out of your world.
We're done, we're through, we're all over now,
memories so sweet have dissolved to naught,
I won't hate, but I'll never accept you again.