It's freezing here! In Florida it's almost never cold, and it's almost summer, I was swimming just last week! But here in Arizona, it's practically snowing. I can't stand the cold. Your probably wondering why I'm even here. Well the reason is I had to move. I bet you want to hear why! I had to move for one simple reason, everyone at my last school hated me. Two whole years of eating in the bathroom stall. Depressing I know. I'm a nice girl, it's not like I had no friends because I'm mean. The reason I was hated is because I crossed the one girl that you should not want to mess with. It wasn't even my fault either. A cute guy asks me out, what would you have said?!?! Well I said yes and of course it's her ex boyfriend who was off limits to every girl who valued her social statues, and friends. She turned the whole school against me! And it was middle school to! The second my mom found out she made us move. I was okay with it until I found out were moving back to my old house. Everything was wrong with that house. It had stairs, I hate heights. The biggest room was up stairs to. I always get the biggest room. There's only one bathroom. Not much of a problem seeing as how there's only three of us but still! What if I had an emergency!? I should introduce myself! My name is Kayla. Tomorrow is my first day of high school. I'm a bit scared seeing as how the only girls I've interacted with are my mother and baby sister, Audrey. I don't think any of the girls will even talk to me if I don't dress like them, or act like them. But I'm so used to being a loner, It's made me shy. So if I can't be super social, I'll be super stylish. I'll try my best to fit in though. Make sure not to date the wrong people is at the top of my list, along with make sure to talk to someone before lunch (So I have somewhere to sit). "Will you get out of the car already! We're here!" My mother yelled quite obnoxiously. "Whatever." I said with just a tad bit of attitude, I'm still peeved that were moving back into this house. I was looking forward to moving somewhere new. Though I only lived here for a month, I still wanted to enjoy a new everything! "Do you remember where McDonaldz is? I'm hungry and I bet your tired of that plane food to." My mom said with a 'please, for me?' look in her eyes. The only highlight of this day, driving mom's car. "Yeah, I remember. I'll go but you have to let me take your car." I said. I'm shocked we still have this car down here. She was keeping it at her brothers place. He live next door. When he heard we were moving back he willingly picked us up from the airport. Uncle Mike was indeed helpful. Yet annoying like a younger brother all the same. "Fine, get something for Mike to. God knows when the last time he ate was." She said with a worried look handing a 30$ bill. Yeah, I'm buying 30$ worth of food for three people. Audrey can't eat solids yet. I got in the car. Turned the radio on blast and drove away before my mother could say anything. It's amazing how good my memory was. I went to McDonaldz once, and I still remember where it is. I was not rocking out to the beat of Hoobastank. My favorite song by them, although it old and slow, I love it. The Reason. It's a great song. After singing to about three great songs, I pulled up in the parking lot of McDonaldz. I could smell the grease a mile away. Oh yum. I walked through the doors. I can't stand going through the drive through. They always mishear me and I sound rude when I have to yell. I don't mean to sound mad but it just comes out that way. When I walked in I came in eye contact with three cute boys. One was holding a skate board, he had blonde shaggy hair. Another one who was flashing his tongue ring had a black emo cut. Same with the next guy. Only instead of a tongue ring he had snake bites. He also had a pear of pink head phones. They were all slim, but muscular all the same. They also were my type, and looked the same age. I walked behind them to get inline. I could barley make out what they were whispering about. "Look at the tits on the girls behind us!" the one with the tongue ring said. I hate when guys talk like that. Boobs aren't everything. "Dude shut up!" The shaggy haired guy yelled. I zoned out a bit so I don't know why he's saying that. They kept looking back at me shamelessly. How rude. I should say something next time they say something about me. "Hey dude talk to her! She's fucking hot!" The one with a tongue ring said. "I can hear you guys." I said with an impatient look on my face. They all looked back at me, all with the same dumb, shocked expression on there faces. How annoying. "Good for you." said the only one who didn't say anything about my appearance, the guy with the pink head phones. I was actually happy that he didn't hit on me, like the others were getting ready to. "Yeah, so hey can we get your number." The guy with a tongue ring said while the shaggy haired guy winked at me. I should just leave and go to Checkerz. There fries are better. I was getting ready to just walk away, when I saw him, my elementary school best friend. I was shocked that he still lived here. I could tell he remembered me by the way he stared at me. So I walked up and said "Hey, long time no see? Your Andy right?". "Kayla?! You look so different! You moved back?" He yelled in his I'm okay with sounding a bit gay I know I'm straight so who cares voice. "Yeah, I almost couldn't recognize you! Are all the guys getting the emo cut or what?" I asked with a big playful smile. "Hey why don't you spend the night like you used to!" He said. I don't know what to think is he kidding? "I would but I have to help my mom out, she had a baby not to long ago, her name Audrey. You should come over and help us unpack." I said ending our little rendezvous. He agreed to come over. But he couldn't stay the night. We had a blast catching up on each others life's. I told him everything about being bullied and ignored by all the girls. His life was okay since I left. He had three girls friends one cheated. The other two, broke up with him for god knows why, he's not only great looking, he's nice, he has a good personality, he's smart. There is not one thing bad about him aside from his huge ego. When he left I gave him a big hug. He hugged back and left. He lived right down the street. Real close. I got ready for bed and slept that whole night. Had a great dream about making friends with girls tomorrow. I have a good feeling about going to this new school. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry if the words are all bunched up. I tried to put spaces but Fictionpress just doesn't like me. D: I tried everything if this doesn't work then I'm really sorry.