Hey its Pudding here its my first story so please enjoy!

He advanced towards me, a knife glistening devilishly in his left hand. I could tell he knew how to use it dangerously by the way he held it. Tears were glistening in his chocolately brown eyes. "I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry," he said, a relieved and pained expression on his tanned face. His shirt was blood-stained, as was the knife, but I wasn't afraid. I knew he could hurt me, but I wasn't afraid."Please, please forgive me."

Waking up blindfolded and tied up after a strange dream, not the best way to start your day. All I remembered was going to sleep after reading for a little bit. I'd really like to know where the hell I was. "Excuse me, but where am I?" I couldn't help but feel annoyed at whoever had captured me.

"Oh good! You're awake!" I heard a familiar male voice from the other side of the room I was in. I heard him walking over to me and ripped the blindfold painfully off of my face.

"Ow!" I stared up at the man, who didn't look much older than my sixteen years. He had shaggy blonde hair, brown eyes, and a sadistic smile. "You!" I stared open mouthed at him. It was the guy in my dream. Weird...

"What? The teen who's killed seventeen?" He looked proud of the title.

"N-no! You were in my dream!"

"You know that really hurts my feelings."

"You shouldn't be so sensitive." I was argueing with a guy that would probably kill me. Not a good sign. "You're probably going to kill me, so I guess we're even." I shrugged as best as I could while being tied up. I really wasn't that scared of death. I was ready for anything life could throw at me, even death.

"I thought you'd be more fun," he fake pouted. "You know, screaming in fear and agony, crying your eyes out. Your such a killjoy."

"I kinda get that alot. Since your going to kill me you might as well tell me your name."

"Damion DeMau at your service." He bowed slightly.

"I didn't know there was a service for murdering people." I rolled my eyes.

"Thats where your wrong. There is. There called asassins."

"Damn you."
He chuckled softly. "Your pretty funny. I might keep you around awhile."

"I'm not that funny!"

"So you'd rather die?"

"I nevcer said that!"

"I think you did." He smiled widely and obnoxiously. He was so annoying.

"You're so annoying," I said aloud, "and dramatic. Now can you please untie me?"

"If you promise not to run away." He waved the knife in front of my face. I flinched away.

"I promise." I really did mean it too. I didn't want to die before my time.

"Good." With one long motion he cut away my bonds. I grimaced slightly, rubbing where my wrists were raw.

"Whats for dinner?" I asked him tiredly.



"You've been kidnapped by me, I'm planning to murder you, and all you can think about is food?!" he asked amazed.

"Well, I'm hungry. Arguing with an idiot like you is exhausting." I crossed my arms over my chest, standing up.

"Wow Gwyn," he said, chuckling again. His laugh, and voice sounded so menacing. It sent shivers down my spine. Wait a minute...

"How do you know my name?" I demanded.

"I stole you. What do you expect?"

"Stalker," I muttered under my breath, heading toward the stairs in the corner of the basement.

"Wait one minute." He grabbed my arm.

"I want to see your house." I could only imagine what it was like, black, shady and abandoned looking probably. He grabbed me by my shoulder and led me up the stairs. I was amazed by what I saw.

It was a large, airy house. Warm browns and reds were the main colors. Leather couches sat in front of a huge flatscreen T.V. Plants and flowers sat on tables around the house. An oak table sat in what must be a dining room. Carpeted stairs led up to the second floor. Maybe it wasn't so bad after all. Through the windows covering a whole wall, I could see green trees and grass, and some flowers. Iw as stunned. "Y-your house!" was all I could stutter out.

"Not what you'd expect am I right?" He ran a hand self-consciously through his hair.

"How do you keep the police from finding you?"

"Its secluded." He smiled at his luxurious home. I turned on heel to look at him.

"Your house is beautiful!" I brightened.

"So what do you want for lunch?" He walked towards a door that I suspected to be the kitchen. I swore he turned to away to hide the blush that was creeping down his face and neck. I smiled warmly as he walked away. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all...