A squad consists of one Omega Knight, two Omega Archers, two Omega Wizards, one Omega Titan, four Omega Cavalry, six Omega Elites and two Omega Elites. Also any apprentices any of them might have at the time.

Phoenix Squad:

Omega Knight: Sinious Tyling

Omega Archers: Frances Mikaro, Kinsar Bleren

Omega Wizards: Mealin Chien, Lilith Manath

Omega Titan: Stephen Theo Austinus

Omega Cavalry: Blant Gervais, Gen Simna, Jaks Herty, Baht Romeer

Omega Elite soldiers: Maximus Wrig, Mason Farswine, Vern Thys, Michael Dixi, Quatar Jynd, Cyn Blethe, Jacob Nervista, Edwin Soms

Apprentices: Luna Danisha (OW apprentice), Hunt Alim'dar (OT apprentice), Winter Mohroe (OA apprentice)

Sabre Squad:

Omega Knight: James Just

Omega Archers: Ruby Sal, Kyvin Arthurius

Omega Wizards: Tatyana Shrike, Heroe Merex

Omega Titan: Simeon Merex

Omega Cavalry: Thomas Shrad, Charles Dea, Jamal Dahl, Jared Dahl

Omega Elite soldiers: Wren Sun, Min Heru, Vex Ragen, Lin Ragen, Levy Berg, Ben Cran, Xavier Smath, Dacré Mindra

Apprentices: Sol Wan'diff (OA apprentice), Sunila Gren (OW apprentice), Joseph En'gerd (OW apprentice)

Eagle Squad:

Omega Knight: Panos Dan

Omega Archers: Adelaide Igles, Jake Sadey

Omega Wizards: Joseph Meridian, Fren Gace

Omega Titan: Hugo Frakê

Omega Cavalry: Yuen Herid, Banok Obine, Hugh Notren, David Sojien

Omega Elite soldiers: Simeon Redd, Azrath Vrael, Seté Skiyin, Casik Moker, Loki Krein, Oso Nick, Will Breze, Oien Sand

Apprentices: Gavin Just (OK apprentice), Amena Sal (OW apprentice)

The High Council of the Omega Faction consists of thirteen commanders from the thirteen provinces occupied by the elves, dwarves and humans. Each commander is chosen by a vote from all the fortresses in that province and have a term of three years in the council, after which the vote is begun again. The Supreme Command is voted by the thirteen council members amongst themselves and he or she has a term of one and a half years before re-voting.

The High Council of the Omega Factions -

Supreme Commander of the Omega Faction, Council of Etran'ah – Merlyn Detrange

Council of Shar'and – Lyam Hatrith

Council of Kren'dahl – Mordoh Oiyn

Council of Evilium – Janis Brysth

Council of Benine – Kytya Hadjuk

Council of Frit'gran – Dreah Poltwyth

Council of Dwin'sal – Mynami Oosaka

Council of Arganon – Panos Dan

Council of Bren'dak – Tyna Meril

Council of West Senzhar – Gwyneth Jutsyn

Council of East Senzahr – Justin Koptyn

Council of Mid Shelal – Paul Dale

Council of Lower Shelal – John Heran