Counter Balance


{Is love really worth the pain when you know you can survive without it?}


The vast distance stretched forever between us

Rips a hole right through my fragile, beating heart,

And as the days between us stretch wider, I have to wonder

How much longer I can bare us constantly being apart.

The arms I so desperately long to have around me

Are some terrifying fifteen hundred miles away,

And, even as I pine after your embrace, I've learned

How to make it through these arduous days.

The sweet voice I long to hear again is

Always laced with static, over the phone,

And the "I love you's" that result therefrom

Never cease to make me feel so utterly alone.

So, alas, I'm forced to look deep inside myself

As I sit here, so typically alone, on this Forsaken night,

Asking myself if being with you is worth all this extra hurt;

Knowing that without you, I've still taught myself to be alright.

I don't need your arms to comfort me,

I don't want the "I love you's" to always hurt;

So tell me, please, why I should keep waiting,

What is this relationship really worth?


L. Sherman