Joss grinned as he looked at the latest freshman who wanted a taste of him. He was a quarter back, the guy everyone looked up to. He ruled the high school, him and his friends. They got the hottest girls, got invited to the best parties and had the most money. Hence they got away with everything, including fucking most of the school whenever they wanted. Teachers weren't off-limits but they had been warned off trying. Not that had ever stopped them in the past of course.

Joss, himself, was bi. And with most of the school desperate for him to be in there pants, he's never had a problem with when he wanted sex. Which is why he was leading a freshman boy to the boys bathroom. The freshman had asked mind you, Joss rarely took anyone who didn't want it. He was cruel sometimes but if someone really didn't want to go through with something he wasn't about to force them. Unless he was angry of course.

The freshman was a cute boy, still very green. He had innocent baby blue eyes and blonde curly hair. But what stood out to Joss the most was his pouting lips, which he couldn't wait to have around his cock. That's all he was going to get mind you, the freshman was too green to go too far. He did have some morals. Yer.. some...

As they walked into the bathroom though, any plans he had had for the boy went out the window as they watched another student slash down at his wrists. The freshman screamed, prompting Joss to cover his mouth with his hands to shut him up. The student in question just glanced up in surprise. They didn't say anything, just standing there in an awkward silence while Joss kept the freshman from screaming or running away. The student lifted the blade again and simply struck down across his veins again, not seemingly caring about his audience any more.

Joss covered the boy's eyes and yanked him out of the bathroom and into the corridor. "Don't tell anyone" He told the freshman who nodded hurrying. "GO, I'll sort him out" Joss let the boy go and watched slightly frustrated as his relieve for the day ran off down the hall. Joss counted to ten before walking in again.

"Oi stop that will you?" He demanded stomping over to the boy. He knew the emo kid well, they were in the same class. The emo kid was a typical stereotype. He had dyed black eyes, over the top black make up which did nothing for his appearance in Joss's view and about a hundred different piercing. His outfit today almost screamed emo slut. He had a jacket on, though is sleeves were rolled up so he could cut himself, with some heavy metal bands motif on the back. He had shorts on, with barley came to his mid thighs and knee high boots with here laced up. The kid's name was James but everyone called him by his surname Whitney

"Why should I? You're just upset because I scared away you're latest toy" He spat out, going to cut again but Joss hands caught his hand before his could cut his skin again.

"Tsk, you wonder you can't hold down a boy or girl friend covered in these scars" Joss cruelly said pulling the hand over to him and looking down the lines of scars which decorated the boy's wrists. Some were old, others were recent.

"Let go of me jerk" he hissed struggling against him. Joss simple took the blade off him and threw it in the drain which was on the floor. "OI I need that!"

"Like fuck you do James!"

"Its Whitney you bastard" Whitney went to punch him but Joss was quickly and punched him in the stomach, making him buckle over and fall to the floor.

"Wimp" Joss gloated because gripping Whitney's unnaturally black hair and pulling him up so he was level with Joss's groin. "You want to feel pain, I'll quite happily give you some bitch. As you said, you scared of the boy I was going to have today so you can replace him"

"I'm no slut" growled Whitney before trying to tug away from Joss, but Joss had him backed up against the wall by sink. Joss just held him there and laughed cruelly.

"Just how many guys have been in you Whitney? And don't say there lies because I've seen the pictures and videos" Joss growled lustfully, "You're a kinky bitch aren't you, getting turn on when you're being filmed"

"That's..." Whitney winced back as the blood loss from his arm began to make him light headed.

Joss just kept his grip on his hair but reached down with his other hand and unzipped his pants and freed his dick. Whitney just stared at it wide eyes. "Impressed bitch?" Joss teased as the look in his face. Whitney just blushed slightly unable to disagree. Joss was huge. No wonder there were so many knocking at his door to try some. Whitney took a breath before opening his mouth and taking in the head of the monster. Joss let himself groan as he felt the heat around his member.

Whitney started slow as first just sucking on its head like it was a lolly pop before travelling down on the member and taking much as he could fit in his month without gagging, but that did get very far as Joss It took Joss everything he had not to thrust forward into Whitney's hot mouth but he managed it. He wanted to see Whitney taking him in without force. He soon felt himself reach his perk and cum hard into the emo-boys mouth, groaning loudly.

Smiling as he watch the boy swallow as much as the liquid as he could but fail to get all of it, as some dripped out on to his clothes. "Good boy Whit" He cooed while putting himself away. Whitney looked disappointed and Joss chuckled when he saw the bulge in Whitney's skinny jeans.

"Want more you cocksucker?" teased Joss

"Please Joss" Whitney whined, his eyes covered over in lust. Joss glanced down at his wrist and mentally relaxed slightly when he saw they had stopped bleeding. Last thing he needed was for Whitney to faint from blood loss with his cum in him.

"Stand up" Joss ordered, ignoring the confused look in Whitney's face. Whitney stood up slowly and turned as Joss twirled his little finger. Joss glanced at the time before grinning cruelly. It was home time in two hours... An evil plan hatched in his mind as the contains of his bag flashed though his mind.

"Joss?" Whitney asked nervously

"Let move this into a stall slut" Joss grinned, half dragging the boy over to one of the toilet stalls. Whitney moaned slightly as Joss pulled him by his hair. Joss moved Whitney limbs so he was facing the toilet with his hands braced by the pipes which were running up the stall from the toilet.

"Joss" Whitney begged grinding his still clothed ass onto Joss's crouch. Joss chuckled darkly, enjoying the friction before drawing away and smacking him hard on the ass.

"Wait for it bitch" Joss hissed "And don't you dare move!"

Whitney nodded and if anything moved his legs wider apart. Joss smiled before frowning, realising just how difficult it was going to be to get Whitney out of his jeans.

"Bitch, I'm getting something from my bag, in the mean times get those jeans off you"

"Yes sir" Whitney breathed excitingly, not bothering to ask what he was getting.

Joss left the stall and came back with some rope and an item hidden in a box, making sure to take longer than it should have taken. He paused and grinned at the sight Whitney was currently making. He had taken off all of his clothes and had his fingers up his ass, moaning like a slut. "Joss..."

"Bad cocksucker" Scolded Joss slapping him on the ass again, "I'll have to punish you for that!" Whitney only moaned as Joss pulled his fingers out his ass and pressed both of this hands together on the pipes. He felt some rough material and looked up startled.

Joss had tied his hands together to the pipe. He pulled at them loosely to see how strong they were only to find he could move them. He was at Joss's mercy now.


"Don't worry I'll let you go after" Joss smiled sadistically, knowing he wasn't. To distract Whitney though, he began pumping at the boy's already hard member, enjoying the moans he was getting from the boy. He had seen the videos, who hadn't? But somehow doing it himself was so much more fun than watching the emo kid being humiliated.

Pulling out the idea which had been hidden in a box, he stopping pumping at Whitney's cock. "Do you know what I have here cocksucker?" asked Joss in a cruel tone.


"A dildo. Brought it yesterday just to use on sluts like you Whit. Its eleven inches and vibrates. And guess what?"

"What?" breathed Whitney rolling his hips, beggingly.

"I'm going to stuff it up your ass and leg you for someone to find. You'd like that wouldn't you Whitney? Doesn't matter who sees you as long as you get something big up your ass"

"Yes" begged Whitney not listening to what Joss was saying any more just agreeing with it. Joss chuckled and without another moment's hesitation, slammed it up Whitney's ass enjoying the scream of pain Whitney let out. Ignoring Whitney's reactions he pushed the dildo in until you could only just see the end peeking out.

Joss leaned back on the down and watch Whitney shiver and moan. The bell for next class went much to Joss disappointment. "Got to go Whitney, but it's been fun. I'll give you another present before I go though" He said, pulling another thing out.

Whitney yelped as a blindfold was placed around his eyes and a gag was forced into his mouth. He tried to complain but only moans got out. Joss gripped but pressing a remote and watching Whitney struggle and worm as vibrations racked though his body.

Turning he closed the stall door behind him and placed an out of order sigh on it. If he felt up to it, he'd come back after school. Otherwise, the janitor could take care of it...

The only thing Whitney could feel was pleasure running down his spine. He wasn't aware of anything other then the dildo Joss had shoved up his ass. He was vaguely aware of Joss saying he was leaving but he was too far gone in the pleasure to really notice. It was like a fire though his veins. He let himself go. Which is when he heard the door opening...

"Joss left the bathroom" a boy chuckled, as Joss walked past his and his friends hiding spot. "Looks like he left another one for the janitor" He turned to his friends and took a smoke of the cigarette he had in his hands. He and his friends were the sort who missed class all they time but similar to Josh, their parents were too powerful to simply kick them out of school.

"Wonder who's the poor sap this time" laughed another with bleached blond hair, sounding rather sadistic.

The three boys had grown used to Joss 'leaving' his fuck toys for other people to sort out. They had taken advantage of this many times. In both, taking a turn with the slut who let themselves into that situation and blackmailing them after as well. Josh for the most part was unaware of this, however one had squealed once, and he had been furious. But they carried on anyway. From there point of view, if you didn't want people taking advantaged of your toys you should leave them tied up with toys in there asses.

"So Brent, want to go help the poor boy?" the lookout said, looking back at their third and final boy. He was more muscular then Joss and had two boxing mitts on, showing just how he got the muscles he was sporting. He looked up at the look out and grinned evilly.

"Let's go play boys" he said standing up and cracking his knuckles.

"Derick, got your camera on ya?" The lookout asked grinning with the other two.

The bleached blond hair boy pulled out a camera, "Of course" he chuckled, "Let's find out which slut it is today"

Brent grunted smiling slightly. He opened the door to the bathroom and his smile widened as he heard the moans coming from one of the stalls. The other two wandered in and smiled to. They all recognized that moaning.

"Well, well, well, it's the porno slut" Brent comments, walking over to the stalls and opening them one by one slowly. "Josh must have decided he wanted a try of your ass since everyone else has" He laughed when he finally opened the stall. "Boys he left us a real nice present, that Josh did"

Derick and the look out, joined there friend by the stall and whistled. The boy made quite a sight, hands tried above him, blindfolded and gagged with a dildo in his ass. He was shaking as pleasure ran though his body and his cock was rock hard, pre-cum gathering at the top. Brent reached forward and ran a hand down his back. Whitney let out a whimper which only excited the three boys.

"Let see us how big that toy is Whitney"

Brent reached over and pulled the toy out slowly, chuckling as Whitney gave a long moan. Brent lifted an eyebrow at the length of the plastic sex toy. "Woah, guess the videos aren't fake then" He pulled in out to the head before pushing in came in, shoving it fast.

Whitney screamed as he came.

"Whoa" D took some pictures on his camera grinning madly. "Definitely getting more money of this by selling then blackmail guys"

"True, it's not like he has any" Brent laughed, snapping Whitney on the ass, making him gasp. "Come on Whitney, we're going to have a bit on fun" He chuckled, leaning over and untying his hands from the pipes. "Whoa" He caught Whitney, using an arm around his waist as his body slumped down, Whitney breathing heavily as he came down from his organism.

"Come one Whit, you're not exhausted already are you? I mean though videos go on for hours" teased the lookout, as Brent pulled him out of the stall and onto the floor.

"So, who's going first?" Derick asked.

"You two go ahead, I feel like watching today. You two have fun" Brent smiled, leaning on the stall.

"Cheers, catch" Derick threw the camera to him and he caught it easily.

Whitney had slowly been gaining his senses again and now was beginning to struggle and the two boys pinned him down. His hands were still tied together and he was still gagged and blindfolded. "Aww calm down whit, we're not going to hurt you" Derick murmured as he spread the boy's legs, running his hands down his thighs, enjoying the sooth soft skin.

"Yer Whit" the other boy said, sitting behind Whitney, propping him up so his Whitney's back was against his chest. He began to nibble slightly at Whitney's neck and shoulders, and run his hands across his chest, "We won't hurt you, we just want a bit of fun is all"

Whitney let out a whimper of fear as he felt the boys touch him all over his body. Derick began playing with his balls, rubbing them gently while tracing around the base of Whitney cock with his other hand. Whitney moaned as pleasure shot though him again "shh, just relax Whitney" he murmured, as he began go pump at the boys cock, forcing him to relax as pleasure over rid his body. The other boy began to kiss Whitney, slightly awkward because of the O-shaped gag in his mouth, silencing his moans and the other sounds coming from him.

Whitney gasped, arching up into the kiss as Derick slid himself in. Derick moaned as his cock was surrounded by Whitney warm body. Pulling out, he began to thrust in and out of Whitneys entrance, enjoying the feeling of Whitney's muscles moving around his dick. "So nice a warm" he murmured. "You coming in too Kasy?"

"Yer man" Kasy said, releasing Whitney's lips. Whitney moaned but they ignored him. Kasy shifted Whitney so his ass was over his own member, Derick did thrusting in and out. Slowly he lower Whitney down, his cock sliding in next to Derick, stretching Whitney to whole new lengths.

The scream of pain Whitney let go echoed in the bathroom. "Ah, so tight" Moaned Kasy. Brent only laughed.

"Enjoying yourselves boys"

"Yes, thanks for the treat" Derick grinned as He and Kasy started taking full advantage of Whitney's tight ass.

Whitney was in agony, as pain instead of pleasure raced through him. Even when he was forced into the videos, it hadn't hurt this much. He could feel blood drip down his legs as they ripped his insides apart. Inside all he was screaming for help but because of the gag only screams came out.

Then there was a loud bang. Whitney yell the boys who had assaulted him yell, but he couldn't hear them over the pounding of his heart in his ears. Suddenly he was empty and he was lifted off the ground bridal style. He felt something heavy on him, heavy but warm and soft. He was held up against someone's chest. His ass hurt and he was exhausted, but he felt safe for some reason. He let the darkness take him.

Joss sighed as his professor did turn up. Against his better judgement he decided to go back and play with Whitney some more. He was still horny and hadn't had a chance to use his skinny ass the way he usually would. Plus that dildo was expensive.

Then as he was walking down the corridor to the bathroom where he had left the boy. Then he heard Whitney scream.

He froze, instantly. He recognized the laughter which followed, cursing he went into a dead-run and kicked the bathroom door in. "BRENT" he yelled, "What the hell did I tell you about playing with my toys?"

"You really need to learn to share Joss" Brent chuckled from where he was watching the other two fuck Whitney.

"Get off him" Joss growled to Kasy and Derick. They just laughed and carried on. Whitney's screams were starting to die down now, reduced to sobs, tears running down his face. Rage raced through Joss, as well as possessiveness. Whitney was HIS now, no-one else's. He had already paid off that pimp of a father Whitney had.

"What you going to do if we don't Jock?" Derick snarled, smiling like he was superior to Joss. Oh he'd learn soon enough. One phone call was all it would take to get his mother and father sacked from their jobs. They would be able to do anything to. The press didn't take lightly to parents who could control their children. His father was forever threatening him to be careful and not ruin the family name.

"How about beat to tell you swine heads" he hissed, his hands in fist.

"You against three of us, don't make me laugh Joss" Brent taunted.

"Let's make the odd even then" said a voice behind them. Joss glanced back to see two of his friends from the football team behind him, both looking pissed. Both Kasy and Derick grinned at each other, before pulling out of Whitney who whimpered in pain.

Both took position by Brent who looked ready to knock Joss's head off. Brent roared and drove at Joss was easily dodged. Brent attacked him with the ferocity of a bull, refusing to give up against him even after one particular good hook which broke Brent's nose.

"Just how is this going to go Brent?" Joss asked while dodging another hit from Brent, his friends holding off Kasy and Derick, "We both know if you hurt me, my father will sue yours and mines more powerful"

"Like I care about my old man?" Brent yelled striving. Joss blocked him and kicked upwards in the neck. Brent fell back winded and Joss lunged at him and began to punch the daylights out of him.

"Stop, I give we'll go!" Brent shouted as Joss punched him over and over in the head. Joss smiled and got up. Brent and his friends ran off with their tails between their legs, Brent sporting a black eye and a broken nose. "I'll get you for this Joss!" He yelled back.

"Yes right you pussy" Joss laughed before walking over to where Whitney was lying on the floor practically dead to the world.

"Shit, what happened to Whitney?" cursed one of his mates, staring at Whitney's arms.
"Who cares? I'll sort him out" Joss growled. He was furious at himself for letting the bullies get a chance to mess with his new toy. Not bothering to pick up the stuff he had brought with him, he swept the boy up into his arms, frowning. He hadn't noticed how light he was.

"Just what are you planning boss?"

Joss looked at his friends oddly before looking down at the naked, blood covered boy in his arms. In that instant he decided what he was going to do. Whitney needed protection, he needed a fuck toy. He could kill two birds with the same stone as it were. "Meh, he's cute enough and I could always do with a new pet" he shrugged.

"Here, have this" His mate smiled, amused by this idea. He took of his jacket and placed it over Whitney, who was shivering. "Have fun Joss" Joss grinned at his mate and walked out the bathroom. He ignored the looks he was getting for carried a blindfolded, gagged, mostly naked boy and went straight to his car was he placed the boy gently on the back-seat.

Whitney moaned slightly and Joss shhed him gently. "I'll take out the gag now Whitney, don't worry. You're safe now" Joss murmured, pulling the gag out and the blindfold off.

"Joss" Whitney murmured, his voice hoarse from screaming.

"Sleep Whitney, we're talk later" Joss murmured stroking the boy's hair out of his eyes. Whitney looked at him for a moment, but then let his eyes close and fall asleep. "You're going to be a tough new project aren't you?" Josh sighed, not having forgotten Whitney had been cutting himself. "Oh well, I'll get you trained quickly enough"