Aliens and Sci-Fi are irrevocably associated. However, the idea of alien life, while not entirely objectionable by even my account, is based off of ideas I feel are contrary to my belief system. Based on what has been scientifically confirmed about how the world works, I have a completely different idea which lets me put some very crazy characters in one of my favorite WIP's without annoying my conscience. While I get it ready for posting during the gaps in my busy schedule left by my other writing projects, I'll share this idea with you to ponder. More fodder for the cannon, ha-hah!

The entirety of existence is separated into areas called extra-spatial zones. These zones cannot be travelled beyond by simply 3-D means of movement and are transversed by a continuous stream of 4-D space (otherwise known as temporal space). One such zone, Crescence, has found a way to observe other zones without interfering. Using machine-controlled versions of a natural phenomenon called a tesseract to fold space through the eight calculable dimensions, Crescentian scientists leave cameras and sensors so small as to be invisible embedded in the "surface" of discovered zones and run a special a kind of seven-dimensional elastic extension cord called a tele-line back to receiving stations on Crescence. The tesseracts are then unfolded, allowing the scientists to observe these complex zones without interfering—and sometimes steal TV for their own amusement. As long as the math is done correctly, nothing but the probe gets moved into the desired zone, but even Crescentians are susceptible to human error.