"Ugh, Seth, Seth, Seth..." Grasping the strands of her hair, Ciana stumbled her eyes in pain. Why couldn't she stop thinking about him? She sighed, a tint of red appearing on her cheeks once she recalled his stoic yet somehow soft gaze on her when they exchanged words with each other the day before.

Ciana sighed and slouched over the wooden railing of the park bridge that hovered above a man-made river. She stared at her reaction for a short while, before clasping her arms around her stomach in pain. What was going on? For some reason, all she could think about was Seth lately.

She sighed, sliding down to sit on the mahogany sanded wood and textiles of the base of the bridge. She drew her knees to her chest and held them, silently watching the people that nonchalantly passed by without a second glance. Ciana frowned a bit, and weakly stood up, holding her forehead with her hand, she was sick. She frowned at the random occurrence and held the railing with her hand to keep herself from falling.


Cringing, Ciana looked up painfully and frowned immediately. She had recognized the cool dark voice, but was hoping, praying that it wouldn't be him.

Seth held her wrist which kept her from falling back, but had a slightly annoyed tone that crossed his features. "Why the heck are you out here when you're sick?"

Ciana didn't answer. She looked back down, letting a groan escape from her lips as she tumbled into his body and clutched on to his clothing. "H-Help..." she mumbled, burying her face in his chest for warmth.

Seth stood speechless for a while, though he finally sighed and picked her up into his arms, holding her closer to him. "Idiot..." he mumbled, half to himself as he began to walk.

Ciana shook a bit at their close proximity and struggled to squirm, hoping to force him into letting go somehow. "Let go you idiot." She kicked harder attempting to hurt him though this only caused him to tighten his grip.

"Would you quit flailing!" Seth glared down at her, which in turn caused her to cease. "I'll fucking do whatever I want."

"God, whatever..." Letting her body limp, Ciana gave an exasperated sigh. "...Where are you taking me?"

"My house."

"Like hell you are, let go of me!"

Seth frowned and rolled his eyes humorously. "I'm not going to do anything, dear God you're such a drama queen. You just think that everybody in this world finds you attractive now don't you?"

Ciana scoffed a bit, looking down and her hands that she had intertwined. "I have no reason not to..." she said, though her voice showed a hint of regret.

"..." Seth paused though he shrugged eventually and stopped in front of an apartment door.

Ciana coughed hoarsely, grabbing on to Seth tighter as he opened the door. "I-is this your house?"

Seth simply nodded slowly and walked in, immediately being bombarded by a young girl. Ciana tilted her head a bit looking down at the girl in confusion.

"Seth! Seth! Where have you been, I'm hungry- ooh pretty girl!" The girl had extremely long silky black hair which covered one eye like Seth's did, and was fairly short and petite as opposed to Seth's lanky stature.

Smiling a bit, Seth chuckled and put Ciana down on the couch. "Could you get a blanket for her Margo, I'll make you something to eat."

Margo smiled cutely and ran to her room, coming back with a plush white blanket that was covered with softly colored pink and blue rabbits, which she draped over Ciana's shoulders. "Here you are big brother!"

Margo smiled softly and looked up at Ciana with big innocent eyes and slowly touched her hair. "You're so pretty lady~" she chimed, looking over at Seth who was preparing a meal in the kitchen. "...Big brother, is this your girlfriend?"

"No!" Seth quickly responded as he sighed and opened the fridge once again.

Looking back and forth between Seth and Ciana, Margo shrugged and took a seat next to the older blonde haired girl. "Are you sick lady?"

"Obviously." Ciana looked away, letting out a small cough. She didn't care who it was, she wasn't going to show submission to anyone.

"Um, okay," Margo giggled, scooting closer to Ciana. "You have pretty hair lady-"

"Ciana," Ciana rolled her eyes, folding her arms over one another. "My name is Ciana."

Margo seemed to smile brightly at this. "Ciana!" She laughed. "That's so beautiful~ Ciana, Ciana, Ciana~"

"Yeah, we get it," Ciana grumbled.

Margo paused and blinked. Without saying another word, she skipped back into her room and shut the door.

Ciana looked down, twiddling her fingers, and jumped a bit once she slowly began to see her reflection in a bowl of soup.

Seth rolled his eyes and gently placed the tray and bowl of chicken soup in her lap. "Why are you so high stung about everything?" He placed a wet cloth on her forehead and walked back to the kitchen, eying her with a hint of a smirk.

"Shut up," Ciana murmured, stuffing a spoonful of soup in her mouth to give her an excuse for not talking to him.

Seth simply chuckled in a quiet tone, mostly to himself. "What were you running away from?"

Ciana paused for a moment and looked up slowly. She looked down, remembering what had exhausted her in the first place that morning. "I, um..." her face started to redden as she recalled. "I... forgot."

Seth let out a laugh, covering his mouth to keep her from hearing. Ciana twitched slightly, she had forgotten that he could read minds, and therefore, probably already knew what she had been thinking about when she woke up, when she went to sleep last night, what she couldn't get out of her mind no matter how hard she tried.

Ciana pouted her lips slight, still red of face, and placed the tray containing soup on to the coffee table in front of her. "Shut up..."

"Is that your favorite phrase or something?"

"Shut u-..."

Seth chuckled and walked over past her once again, going down a hallway into the room across from Margo's. "Sleep."

Ciana glared at him once more before he shuffled into his apparent bedroom and closed the door. She groaned and plopped on to the couch, turning into a fetal position. She sat in silence for a while, watching the clock move and listening to the ticking sounds it consistently made.

Finally being affected by the dullness of her surroundings, Ciana sat up and sighed incoherently, shifting her gaze over to the entrance of Seth's room. "...Seth?" She rose up from the bed, her body unintentionally moving towards his room. Something was driving her to go there, as if she had experienced this sensation before, that she had to make sure he was alright and safe. She didn't know why, but she wanted to. She had to.

Ciana shook slightly, almost a shiver going down her spine at the nostalgic feeling. She bit her lip, grasping her handle of the doorknob, and slowly twisting it, slightly scared to open the door. Finally, with a final push of adrenaline, Ciana yanked the door open. "Seth!"

Seth jumped at this as the blade rolled out of his hands and made a sputtering clink with its intersection to the hard wood floor.

Ciana's body went limp and suddenly cold while she watched a dark red liquid trickle through the openings of his fingers and stain his skin. She gasped sharply and could see, that he was frozen as well.

Ciana broke off of her impetuous trance, and stumbled towards him, quickly grabbing his blood stained wrist, causing the thick paste to drizzle on to her skin as well. "...Y-You were..."

Seth looked away desperately, almost as of stalling her next fragment. He clenched his teeth suddenly, and yanked his hand away from her, leaving her to gawk in her presence. "W-What do you care anyway...?"

"..." Ciana opened her mouth to speak, though nothing came out. She honestly had no idea why she was so hurt by his actions. She felt betrayed though, like he had broken a secret promise and completely disregarded her feelings for him. What feelings for him?

"S-Seth, I..." she finally sighed and touched her hand to his cheek, moving his eyes over to meet with hers and exchanged languished expressions with him.

Seth's eyes widened slightly, and he slowly wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in slightly. "S-Sorry... Ciana," he lackadaisically muttered.

"Yeah..." Ciana returned his embrace by diffidently grappling on to his shirt and burying her face into his chest.

The two of them settled there for short amount of time, before Ciana slowly looked up at him. Seth stared back unemotionally as he pushed her down into the bed and hovered over her slightly. "Ciana..." he sighed, kissing her forehead and lying next to her, holding her tightly.

Ciana smiled softly, though she flushed slightly and kissed his chest. "I... love you."

Seth hesitated at this, though he slowly held her closer without saying a word. "I..." he stopped. "Ciana..."

Ciana froze once she really what she had said and turned red. "S-Sorry! I'm so sorry!"

Seth chuckled a bit, smiled warmly at her, and pushed his lips to hers slightly. "I love you too."

Smiling a bit, Ciana returned the kiss and hugged him tighter. "Why do I feel so connected to you...?"

"...It's a long story," Seth smiled slightly wider and stroked her hair. "Go to sleep, you need some rest."

Ciana nodded minimally and closed her eyes, nuzzling her face into his chest. "Don't leave, okay...?"

Seth chuckled and petted her hair, kissing her again though this time longer. "You're so adorable, I won't go anywhere, promise."

Ciana steadied her breathing, holding on to him tighter as she did so. "Good night Seth..." she mumbled, before drifting into sleep.

Once she was deep into dreaming, Seth sighed and sat up, tucking her in tightly. He frowned, walking towards the door and looked back at her before leaving.

Sander glared and immediately punched him once he noticed him. "What did you think you were doing you idiot?"

Seth frowned and held his cheek scoffing at him. "Shut up, would you? I missed her."

"I don't care!" Sander yelled at him, kicking him over and over as he followed him into the kitchen. "What are you trying to do, make us lose this war?"

Ignoring him, Seth opened the fridge and got a bottle of milk, drinking it exasperatedly. "You know, to be honest, I don't give a fuck who wins this stupid war. But if you're going to take my girlfriend away from me, I'm not on your side."

"My goodness, you crybaby!" Sander crossed his arms and stomped his foot. "She's not your girlfriend anymore! Why don't you just get over it, and move on with your life. That's what the rest of us are doing!"

Seth didn't answer, he glared back at Sander and rolled his eyes, huffing just before he violently slammed his milk bottle into the trash. "You have no idea what this damn war is doing to me and Margo."

"You think I don't?" Sander yelled, punching him. "You think I'm not in love with her too? Do you think I don't want this stupid thing to be over?"

Seth turned to Sander, giving him a menacing stare. "If you make me put up with anymore of your shit, I swear I will tell Ciana everything."

Sander smirked at him a bit. "Oh, try me."

"Heh, you think you're sly don't you?" Seth smirked back. "Alright, just watch me. Maybe I'll just let her emotions come back on their own. It's seems to have started already."

"Geez, whatever. It's probably just deja vu anyway. I'd love to see the look on your face when she doesn't remember that idiotic puppy love you two had."

"G-guys...?" Margo furrowed her eyebrows slightly putting a hand on Seth's shoulder.

Sander immediately smiled brightly seeing her, and Seth put on his stoic face.

"Yes Margo~?" Sander smiled softly at the girl.

Margo furrowed her eyebrows and looked down, sighing. "It's nothing..."


I'm done! :D It's a freaking miracle, I kept putting this off -w-