Naked Fantasy

Author's Note: Okay, when I was like 9 I went on a cruise with my mom. I remember it well and I always fantasize about going again sometime. I just read a couple stories that reminded me about my day dream so I wanted to borrow a few thoughts and write about it.

I rated this "M" even though it might be a little more graphic than an "M" but I figure that if I am 13 and can think about it then if you're at least 13 you can read about it. If you think I should write more about Aly's adventures, let me know.

Hordes of busy people walked by the young dark haired petite girl sitting in a chair near a window. Most were on their way to diner and were dressed in their finest attire. Alyson Carter was just dressed in sweats and a wife-beater shirt, her small puffy nipples just barely noticeable under the white shirt. As she looked out the window at the sunset she opened a little black book with "Diary" written in red at the top of it.

Aly's daily journal,

Another crazy boring day! The Carnival Fantasy is no fantasy. I've like been here 3 days on this boat and I have met nobody my age to hang out with. What was my dad thinking bringing me on a trip to Alaska! I'm 13 not 90. I need fun. I think they even serve prune juice in the bars so people can stay regular. This is not a trip for a young person.

The few younger people are just weird. I met a couple guys today in the pool but later when I saw them they were pointing at me and talking about my tits. Boys are so immature! They kept trying to get a peak at my chest. So I stayed in the deeper end where the water covered me. It is not like my tits are huge, but they are bigger than most girls my age. I guess that's good.

Anyway, dad kicked me out of the room so he could have time alone with the bimbo he brought along. I should have stayed at home this summer with mom. At least back home in Chicago I had my friends.

I love my dad and all but I wish he and mom were still together. We would be taking a kick-ass vacation to Florida if mom were in charge!

Alyson closed her diary and got up from the chair and started walking toward the atrium of the ship. It was really beautiful there. From there she would catch an elevator to the top of the ship and walk around and look at the people for awhile. As she walked she wondered what other people thought of her. "Does anyone even notice or care? On a ship full of people does anyone even pay attention to a little half Hispanic half black girl?"

She thought to herself about what she could be doing back home. At least here it was not that hot. The temperature was a comfortable 75 degrees tonight. Back home it was likely still in the 90s. As she walked into the atrium she thought, I guess I will go check the usual bars and see if her dream man was there tonight. She had seen him when they first got on the ship.

He was way too old for her, looked like 22 or something but it is just a fantasy guy. He looked to be just under 6' and had the most amazing blue eyes. His short blond hair curled at the top and his smile was angelic. Too bad he had some bimbo along with him.

Walking by one of the usual hangout joints that was, of course, off limits to her, she saw him. She stopped and stared for the longest through the window, just day dreaming. Eventually she moved on and ended up on the top of the ship for an hour walking around and looking at the people. Eventually, she decided to head to her room to see if her dad and the bimbo were "done" and back out partying the night away.

Walking past the ship stores she saw the most awesome necklace sitting in the store window. "That would look so awesome on me" she thought. "Too bad I am broke," she said aloud.

"I would help you with that miss but it is a bit too rich for my wallet."

She turned to see who said that. It was HIM! Her dream guy! He spoke to her, even flirted maybe a little with her. Incredible!

"I, I guess I will just save up for it," is all she could muster. "How stupid! Is that all I could think of? I am such an idiot," she thought.

He smiled as his bimbo pulled him along, shooting me the most evil stink eye I had seen in awhile. They started arguing quietly as they left the shop area. Alyson smirked as she thought about how he talked to her right in front of his little trophy bimbo girl.

Finally Alyson made it back to her room. Gingerly she knocked and waited. No answer came, and better yet, no odd noises. Entering the room it was empty. A note was on the desk by the phone.

All it said was, "Wont be in til late Aly, don't wait up, Dad."

Luckily dad was a doctor and had lots of money. He got one of the nicer rooms on the boat. Regrettably dad had all the money. Mom was just a secretary back home. Alyson missed her mom and George, her step-dad. He was cool in a simple sort of way.

Alyson turned on the TV and scanned the channels twice before deciding on a long hot shower. Thirty minutes later she was letting the almost scalding hot water drench her face and head as she rinsed the last bit of conditioner out of her hair.

She thought of her dream guy and wondered if he was still getting chewed out by the bimbo. It amused her. She had seen him at the pool yesterday with his shirt off; his hard ripped abs burned a picture forever in her mind. She thought how all her friends back home would unanimously say, "ewww" if they thought for a second she was having such thoughts about some guy likely ten years older than her. It didn't matter. It was her fantasy and that was all there was to it.

Stepping out of the shower naked, she dried off in front of the TV and then wrapped the towel around her long dark strands of hair. Nothing interesting was on the TV so she got a disposable razor out of her dad's shower bag and decided to do a little trimming downstairs. A few months ago she had little to trim but over the last couple months it started to bush out a little. At first she thought she would start shaving down there just because that was what women did. Eventually, she had to admit to herself that it made her just feel very sexy.

After a little trim here and there she stood and looked in the mirror at her body. Alyson questioned for an instant if she really did look older than her age. She had been mistaken before for 16 at the movies back home. She thought it was likely her boobs. They really stood out against her flat stomach. When she got her period a year ago the ole rack exploded and so did attention from boys. For a girl of 5'3 and only 105lbs she had to admit her 34B tits did stand out. Maybe it made up for having no butt and just a little curve to her hips.

Her boobs had one drawback. Girls her age without boobs hated her for having them and girls a few years older than her considered her too young to hang with. "I so wish I were like 18 already," she thought as she unwrapped her hair and looked around the room. She thought of reading but just was not in the mood. Ever since the ole period kicked off, about once a month she felt this way. It was hard to describe, sort of feisty and frisky at the same time.

Looking at the balcony door she got an idea. Still wearing only a smile, she walked over to the sliding door to the balcony. The dark night and bright stars added to the sound of the crashing waves. Fiddling with the lock for an instant she cracked the door open and looked out. The balcony looked out to open ocean with nothing around for like a million miles it seemed. The balcony was dark and designed for some privacy. The lifeboats hung on the deck below blocking anyone's view from all but maybe on little spot along the railing three decks down. "Perfect," Alyson said to herself.

She grabbed a magazine from her bag near her bed and headed for a little nighttime nude read-a-thon out on the balcony. "Heck, it's just T&A," she whispered to herself, "no big deal." With the towel on her shoulders and the magazine in one hand she stepped out on the balcony. She left the balcony door cracked open a bit because the lock seemed a little wonky.

Although the night air was slightly cool and made her nipples stand out, it felt comfortable on her skin. She walked over to the rail and stared out at the open ocean. It was wild, powerful, mesmerizing. All the sudden a gust of wind whipped her towel off her shoulders and carried it over the rail depositing it on the top of the lifeboat for an instant. She tried to reach over but it was too far away. Then another gust carried it over to the deck below. That is when she discovered her worst embarrassment ever.

As she looked down at the landing spot of her towel on the deck below, in that little spot that she could see from the balcony, he was standing there. Her dream guy with her towel on his head! Alyson let out a yelp of utter shock and then stepped back way too quickly out of sight, failing to avoid the deck chair. She tripped and fell hard against the sliding door. Her abrupt movement slide it closed and she heard a terrifying click as she slide down the door and landed unceremoniously on her bottom.

Popping back up instantly she grabbed the door handle and tried to pull it open. "Damn damn damn!" She thought frantically, what to do. She stood there a full minute yanking on the door to no avail. It was locked. This was going to be so embarrassing when her dad got back. "No! This can't be happening to me!" She thought of breaking the glass but thought of the likely disaster that could turn out to be.

She stepped back from the door and again tripped on the chair. She easily caught herself on the railing as she faced the door. All she could say was, "What to do, what to do?" Then she realized that she was naked, leaning on the railing. She quickly turned and looked down at the deck where a minute ago her towel landed on the man of her dreams.

Alyson's eyes went wide when he was still standing there looking up at her. He had her towel in his hand. With a mischievous smile on his face he said, "Miss, you lose this?"

Her face went the brightest shade of red ever. She was sure they could see the reflection of her bright red embarrassed face on the space shuttle. She stepped away and out of view. After a minute of thinking and realizing that she had nowhere to really go, she stepped back out of the shadows and into view. "Um, uh, yep, I think that's mine but actually I sorta have a bigger problem." Motioning her head back toward the balcony door, "I'm locked out."

She could see him slightly giggle as he looked down at the deck and then back up toward her. "You need some help I'm guessing?"

"Duh, what made you ever think that," Alyson replied, instantly regretting her sudden attitude.

Walking back to the balcony door to test it one more time she found it still very locked. As she turned around, she was started to see her dream man pulling himself up onto her balcony using the railing. She let out a little squeal as he threw a leg over and then landed firming a few feet in front of her. She instinctively tried to cover her breasts. And cross her legs.

Smiling he handed her the towel, "Here you need this miss."

Alyson took the towel and covered her chest immediately to try and fend off the sudden wave of embarrassment that flooded over her. "How? What? Where? How'd you get here?" She asked as she noticed him checking her out as the towel was a small size and did little to cover more than her bare breasts.

Chuckling he responded, "I'm in the Navy. I do this stuff for a living."

This was all way too much to handle for one vacation. Her stress level was hitting its limit. She didn't know if she should scream or stand aside and let him take a look at the door. "How, how, do I know you're not an insane rapist? You, you could like drag me off and kill me or something." Alyson's heart was beating a million beats a minute it seemed.

"Look Miss, my name is Dan. I am a Navy seaman stationed in San Diego, California." He continued on for about a minute telling her the name of his ship in the Navy and his commander's name and everything else. She hardly heard any of it. She just looked at him, at his blue eyes and boyish smile. It was funny how negative thoughts just suddenly faded away and she felt all fluttery inside.

Finally she heard him ask her something. "Miss, miss … may I get to the door? I think I can have you inside in a few minutes?"

"Uh, uh, sure," she said as she carefully stepped aside. "Name's Alyson, most just call me Aly."

"Well Aly, you are not having a good day I can see. First no necklace and now trapped outside naked as a newborn babe." He pulled a little tool out of his belt loop, one of those little folding kind with a zillion screwdrivers and things, and started unscrewing the door lock from the outside.

"Did he call me a babe?" she thought. "No, he was just making conversation," she realized. Then she spoke up, "Your, uh, girlfriend know you are helping a naked girl on a balcony?"

He answered as he worked, "Nope, she and I are … well, not talking right now. She didn't like me chatting with you … said you were a kid."

Alyson blushed red again but this time partly with anger. "Kid? Uh, hell no! I'm … I'm eighteen!" She knew that was a very far stretch for anyone to believe.

Chuckling slightly he confirmed her suspicions that he did not buy it. "I am just not seeing it," he said as he continued to work on the door, "maybe sixteen but not eighteen. Anyway, my girlfriend said she thought you were like twelve or something. She said she saw you hanging out with a bunch of teeny-boppers in the pool."

Now Alyson was furious! "How the living hell does that skank think I am 12!" She did not mean to say that out loud and winced as she said it. Calling his woman a skank was not a way to impress him.

He turned and looked at her with a raised eyebrow and quirky smile on his face. "Skank, you say?"

"I, I, I, mean she is wr-wrong like 100% wrong. I mean do I look like a kid to you?" Alyson was betting he would not humiliate her further.

Well, I mean you do look more … uh," he began.

"Do kids have these?" Alyson dropped her towel and pointed at her breasts.

It worked! That got his attention. Dan focused his attention at her breasts. His mouth fell open a little just before he dropped his tool. A moment passed as he took in her figure. Slightly stuttering, he said, "W-w-well, they, I mean you do look, older than, than," his thoughts and words trailed off.

Reaching down slowly to pick up her towel, giving him plenty of time to look she asked, "How old are you Mister navy-man?"

"I'm 25 gonna be 26 tomorrow," he replied as he turned and picked up his tool, quickly getting back to work on the door lock. "This is my birthday present, a cruise."

"Damn, I am sooooo out of my league here. He is like prehistoric," she thought, "but so damn hot!"

All the sudden the door popped open as the lock fell to the ground. "Here you go Aly. Your nudist adventure is over for the night." He slide the door open for her and she so gladly stepped inside. He followed in behind her noticing her booty as she walked in front of him.

Turning around Alyson said, "Thank you so much! You're awesome!" She was so excited that this ordeal was coming to a close that, without thinking, she let go of her towel and gave him a big hug. Then the shock of her whorishly bold act hit her.

Dan, too, had gladly accepted the hug before thinking, but then looked to her with a little smile on his face. "No problem Aly, I,I, see you around the ship again, maybe. I'll be sleeping on the top deck for the rest of the cruise if my girlfriend ever hears about me helping you."

Standing there totally naked and no longer really embarrassed about it, she said, "Would you like to, you know, hang out sometime. Maybe go somewhere safe where that skank, won't find us?"

He giggled at the open insult toward his girlfriend. "I'm getting the idea you don't like her much."

"I'm a woman, note I did not say girl, and it is my job to dislike her, sorta like a mission in life I have now." Aly smiled at him with a sassy kind of smile and a hand on her hip.

He leaned in and kissed her lips softly at first then something seemed to possess them both. She kissed him back but with more intensity. The desire started to build in them both.

Her arms went around him and he wrapped one of his arms around her. Their tongues met in a passionate caressing embrace that explored new ground for Aly. Alyson had kissed guys before but this was well beyond the skills of high school boys. He experience with anything else sorta ended at a little touching so this was going beyond her skill level fast. She started to feel nervous.

The kissing went on nonstop for several minutes. Aly felt herself getting aroused down there. When she bumped into him she could feel a bulge in his pants poke at her belly through the fabric of his pants. The thought scared her a little. She broke away from the kiss suddenly. Their lips parted leaving both of them breathing heavily.

He hesitated for a moment. Then he touched her cheek softly with his hand as he whispered, "I,I shouldn't … have done that, I'm, I'm sorry."

Looking up into his blue eyes Alyson said, "Don't be sorry." She smiled and reached up to touch his lips with her finger as she continued, "I liked it. I'm just a little nervous. I've not done this bef-uh-recently." Alyson did not want to give away her total lack of experience.

"I gotta go," he said as he turned from her and walked toward the cabin door.

"Wait," Alyson said. "I, I, want to give you something to remember me by."

He looked at her slightly confused as she approached him. He could only focus on her breasts on down. Had he looked in her eyes he would have seen a look of someone near terrified but yet eager to explore. Her heart was racing and her hands cold and clammy as she reached out and touched the top button of his shirt. In less than a minute his shirt was off and on the floor, his bare chest pressed up against her bare breasts. Again their lips locked in a passionate wet kiss.

You're so hot." He told her, as he came up for air and immediately began kissing her neck. She could feel a little trickle of something drip out of her and slowing run down her inner thigh.

Somehow they seemed to glide to the bed, her on her back, him laying beside her. All along they never broke from the nibbles and kisses.

While still kissing her neck his hand found her firm round breasts. As he caressed her breasts he noticed how exotic it seemed, his hand against her light bronze colored skin. He teasingly pinched both her nipples, tugging slightly. Aly moaned slightly, tilting her head back. His kisses on her neck moved slowly and deliberately down her to her breasts. Dan softly started biting both of her nipples and laying kisses along her stomach. Just as he reached her belly button Dan stopped for just an instant and unbuttoned his pants, sliding both his pants and boxers off in a skilled quick move.

Alyson had seen a penis before, like the time she accidentally walked into the boys locker room or the time she had access to HBO after-dark or even playing around a little with her last boyfriend Jacob. This was so different. It was like HBO but in living flesh. It was huge, at least it seemed that way to her. Again, she started to get nervous.

Dan slid a hand down her belly, rubbing the outside folds of her sweet spot. She flinched a little and then tried to ease into the touch. It was too much excitement mixed with nervousness; she started to tremble in his arms.

She was too nervous. She couldn't do this. Not now. She rolled to one side and out of his arms. The look in his eyes was one of surprise boarding on disappointment. Before he could speak, she put her hand on his chest and gently pushed him down flat on his back on the bed. Moving her attention to his large imposing penis, she touched it and pulled back, then touched it again, then she gripped it firmly in her hand and released it.

To Dan, it seemed like she was just teasing with him. Touching his hard dick and then backing off sent shivers down his back. With every touch his balls would move up toward the base of his shaft and back down again as she released her grip. Several times he almost exploded from just her touch. He was glad he didn't. He did not want her to think he was that inexperienced.

Alyson was just amazed at the feel of the thing. She had touched her ex-boyfriend Jacob's penis like only once and it was nothing compared to this thing. She was mesmerized by it. Finally, she decided to try the next step as her stomach stopped turning. She licked the tip of Dan's already hard dick, making him groan. She then tried sucking just the tip, grazing her tongue over the little slit in the top.

Dan groaned and arched his back at the sensation of her touch. She moved her lips to the base of his belly button and started kissing him there as she stroked his cock slowly up and down with her hand. Dan moaned and leaned his head back.

Alyson picked up the pace, stroking him faster. He closed his eyes for an instant and felt the rush approach him. "No, wait, net yet," he forced himself to say.

"W-what?" she said, a little surprised. Of course the whole sex thing was a surprise to her anyway.

In a fluid motion he rolled her over onto her back and instantly he was buried between her legs. His tongue teasing with the slightly parted folds of her glistening wet pussy. His tongue surgically parted the folds of skin and found the little bump that sent her into a shudder as his tongue rolled over it. Her heart was pounding and her breathing was shallow as his soft wet tongue probed into her body.

His tongue came up and brushed over her clit causing her to almost jump out of her skin. Her sudden movement caused him to break away from her sweet place. He looked up at her with her juices coating his cheeks.

The sight of her sexual fluids on his face had her in awe for a moment. He took that as a sign to move his attention higher. His tongue next tickled her as he explored her belly button. Her sweet little pussy ached for his continued attention even though it terrified her as she ventured into the unknown. It was a shock to her senses when she felt a finger slide inside of her. She squirmed under the strange feeling of an object up inside of her.

Just then she heard someone outside the cabin door fumbling around. Both Alyson and Dan instantly stopped and listened.

Alyson's got a panicked look on her face when she heard her dad's voice out in the hallway say, "Aly, open the door for me, I think I lost my key again."

"Oh, My, God!" Alyson exclaimed. "Quick, out on the balcony!"

Author Notes #2: Hey, if you like it, please R&R! Chapter 2 is a little of the hook if you know what I mean so you're warned. I have had a few comments about the age thing. Look, I just see this as a story and personal fantasy that I just wanted to write about, nothing more. People my age are thinking and doing a lot more than people must give us credit for, get over it.