Closer to Death then You Think: Prologue

Don't you think life is a waste? Sometimes I don't think I should be here, life is such a boring existence to me.

Sometimes people in my extended family call me a miracle. My mother had three miscarriages, and two of my older siblings died right after child birth. And now there's me and my eleven year old sister... but she's been in the hospital since she was five.

My name is Ciana Edge, I'm a fifteen year old high school first year, and some people would say they want my life. I "supposedly" have a perfect body, hair, and face, at least one boy confesses to me a day, and I'm a candidate for valedictorian, my competition is a boy named Lysander South. Unlike him though, I don't talk to anyone, I have no friends and that's how I want it to stay.

But something that people don't know about me is that my family is a disaster. You see, my dad hates my mother and they fight all the time. I hear everything, no matter how much they act like nothing's wrong.

Lastly, I'm going to kill myself. Even though we just met, let me be the first to say goodbye. Goodbye to my boring life. Goodbye to my idiotic parents. Goodbye to the girls who glare at me, and the old men who stalk me. I hope I never have to see you people again. I'll be avoiding all of you in heaven.


Ciana stood on the edge of the school roof staring down at the cold concrete floor that awaited her. As her hair fluttered through the wind, she closed her eyes so she could enjoy the cool air. The sun was setting and everyone had already left, of course since it was the last day of shool. If she jumped now, no one would notice, not until the next school year anyway. Her eyes opened once again to take in her surroundings. Sadistically, she smiled a bit, she would be leaving this world forever, and it didn't bother her one bit.

"Goodbye everyone," Ciana whispered before letting herself plunge, flinching at the rush of air she felt.

"Whoa there girly!"

Instead of falling farther like Ciana had hoped, actually felt herself being lifted up. With her eyes still closet tightly, Ciana landed softly on the ground, she felt a hand hold her back up.

"No way!"

Ciana opened her eyes slowly to come face to face with Lysander South. Just great, that last person she had hoped to see at this moment.

He stared at her in amazement with his pitch black eyes. "Why'd you do that Ciana?" he looked like he was in slight awe. His eyes locked her's with the innocence of a child's mentality. He seemed abosolutely appalled, and even offended by their situation.

Ciana jumped back to her feet, though Lysander didn't look alarmed at all. He actually just sat Indian style on the ground and put a strange looking staff in his lap. It was a worn out, dull shade of white but had a smooth metalic silver skull at the top. There was a strange aura coming off of it, as if it was inhuman. "You could have killed yourself," he gave her an innocent look.

Ciana simply glared at the slightly older boy. Lysander, or "Sander" as he had everyone called him, was that perfect boy that every girl her age dreamed of when it came to the topic of marriage. He was very popular and outgoing guy. Along with blood red hair and hallow black eyes, he had the top grades in his year. People like him usually pissed Ciana off.

Ciana backed away. "What's in your lap...?" she asked somewhat cautiously, crossing her arms.

Sander simply grinned at the flaxen haired girl in front of him, like he was expecting such a reaction. "Alright let's begin with introductions." Ignoring Ciana, he stood up, pulling up his staff, he bent the screen backwards, relieving a screen similar to that of a phone.

Sander looked over to Ciana, giving her a flirtatious grin before going on (though she looked morbidly disgusted by this). "Ciana Edge, huh. Never thought you'd be in this kind of situation." The screen projected a larger hologram with Ciana's picture and various pieces of information about her.

Sander yawned looking bored, an expression of useless repetition coming over his features. "Ciana, born August sixth with curly flaxen hair and green eyes, fifteen years old. Attempted suicide three times." After saying this, Sander looked over to Ciana in amazement, she just looked down in embarrassment. "Her parents are abusive, and her father has violent habits towards her. She studies aimlessly in order to forget her life..." His words slowed down, as if he had to re-read the text to make sure it were correct.

"S-Shut up!" Sander jumped at Ciana's sudden outburst. "Who are you to tell me about my life, I don't even talk to you," she yelled, and tried to run past him though he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into him in a surprising embrace.

"Calm down Ciana," he grinned charmingly as he softened his gaze on her. "Let me explain what's going on."

Ciana tried to escape once more, but she soon realized Sander's grip was to strong. She sighed in defeat, and looked up at him almost as if she was to say that he had won, and there was no way she could actually leave.

"See, the truth is I'm not human, I'm the grim reaper's son."

"What?" Ciana narrowed her eyes at the boy. He was smiling, maybe it was a joke, but then what lifted her up earlier? She raised and eyebrow and finally sighed clasping her palm to her forehead.

Sander finally let go of Ciana's hand, though she didn't run. In fact, she didn't move at all. "I'm the grim reaper's son," he repeated. "My job is keep people who aren't suppose to die, from dying."

Ciana humphed. "Whatever..." she rolled her eyes beginning to walk away, expecting him not to follow.

"Hold it!" Sander grabbed her hand to stop her again. "I have to erase your memory before you can go." he grinned, finally chuckling at her irritated expression.

"Excuse me!" Ciana tried to escape from Sander's grip but again, he was too strong. Obnoxious kid.

"Just chill, okay?" Ignoring Ciana's protest, Sander pulled up his hand, a blue light emitting from it, the same color his eyes began to glow. Ciana desperately tried to squeeze out of his grip and for a second, locked eyes with him. They seemed to have a calming affect and made her stop. She went limp for a moment as her squirming ceased.

Panting, he finally let go, and the blue light disappeared. "Why isn't it working?" he mumbled, looking at his hand and sighed in great exasperation. He looked toward her direction, frustrated.

Ciana backed away. "W-What the heck was that...?"

"...I don't know," he mumbled with clentched fist. Without warning, he grabbed a hold of her wrist. "Come to hell with me, just trust me."

"What?" Ciana sweat dropped at what Sander said. "And how do you suppose I do that?" she asked for some strange reason, she was willing to say yes.

Sander smirked, sensing her emotion. He snaked his arm around Ciana's waist and held on to it tightly, looking down at her to re-assure her. Suddenly, a cloud of black smoke cascaded around them, desintagrating with each second as a bright blue light clouded their vision. Ciana's mouth dropped slightly, as she clutched on to Sander's clothing frightened at the unfamiliar thing that was occuring. Sander simply smiled and held her closer, though he suddenly let go as the scenery around them melted into that of an eighteenth century mansion.

"Home sweet home!" Sander suddenly started spinning around aimlessly around a space that could easily be compared to a ballroom. As Ciana looked around, she noticed that there was a staircase behind her, as well a some hallways, and a huge door opposite of the stairs. There were many passages that seemed to be endless as she examined them.

"What is this place?" Ciana whispered to herself, breath-taken by her surroundings. "It's huge..."

"This is my home." Sander said, hugging Ciana from behind. In response, she jumped in surprise and backed away from him cautiously.

Sander rolled his eyes childishly in a teasing way. "Anyway, we're going to see my father. And just a warning," he smirked evilly, his eyes murking into a deep crimson red. "If you get separated from me, your soul will probably be kidnapped."

Ciana froze as Sander's eyes practically tore through her. He stepped closer to her, cornering her against a wall and using his arms as a cage that kept her from escaping. "What? Are you scared now?"

"Master!" Sander groaned in disappointment and turned around to face a floating black haired creature with a small stature. His eyes showed great wisdom though his face was soft and young like that of a baby's. He was wearing a silky white robe with a glittering gold embelishment and seemed to have a source of status.

"What are you doing here Anri?" Sander spat, looking disgusted.

Anri crossed his arms at the now red eyed boy. "Well first of all," he said lifting Ciana up with psychic abilities and letting her land next to him. "You know better than to let a human here. Two, what were you planning to do? And three, If you knew you were with a human, why didn't you build a protective barrier so you would turn into your demon self so quickly?"

Ciana held her head and held on to Anri's rob to stop herself from falling. she felt dizzy, but then again, she had never been great at adapting to new places. As she began to stagger a bit she caught Anri's etremely worried glance, and Sander's slightly guilty looking one. She felt her eyelids grow heavy as everything became blurry, then... black.


Ciana slowly opened her eyes. She was in a very elaborate room, she could tell just from looking at the ceiling. As she sat up, Ciana realized that she was in a soft bed, and the room was way more elaborate than she had imagined. All of the framework was gold, including the ceiling which greatly complimented the white mahogany furniture. The sheets she was sitting in were a rich purple color, helping to add comfort to the already plush bed. One corner of the room had a beautiful grand piano, tying the space together.


Ciana jumped and flinched away once she heard the voice but calmed down when she realized that it was Anri speaking to her. She nodded slowly.

"This is actually Master's bedroom. He insisted you stay here so that it would be easy to find you." Anri grinned and chuckled to himself, confusing Ciana greatly. "Anyway, you see, the Earth's atmosphere sort of changes Master's personality. What you saw before was his real character, but he takes medicine to hide it when he's in hell. He's really quite embarrassed about it."

Ciana crossed her arms and pouted, looking away almost with a worried look. "I don't really care much about him." she mumbled almost inaudibly speaking with a tone of regret.

"Really?" Anri chimed, chuckling once again. "Then I guess you'll have to get used to him."


Anri crossed his legs, still floating. "Master told me of how he tried to erase your memory though it didn't work." he said happily. "I contacted Master's father and apparently, you two will have to live together until you get over your thought of suicide."

Ciana sat in the bed silent, as what Anri said began to sink in. There was an awkward silence for some time.

"Wait... you mean..." Ciana pointed to her self, still in a slight daze.

Anri nodded nonchalantly. "You will be living with Master in his house on Earth from now on," he chimed.

"What! I'm not going to live alone with him!" She stood up abruptly, and stomped her foot in protest, before plopping back on to his bed. "I can't believe this..."

At that moment, Sander slammed the door open. He looked very upset, which sort of ruined Ciana's rant. He was holding a tray of tea and slammed it on the nightstand, clearly avoiding eye contact with the girl.

"Here's your tea." He tried to leave, though Anri levitated him to a chair by the bed. Even so, Sander continued to stare down at his feet, being absolutely quiet.

Anri sweat dropped at the tense environment. "I guess I'll leave so you two can sort this whole thing out~" he chimed, quickly leaving the room. He smiled and waved at Ciana.

"Ciana," Sander finally looked the girl in the face, she had never seen him serious before. "I'm... sorry." He looked away in slight embarrassment.

Ciana didn't answer for a while, not knowing how to respond. When she didn't answer, Sander stood up, sighing. His head was still looming down and there was a hint of a frown on his face.

Looking up quickly with a change of heart, the red haired boy grinned widely at Ciana. "I guess we should get going, huh?" he chuckled.

Ciana crossed her arms. "Go?" she mumbled. "To where exactly?"

Sander smiled smugly, as if to tell Ciana she was stupid (which she was not happy about). "To my house, on Earth!" He flicked her forehead backwards, almost making her fall back on to the bed.

Without another word, Sander grabbed Ciana by the waist and slammed his staff to the floor so they could return back to Earth.

-Ciana's POV-

I finally jotted down the remainder of notes in my journal. As I finished, my hand flopped down in pain.


I sighed slamming my head down on to my desk, here we go again.

Lysander skipped into the room, happily dancing around until he jumped on my (not neat anymore) bed. "Are you still doing that homework?" he chimed, grinning at me. "I was done with that ages ago!"

That cheeky little b-

"Anyway, don't you think you should be going to bed right now? Are you scared? I'll go to sleep with you if you want."

And so he went on. This had been going on for the past two months. He would ask me if I needed anything every hour, no matter how much I needed my privacy. Yes that meant, while I was studying in my room, while I was at the library, while I was in the shower...

"Ciana?" Lysander bent over my chair, wrapping his arms around my shoulders. "Is there something wrong?" he whispered in my ear.

On reflex, I jumped out of my seat, making him smirk, geez I hate him.

Lysander looked like he was enjoying himself. He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist, kissing my neck. I could easily feel the heat on my face. "Hey Ciana, your face is red," he chimed.

I really hate him.

I shuffled into my bed, Sander still watching me as he always did. "I think I'm old enough to sleep by myself," I mumbled to him as I sank into my covers, hopefully this would get him to leave.

Instead of leaving though, he smiled softly and walked up to my bed, smiling move with every step he took. I didn't move an inch, he doesn't need to think I'm weak.

Lysander gently pulled my covers back so that they were only half covering my chest. He kissed my cheek. "Goodnight, my princess." He gave me one last grin before flicking off the lights and leaving. For a moment, I thought I saw a hint of a frown on his features.

I waited for him to turn off the light before sighing deeply, my face probably a deep shade of red. I turned away from the door, and paused to look out at the bright moon that illuminated the darkness around me. How much longer would I last here?