Chapter 2: The Way of Life

When I saw the driver's view turn away from the road, I knew that it would change the rest of my day. It would also change the days of Ashley, Kaylee, Nicole, Jake and all my other classmates. But apparently, I was the only one to spot the eighteen wheeler truck headed in our direction.

"EVERYONE! LOOK OUT!" I tried to squeak out in two seconds. But it was too late, everything turned black………………………

I woke up in the E.R. Or, at least I think it was. I couldn't tell. Everything was still a little fuzzy. I tried to sit up, but I was restrained to what looked like a stretcher. Okay, now I was sure I was in the Emergency Room. I had so many questions. What happened? Did the accident make me look hideous? Where's Ashley? Do my parents know about the situation? I bet they did. They're way too overprotective. When it was finally my turn to get a cell phone, they made me get one with a GPS tracker on it. That would have probably been handy for them now, but I'm sure it got crushed in the wreck.

My thoughts were bended as I saw a tall, skinny lady wearing a short nurse miniskirt, glide in. She had long, shiny brown hair, and she was wearing high heels. CLIP, CLOP, CLIP, CLOP. It was very annoying. Almost as annoying as flip-flops. I saw her turn her pale blue eyes turn their gaze toward me. As soon as her eyes met mine, she winced. Question answered, I was hideous. I watched as she moved from stretcher to stretcher, mumbling things to the person in the stretcher. Every person's face turned from worried, to hopeful and calm. As soon as she reached my stretcher, she stopped, winced again and skipped me to move to the next stretcher. Okay, now she's just being mean. As she stopped at the next stretcher, I heard her say:

"You'll turn out just fine, you have little injuries that can be treated easily." I saw the kid's face turn to a relaxed expression. Why did she skip me? I couldn't be that hideous that she couldn't even talk to me! Could I? As she headed back towards my stretcher, I could tell by her facial expression that she didn't want to tell me something. And of course, I was right.

"Rachael Best, I have terrible news."