It's burning my ears,

And stinging my eyes,

Hearing your sobs,

And watching you cry,

Knowing there is nothing

That I can do.

It's all my fault

But it's not enough to say

"I'm sorry" or "I love you".

I can't fix this

No matter how I try.

It seems no matter what I do,

I always make you cry.

It always turns out wrong

Because you can't see that

Refusing comfort doesn't make you strong.

And, Honey, I don't know how to give

Love without sympathy.

I just want to hold you,

And tell some sweet lie;

That everything is alright,

That it's all going to be fine.

But you value honesty,

And won't accept them when I offer.

And when you give me that look,

Before I embrace, I falter.

If I could make you happy,

I promise you, I would

But love and sympathy is all that I can offer,

It's all I ever could