Warning: This story is rated mature.

Note: Epilogue, just to round things off. Thank you so much for all the support over the course of this story being written and I do hope you have enjoyed it. I'm sorry it has taken so long to complete this last bit and I'm sorry if it doesn't answer all of your questions. However, some things are meant to remain a mystery. New story up now! :D


Putting the last book into the box, Emma grabbed up the tape from the ground and processed to seal it up. It was odd to look about her apartment now, the empty rooms which she used to call her home being filled with only boxes. All her furniture had gone days ago, either sold or placed into storage, most likely never to be seen again. She didn't mind too much about losing it all, knowing that she wouldn't be needing a lot of it anyway. Someone had already promised to take her shopping for new things.

A pang of sadness gripped her as she wandered around the place, taking in her empty bedroom which was filled with boxes and her kitchen which was void of any sort of food. No one in the apartment block had come to say goodbye to her, some of them not even knowing that she was moving out that day. It didn't matter too much. She hadn't known many of the people she passed on the stairwell anyway, so she didn't feel too much guilt about not telling them she was going. Someone else would move in soon enough and she would be forgotten before long. But it still hurt somewhat not to have at least one person come to say goodbye to her.

Picking up one of the boxes, she shifted it into the living room before sitting down upon it. It had been a good few months since she had found out about Blaine and his family secret, and while she was still coming to grips with some of the finer details, Emma couldn't have been happier. There was a man in her life who loved her completely and an extended family who's names she still couldn't fully remember. A smile brushed across her lips as she thought about everyone she had meet, happy in the knowledge that she had finally been accepted by them. It had taken some time and a number of family meetings before people gave in to the fact that she was now a part of their lives, whether they liked it or not, but it had happened.

The sound of the front door being opened and then closed caused her to snap out of her little daydream, her attention being pulled up onto the figure who was now making their way into the room. She grinned wildly as she stared up onto Blaine's face, his mess of reddish hair all over the place thanks to the wind which was blowing outside. That was one thing she wasn't going to miss about her apartment, the sound of the pounding rain and eerie wind through the night.

"You nearly ready?" Blaine asked his question as he held his hands out towards Emma, gently pulling her up from the box and into his arms. She couldn't get over how warm he always felt, even on the coldest nights. Her face nuzzled into his chest, taking in his familiar scent as if she hadn't seen him in so long. In reality it had only been a few hours since he had dropped her off at the apartment, going off into the city to sort out his new job. Now that he had been accepted back into his family, it had been decided that it was about time he went back into the world of work and removed the rumours that he had disappeared off of the face of the planet. Of course he didn't go back to the old company he had worked for, instead taking a job at a small unknown business which was just starting out in the market. It wasn't amazing pay and the hours were horrible, but at the end of the day it was a job and no one was complaining about that. As expected the internet had gone wild over his reappearance after so long, everyone having their own theory over what had happened to one of the most successful men in business. What made Emma smile was the fact that they would never know the truth, a truth which only her and Blaine really shared.

"Almost. Just got a few more things to sort into boxes. Will you give me a hand?" Her lips brushed against his chin, her fingers looping up in her hair as she tried her best to create puppy-dog eyes. He chuckled lightly as he studied her face, a hand coming up to cup her cheek, thumb rubbing against her skin as he pulled her close for a kiss. He was a gentle as ever, lingering over her lips and teasing her with the way his warm breath fanned out over her face. If it wasn't for the fact that the bed had been removed days ago and she had a time limit in which to leave the property, Emma would have suggested a little loving instead of packing. Sadly they couldn't, and with a heavy sigh she removed herself from the arms of Blaine.

The rest of her items didn't take long to collect up, the two of them working silently in order to get the job done. The buzzing of a phone had her running about the empty apartment, unable to work out where it was coming from before discovering the item buried in one of the many boxes which were now stacked up by the front door.

"Hello?" Straightening herself up, Emma set her eyes on the back of Blaine as she watched him work, waiting for whoever was on the other end of the line to reply.

"Emma dear. I'm outside with the car. Any chance you can let me up?" Her mother's voice rang out from the phone, louder then normal and causing her to jump slightly at it's volume. She couldn't understand why her mother always had to yell when using a mobile phone, having explained to her a number of times already that she could be heard perfectly fine if she lowered her voice.

"Are you in the car or at the main door?" She asked as she walked across the room, leaning her shoulder against the wall as she stared down at the main phone which was hanging there. There was a buzz from the object and after fussing with the receiver for a second Emma was able to press the 'open' button and allow her mother into the building. "See you in a minute."

Closing her mobile, she placed the receiver to the apartment phone back in place before opening the front door a jar and returning to her packing. The box she had attacked in order to retrieve her phone had already been sorted out by Blaine, the items packed neatly back inside and the whole thing sealed up ready for moving. He was stood staring across at her, hands in his pockets as he studied her before his attention moved away and onto the source of movement which had filled the room.

"Good evening Ms Green." He spoke with a lightness to his voice, a soft tone which had developed with time. The pair had grown close since Emma had found out the truth, the strange relationship they had coming to light and flourishing within days.

"Hello Blaine." Emma's mother said as she smiled over at the male, before crossing the room to pull her daughter into a hug. If anyone was happier about the fact that Emma was moving back to the village, it was her mother, who hadn't been able to keep the smile from her face the day she had been informed of the decision. Whether it was because she wanted to see her daughter more, or because she hoping for some grandchildren, she didn't know, but there was no way she was going to ask the woman about it any time soon.

"It's good to see you mother." Emma did her best to get out of the tight hold her mother had on her, smiling lightly as she studied the woman.

"As you darling. Do you have everything sorted out then?" Before she got an answer out of anyone, Emma's mother started to wander around the apartment, poking her nose into each room she came across and studying the lack of items within them. "Guess so. Shall we get them down to the car?"

The three worked quickly, moving the boxes down to the car and stacking them neatly into the back. The wind was still strong outside, whipping Emma's hair into her face all the time and causing her to become angry at everyone and everything. She all but threw the last box into place, pushing the door sharply closed and taking a number of steps away. She really did hate moving days, even when she knew the end result would be amazing.

A number of deep breaths later, a hug off of Blaine and some whispered words of comfort, and Emma was feeling happier. She knew better then to get so worked up over little things and was normally a relaxed person, however the stress which was being caused by the rush of moving was leaving her a little on the edge. No one spoke as Emma and her mother hugged, the pair spending a few moments in each other arms. Placing a kiss onto her check, her mother did her best to give a reassuring smile as she pulled herself out of her arms and into the driver's side of the car. The engine roared into life a few moments later and with a final wave out of the window, the car was pulling away from the side and into the middle of the road.

With the items packed away in the car and her mother driving them off back to her country home, Emma was left with only one last task. Handing over the keys to the landlord and saying goodbye to her life in the city. Living in London had been an experience she wasn't going to forget and the skills she had learnt through her time of independence were for life, not matter what was going to happen from then on.

Turning her face up onto the building, she studied the dark windows which made up the apartment, telling herself over and over again that she wasn't losing anything. An arm snaked it's way around her middle, reminding her of the reason why she was going through with the move in the first place. Blaine gently pulled her into his side, his grip tight on her as he planted a kiss onto the top of her head and muttered something under his breath.

"Pardon?" She asked in a small voice,looking the male in the eyes, watching the way he watched her.

"Nothing my love, nothing at all." His whispered words broke through the silence of the evening, the warm kiss which covered her lips taking away the chill which had come across her. Allowing herself to be guided, they moved back inside of the building and down a ground floor corridor. There had only ever been one other time she had been in this part of the building, the day she had come to pick up the keys to the apartment. Stopping in front of a door, Emma turned her attention up to Blaine for a second and back again.

Her knock was loud in the silence, the jingle of keys being heard through the wood before the door was slowly opened. An old looking man peered out between the gap he had created, his eyes running over Emma before a smile formed on his face.

"Here to return the keys I see." His hand reached out towards her, the door not being opened any more then it already was. Trying to keep the pleasant smile on her face, she rummaged into her pocket for a moment before fishing out the item he was after. Dropping the keys down into his open hand, Emma didn't wait to see if he had anything more to say then that, turning quickly on her heels and moving swiftly down the hallway. The presence of Blaine at her back was comforting as she exited the building, doing her best not to look back as she moved across the street and over to a slick looking car. The flash of lights and two beeps told her that she was able to open the door, climbing quickly inside and keeping her head turned down to the floor.

The driver's door opened and closed, Blaine filling the seat at her side without her really taking much notice. He didn't ask what was wrong or why, instead just starting the car and pulling out into the road. He seemed to know when it was best to speak and when it wasn't, giving her the space she needed to calm herself down and remind herself this was all for the best. She couldn't really get upset with what was happening, seeing as she had agreed to the arrangements. And in reality she wasn't losing much, just a rented apartment in an okay part of the city.

Silence fells over the pair, Blaine focused on the heavy traffic which had filled the streets. She was staring off into the distance, watching the buildings she had once walked past every day slowly going past her vision, not to be seen again. She knew she would be back in London soon, there was no way she would give up her job with the bank, however this area of the city was a little way away from the building she worked in and so it was unlikely she would get the time to come back and visit.

After a while, Emma settled. The feeling of regret and upset over leaving fading away as she thought about the life she was going to be leading very soon. It had been a crazy couple of weeks, coming to terms with the man she had fallen in love with and the secrets which surrounded him. She still didn't fully understand everything, but her knowledge was expanding all the time and with every new bit of information she did gain, she found herself falling ever more in love with Blaine. It was while she was thinking about everything she had learnt, that a question formed in her mind.

"How did you know I was the one? You spoke about wolves knowing when they have found their mates, but I didn't know you before all of this. I don't ever remember meeting you, apart from that time in the snow, but that doesn't really count because I didn't know you were you. You were Blaze back then." She kept her face turned onto the window, watching the way the world was flying by as they made their way out of the city and onto the motorway. There was silence between the pair for a few moments, the sound of their breathing filling the car as Emma waited for a response.

"Would you really like to know?" The question came out slowly, as if Blaine was unsure about asking it, his tone ever so slightly clipped as he spoke. Emma couldn't understand why he wouldn't want to tell her such a thing and so turned her attention over to him.

"Of course I want to know. We still have a lot to learn about each other, and one thing I've wanted to know for a while now is how you knew." She watched the way his eyebrows raised up slightly, before a serious expression took over his face. Clearly there was more to the story then she had thought up in her head, as she hadn't been expecting him to react the way he was. Settling herself into her seat, she tried to act as relaxed and care-free as it was possible.

"It was before you meet me in the snow. My father mentioned one day that someone would be moving into the house on the hill, the house I was staying in at the time, the house which you called home for so many years. You see, before yourself and your mother moved in, I called that house home. I was living independently to the pack, yet still within our territory, and for some reason father decided that he wanted the property back. Whether he truly wanted to rent it out to someone, or he just wanted me back within the family home, I do not know. But I wasn't happy about the decision whichever way."

"You lived away from your family? But there isn't much of an age gap between us, how could you be living on your own?" She voiced the questions out loud instead of within her head, gaining a raised eyebrow off of Blaine. Clearly he didn't like being interrupted. "Sorry."

"Seeing as your raised the topic of age, maybe it's better if I explained that before I explain how I met you. How old would you say I am Emma?" For a second he turned his attention over to her, before flicking his eyes back to the road.

"Well you went to university and spent some time working in a big business, so maybe late 20s?" Even as she spoke her mind took her back to the moment she had discovered who Blaine was and the articles which had lead to her realisation. None of them had been able to confirm his age because none of them agreed on when he had been born. Some of them said he was late 20s, others put Blaine in his 50s because of their date of writing. "How old are you really?"

"I'm 80." He spoke slowly, using a momentary stop in the traffic in order to look over at Emma and view her reaction. She was sat with her mouth hanging open slightly, not able to believe what he had just said. The idea that the male next to her could be 80 was unbelievable and yet she could do nothing but believe him. "Not as young as you thought? If you think that's weird, Sebastian is 25 this year, making him 55 years younger then me yet we have the same father who looks to be no older then 40."

She felt her mind starting to turn to mush on her and it didn't help that Blaine was laughing lightly to himself. When she thought there was no more surprises the Goodrick family could pull on her, they went ahead and did something like this.

"How?" The word was whispered, every action taking a little longer to process as she looked between Blaine and the outside world. The rational part of her mind was doing it's best to come up with some logically answer to Blaine's mathematically puzzle, but was considerably struggling.

"While the common dog is said to age 7 years within 1 human year, werewolves age a lot slower. Naturally, there is a period of time in which we appear to age the same as human, you witnessed this yourself with Sebastian. However, each individual reaches a peak, a point in their lifetime when their body decided they have aged enough and it is after this point that the process slows down. I do not fully understand it all myself, but what I do know is that while my father may appear to be 40, he is in fact well over 100 years old."

"100? That can't be right. The man looks younger then my mother." She was once again cutting into Blaine's story, but she didn't care. Her mouth was hanging open as she stared at the male, her mind seeming to give up on thinking and turning instead into a blank mass. The only bit of information which came to her in that moment was the at least the stories had been right about werewolves, they could live for a very long time.

"Going back to your original question, I lived away from my family because I am trying to learn independence. There comes a time in a male wolf's life when he understands his position within a pack. My father is currently the alpha of our pack, he is the alpha because he has years of experience and a fierce nature when it comes to matter that concern his family. It is those features and others which makes him the alpha, however he is not the only wolf to display the characteristics. The pack decided that I was starting to show signs of an alpha nature and it would be best if I was to move away from the family until I had learned to control myself more. Having two alphas living under one roof is a recipe for disaster and seeing as my father is in charge, I had no choice."

"Your father didn't want you around?" She had calmed her voice for now, focusing herself more on what Blaine was saying and not the fact that he had just told her he was a lot older then her.

"I don't think he saw it that way and neither did I. What took place did so for the sake of the pack and the pack comes before anything else...Apart from you." He was quick to add on the last part of his sentence, casting a quick look over to her before fixing his vision back onto the road. "Anyway. I did the independent thing and thought it would stay that way until things calmed down. However, father changed his mind and instead told me to move out ASAP. I wasn't happy with the decision but I did what I was told. I was informed then that the property was going to be rented out to a family and that I wasn't to go anywhere near it" He snorted the last words, not seeming to be too happy over the fact that his father had given him a direct order.

"And did you?" She found herself speaking in a whisper, eyes fixed onto Blaine's face as she waited for the climax of the story. She knew it was coming, knew that soon she would know how Blaine had found her, it was just the fact that she had no clue where the story would go that had her excited.

"For a while. I didn't see the point in going back to the place once I had moved out. I had taken everything I wanted with me and had returned to my father's home without problem. However, there was that feeling in the back of my mind. Why wasn't I allowed near the house? What was so different about the family that had moved in which meant that my father didn't want me going back? The curious wolf in me wanted to find out and so one night when my father was away in the city for business, I sneaked across the village and up the hill towards your house. You most likely don't remember, you were so young at the time. But I came padding up to the house in my wolf form, keeping to the shadows in case someone looked out. There was a light on downstairs and so I went to investigate. Do you know what I found?"

It took a few moments for Emma to registered that the question had been directed towards her, her mind engrossed in Blaine's tale. Shaking her head slightly, she realised that he wasn't able to see the action and so squeaked out a 'no' in response.

"I saw the most beautiful young girl sleeping on the sofa. And my heart stopped. If it hadn't been for the fact that I knew I shouldn't have been there I would have let my wolf howl with joy. I knew you were the one for me, could feel it from the tip of my nose all the way down to my tail. Knew that I had found the one for me. It was while I was stood staring at you that your mother came into the room. I don't know if she saw me at the window, I didn't have time to checked. I had turned tail and ran by that stage. But I knew that I would be back, would find some way to be apart of your life..." His voice trialled off slightly as if he was picturing that day once more, caught up in the moment as if it was happening all over again. With a soft sigh, he came back to reality and continued with his tale.

"The day my father found out what I had done was the day I got this scar. When he found out my feelings towards you." His finger traced over the line on his face, bringing Emma's attention to it. She knew the basics of the story behind his injure, however she had never imagined that it would have been her who was the cause of it. "It was also the day I left. I knew he wouldn't approve of my mate, not just because of your age but your specie. We were never meant to mix and yet I knew you were the one. You were not of age, you had no idea of who I was and were never meant to know, but this is what fate decided and I wouldn't change it for the world. It is still a mystery to me why my father refused to let me go near the house. Maybe it was because he knew. Saw something in you. I do not know sadly. Maybe one day he will tell you, if you are lucky."

They fell into silence then, the new information taking a little while to sink into Emma's mind. It was a major development and yes, it wasn't something she had been expecting, however she found that it didn't really change her opinion of the male at her side. He was still Blaine, the man she loved, the man she was changing her life for. She watched as the man in question opened and closed his mouth a couple of times, clearly wanting to say something more but being able to make the words formed. She felt in completely the same position.

"Are you sure you about all this?" He asked in a gently voice, his attention fixed on the road ahead as he drove, seeming a little taken back that he had been able to form the sentence. If she was honest, she had never been more sure of anything in her life, feeling it from the tips of her fingers right down to her toes. It was cheesy, she knew, but she didn't care. She had never been this happy before and there was no way she was about to let it slip through her fingers, all because she wasn't the same specie or age as Blaine. Yes, she had been moody before, but moving day was always stressful and something like that wasn't going to put her off something as big as this.

"Of course I am. You didn't think you could get rid of me that easily did you?" The smile which broke out over her face must have been evident in her voice, because soon enough Blaine had one on his lips too. His hand came away from the stirring wheel for a second in order to squeeze her leg, the car having slowed slightly as they entered the village. Emma hadn't realised how little time it would take to make it back home, and part of her wished it had taken longer.

They were silent for the rest of the drive through the village, the car pulling up in front of the gates to the Goodrick estate before long. Someone must have been watching for their arrival, as they were quickly driving up towards the house without having to push the intercom to ask for entry. Blaine parked the car close to the front door, killing the engine and staring over at Emma.

"I love you Emma. You know that right?" His voice was soft as he spoke, his eyes shining slightly in the darkness as his hand reached out and touched her gently on the cheek. The smile on her lips widened slightly as she looked at the man she had fallen in love with, nodding her head slightly in answer to his question. "Good."

His finger-tips lingered on her skin for a moment longer, before the male moved back into his seat and opened the car door. The cold night air was quick to rush inside, chilling her skin and causing her to wrap her arms around herself. Even when the door closed she still felt the cold, and was forced to endure it even more when her door was opened.

Climbing out of the vehicle, she turned her attention up onto Blaine's face, her hand being taken from around her chest and held tightly within his as the door behind her closed. She didn't know why, but suddenly she had butterflies in her stomach, causing her to shake slightly as she looked up onto the Goodrick house. She knew why she was there, knew who was waiting for her inside and for some reason she was scared. Maybe it was because this was one of the biggest decisions she had ever made in her life, the biggest change she was going to have to go through. She felt Blaine squeeze her hand tightly, before the pair started to walk forwards. Whatever happened that night, she knew her new life with Blaine had only just begun.