Usually bright and sunny days are good for me. That is, unless its Thursday. I always dread Thursdays are the days I get beat senseless because the top douchebag/principal's son strikes out with two or three girls the day before (I would fight back but I happen to be a pacifist). So to take out his anger, he and his crew of douchebags use me as a punching bag for the 7 minutes we have between first and second period.

Unfortunately, I have to go whether I like it or not. The only reason is because if I stay "sick" any more Thursdays, the admins are going to call my "parents". Something I can't have happen because there are no parents for them to call. They died about two years ago due to a stray bullet from a robbery. But nobody knows about this except for me, the banks who had to move the money out of my parents' accounts to mine (who both made a six figure salary by the way), and my neighbors who help feed me.

I sighed about the thought, grabbed my ipod, keys, wallet, and backpack and headed out the door for another day of hell. The last good moment I had of the day was the walk to school, using my music to calm me down. The playlist there consisted of Eyes Set to Kill, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for My Valentine and crap like that.

I made it to school (unfortunately), still amazed at how big this school is, and went directly to class. In class I tuned out the teacher and his talk of permutations and combinations, because I learnt those already and slowly counted my minutes until death.