I looked at her and watched her attentively

I notices how her eyes sparkles as inspiration hits her

I noticed her upper lip twitches at a bad thought

I noted she crinkles her brows in search for something to write

I noticed how her lip sometimes curves to an adorable smile when she writes non-stop

I wanted to take a chance…

So I grabbed her left hand that was lying prettily on the table

She gasped and looked at our entwined hands

I noticed her eyes watering

I noticed her lip quivering

I noticed her cheeks getting rosy

Did I do something wrong?

She took her hand away from mine

I was shocked

She didn't like me?

She didn't feel the same?

I meant nothing to her

I noticed that she noticed my uneasiness

I noticed her smile

She then took my frozen hand with her right hand—one she was writing with

I noticed how she smiled teasingly and cheekily

She then whispered, "I hold hands with my right."

I smiled and kissed her hand

I noticed her smile growing

I noticed her rosy blush

I noticed I love her

I noticed she loves me

I noticed us