I think that,


Something in me

Is starting to hate you

As she cuts me down

Inch by inch

And I stand here

And bear it with a grin

You don't stop her

You don't even try

So I swallow my bitterness

As I look you in the eye

And when you ask how I am

I just say, "I'm fine"

And then,

Of all things!

You, who always sees through my lies

Don't look past the falsehood

And I can't even cry

If this,

My friend,

Is what they mean when they say

"love is blind"

Then I'm sure that same blindness

drove them out of their minds.

So, until she leaves you broken

And I don't doubt she will

And you come knock at my door

I guess I have time to kill

While she is with you

I refuse to be there too

When she is with

I refuse to see it too

What you become

What her "love" makes you