"Quick … hurry!" Alyson whispered as she ran around grabbing his stuff and pushing it out onto the balcony. Dan was doing all he could do to get his pants on with Aly hurrying him out.

"Aly, you in there? Let me … oh, here's the key." Her dad's voice caught her attention with a shock.

"NO! Wait … I'm just getting out of the shower. Hold on for a sec!" Aly shouted back at the door. She saw the handle turn and she bolted for the door, grabbing the handle. "I said wait dad, I'm not dressed. Just hang on," she shouted.

"Oh, okay," came the clearly slurred voice of her dad. They had been partying a bit too much it seemed. She could hear the bimbo behind him giggling.

Glancing over her shoulder, she could see that Dan was carrying his stuff out the balcony. After chaining the cabin door, she ran over to the balcony door to check on Dan. He was a bit wide eyed by about half dressed. He looked so hot standing there. His abs made her mouth water. She had touched all that. She could see the bulge in his pants and knew he still wanted her.

"Ummm, this is not how I planned on things happening, he said with a cheesy grin as he buttoned his shirt.

Alyson stepped out on the balcony. The whirling wind now had a slight chill, instantly reminding her that she was still totally naked. It didn't matter. This was totally off the hook scary but also absolutely awesome too. Looking at his face, she leaned in and kissed him.

"Come on Aly, Sarah here has to pee! Let us in." Alyson's dad's voice boomed from the cabin door.

"Coming!" she replied.

Aly and Dan's eyes met one last time and then she turned to go back inside. She quickly scrounged a towel and wrapped it around her before she unchained and opened the cabin door for her dad and his bimbo, Sarah.

Looking back to the balcony, Aly saw the faint outline of a hand letting go of the railing as Dan climbed back down to the lower deck. Sarah made quick use of the bathroom as her dad pulled off his shoes and dinner jacket and started to get comfortable on the bed.

Alyson's bed was a roll-away in the corner of the small room. It was not yet set up but when set up it would block access to the balcony. Once Sarah was done in the bathroom Alyson went in and put on her pajamas and set up her bed.

The next hour was spent with everyone flipping through the channels on the TV and making small talk. Alyson took the time to paint her nails. She decided on a bright red to symbolize how she felt after all the excitement tonight. She hated the fact she got interrupted. Then a thought hit her in one of those 'wow' moments.

Alyson started thinking, "It's not that late. Maybe I could find him and we could talk some more."

She asked her dad if she could go walk around on the ship and all. He easily agreed since he was looking at the bimbo, Sarah with eyes that Alyson did not want to even try to interpret. Sorting through her things she picked out a pair of black skinny jeans, a thong pair of panties, and a red shirt with a black blazer. She thought of what bra to wear but eventually decided not to wear one. The blazer could cover most things when she wanted them covered.

By the time she got a little eyeliner on, grabbed her door key and left, her dad was happy to see her go so he could have more time with ole Sarah. Sarah was proving to be a great distraction for her dad.

Alyson felt good about herself now. She was out on the prowl with only one guy in mind. It made her feel sexy though when guys would walk by and do a double take looking at her. She toured the ship three times from the top to as far down as passengers were permitted to go, but no Dan.

She did get three whistles, a dozen long stares, many, many double takes, and a smack on the butt by some Italian guy about her age. Even without Dan, it made her feel good to be sexy. It was a new thrilling feeling for her; at least it was like this. Before tonight, she was a little more conservative, more reserved. Now, she liked showing off her assets for some reason. It was like the more you do sexy stuff the more you want to do sexy stuff.

Alyson walked around the front part of the ship making her rounds in search of her dream guy when she saw a younger couple making out. At first Alyson seemed a little embarrassed at intruding in on their personal passions but they were out in the open and it seemed all new to her now since she had been frisky earlier.

The man touched the woman so passionately. He hands almost seemed to explore her body through her cloths. It was amazing to see. It started making Alyson think about earlier tonight when Dan touch her, kissed her, caressed her. Soon the couple headed to their room.

Aly felt compelled to follow them at a discreet distance. "This is so wrong on a zillion levels," she thought to herself. "I'm a total perv," she mumbled as she followed the couple. They were on her floor of the boat on the opposite side. As she watched them go into their room she wondered what they would soon be doing. It made her feel excited and she could again feel a naughty wetness in her panties.

Taking note of where the room was she went down a couple decks and went out on the deck. The air was cool and the sound of waves crashing against the ship made her feel even more like what she was doing was right out of some cheap spy novel. She made it to where she thought the couple's room would be just a few decks up. A lifeboat totally blocked the view.

However, she knew that if Dan could climb up to her room earlier, she could do the same here, now. Everything in her head screamed, "NO," but her basic instincts craved the visual stimulation. She stood there for several minutes walking back and forth, thinking. Her heart was racing. "This is so stupid, what am I thinking!" Her words could only be heard by herself since the deck was empty. She headed back toward the door leading inside the ship. When she touched the handle to open it she hesitated.

Deeply sexual and naughty thoughts flooded her mind. Alyson remembered just a few hours ago how Dan had used his tongue to tease her. She remembered how he so capably worked her little bump. It sent chills down her back as his tongue had played with her sweet spot. With her heart pounding, she turned back toward the life boat directly under the couple's room.

It took her twenty minutes to do what Dan had accomplished in seconds but she finally shuffled herself carefully along the railing and up the lifeboats until she was within a few feet of the balcony where couple could where certainly doing things so intimate, the thought of spying on them made Alyson's heart almost stop. "I'm going to jail for this," she whispered.

Carefully, she climbed over the rail onto the balcony. She could see that the curtain was only half closed and all the lights were on in the room. As she approached the door, a sudden fear came over her. "What the hell am I doing here!" She turned to immediately leave. Just when her hand touched the rail she heard a muffled voice from the room moan. Alyson hesitated.

"I can't do this! This is so wrong. Just leave!" The thoughts hit her in rapid fire mode, yet she did not move. Then she heard the moan again. "Just one peek since I guess I am already here," crossed her mind. "I am such a fucking perv," she whispered again to herself.

Looking through the sliding glass balcony door and around the curtain she saw what she so waited to see. The couple was doing incredible things to each other. First he would do things to her and then she would do things to him and then they would switch again. She stood there and watched, mesmerized by what she saw. The man's thing was not as big as Dan's but this guy used what he had. It was amazing to watch. She knew she was so wrong yet she could not pull herself away from it. Every move, every act, every position burned into her mind. "I so want that," she thought.

Alyson was fascinated by the way the woman, a think blond lady, maybe 25 or so, used her hands and her mouth on the guy's penis. First she stroked it gently with her hand, becoming faster as she went. Then she started using her lips to suck on the head of it. The guy seemed to enjoy it. Finally the man exploded the ever so gooey cum all over the woman's breasts. It looked messy but erotic. When the lady took his penis in her mouth, still dripping cum Aly noted, it did seem a little less than tasty by judging from the woman's expression.

Even after exploding his cum all over his partner thy still continued to play for what seemed like an hour. As she stood there watching she about died from fright when both of them got up and headed for the balcony. Aly grabbed the rail and practically vaulted over it, landing on the roof of the lifeboat. With a couple quick moves she was out of sight but actually within a few feet of the couple as they carried their sexual escapades onto the balcony.

Aly looked straight up and could see every detail of him disappearing into the woman and back out again as she was pressed up against the railing and the thing that divided their balcony from the balcony next door. This was terrifying to be so close to getting caught but also it was so thrilling at the same time. Finally, when he finished for the second time they went back inside, allowing Alyson to carefully climb down to the deck and eventually make her way back to her cabin.

The next morning Aly was slow in getting up. Her womanly parts ached. She didn't know if it was just from excitement or lack of activity. In either case she was so horny and moist she took another quick shower before getting breakfast and going on the day's excursion with her dad and Sarah the bimbo.

Walking the along the small town's streets with her dad and the bimbo she thought about all that happened last night. It was pretty wild and she had to admit that she , herself, was pretty messed up spying on that couple like she did. No matter what she tried to fill her mind with, she couldn't help but reply what she saw the couple do and what she wanted to try, herself. Now, only if she could find Dan on the ship tonight. Her mind churned on all the possibilities.

Several hours later they were all back on the ship. Aly was already in her swim suit relaxing in the hot-tub before the ship pulled away from the dock. She had actually met someone to talk to today. Her name was Ellen. She was a freshman in college and foreign exchange student from England just seeing the world before heading back to London for the rest of the summer.

Ellen, a tall brunette girl with a somewhat awkward look to her, she seemed quiet until you got her started talking. Her awkward look was not as noticeable after she started relaxing and just chatting. She was on the cruise with four of her fellow students. They all partied, she didn't, hence the hot-tub alone thing. Ellen had a little of a Goth look about her Alyson thought.

Alyson actually enjoyed talking to her because she treated Alyson like an equal and not a kid. They talked about shoes, guys, clothes, guys, the cruise and, of course, guys. They decided to hang out together later on that evening. Eventually Ellen got out of the hot-tub, leaving Alyson to boil in the bubbling water all alone.

A few minutes later Aly about freaked out, when she looked up to see Dan and his little woman carefully stepping into the hot-tub. From the expression on his face, Aly thought he intentionally came to the hot-tub just to piss off his nagging girlfriend. From the disgust on his woman's face, it is clear that she was not very happy with the hot-tub idea. Aly knew the woman was pissed off because she was there.

The bitch glared at Alyson like Aly was some sort of rodent or something. It would seem like no guy would want to be in between two women on the verge of a cat fight but Dan seemed unconcerned. After a few minutes of side looks and stealthy stink-eyes, Dan's super bitch-bimbo moved closer to him and said to Dan, clearly loud enough for Alyson to hear, "Honey, when we get back to the room can you fuck me again like you did this morning?"

"Caroline, don't be so crude out here in public," Dan said quietly.

"Two can play at the dirty game of girl verses girl hatred," Alyson thought. Within ten minutes the hot-tub was filling up. Alyson intentionally scooted closer to Dan each time a new person came in the hot-tub. As she did, she noticed Dan getting a little more nervous. Finally Alyson was on one side and his evil skank bimbo on the other.

Dan's eye's started to open very wide when Alyson slide her hand over to his knee. Hidden by the bubbles she enjoyed torturing him like this in plain sight of everyone who were so unsuspecting. Alyson looked straight ahead with only an occasional glance toward Dan to see his level of discomfort. She slowly moved her hand, inching her way toward his crotch. The closer she got the more he started to squirm. As he did the bimbo would eye him more.

Finally, he couldn't stand and burst out of the water, saying in a raspy voice to his bimbo, "Uh, gotta go pee." As he came out of the water he had the biggest hard-on anyone could imagine. All the people in the hot-tub noticed it to the displeasure of the bimbo.

Alyson watched Dan as he scurried toward the men's locker-room near the pool. Once he was out of sight Alyson got up and exited the hot-tub taking her time to slowly walk by the bimbo who was waiting her turn to get out of the hot-tub as well.

As the bimbo dried off, Alyson walked to the pool and jumped in. The water felt like ice after being in the hot-tub for so long. She swam to the other side and exited. Looking back at the bimbo, Alyson thought that the woman didn't see Aly's stealthy exit.

Alyson hurried to the men's locker room door and did not hesitate walking right in. Three men were in there in various states of near nudity. They mumbled and one tried to cover himself but none overly objected. They were men. She could see Dan's red swim trunks on the bench in front of a shower stall in the other corner of the locker room.

To Aly, this was vacation, time for living on the wild side and today, she was living it to the max. Wasting no time, she stripped off her bottoms and untied her top, laying the 2-piece white and black leopard print suit on top of his red trunks. Looking down, she could see his feet facing away from the shower door. She opened the door and stepped in.

Two of the three men in the locker-room clapped as Dan gave a surprised yelp when she stepped in and reached around his waist. "Hi, come here often?" she said in a cute little innocent voice.

He spun around so fast he almost hit Alyson with his arm. "Uh, uh, what are, y-you doing in here?" he sheepishly asked after his ever not-so-manly yelp.

"Alyson smiled. "Well, since we are both naked in a shower I sorta thought what I'm doing here would be obvious but if you need a hint I can do that too." Remembering what she saw last night as she spied on the couple having sex in their cabin, Alyson dropped to her knees in front of Dan. His dick was still hard from when he got out of the hot-tub. She pulled it close to her lips and let it touch the sides of her face. Her tongue reached out and danced up along its veiny shaft.

Dan leaned slightly forward and let the shower water hit the back of his neck, not more than a few drops hitting Alyson's face. She took the head of his powerful tool in between her lips and softly moved them over and around just the head, teasing it, stimulating it. She could feel him slightly grow even more as she plunged it into her mouth, careful to avoid the gag reflex. She had discovered that little problem six months ago when she was bored and tried to practice on a banana.

Her tongue caressed his shaft and made circles around the head of his dick as she slowly moved it in and almost out of her mouth, each time her soft lips paying extra attention to the head of his dick. She copied exactly what she had observed last night watching the couple. It was obviously working! Dan arched his back and let out a slight moan as Alyson picked up the pace just a little. Her hands helping to stroke the part of the shaft she could not get in her mouth. Her other hand softly tickled his family jewels. He was hers for the moment. She owned him!

She imagined everything she had witnessed the woman do to the man last night. Alyson copied it to perfection, changing style and technique slightly every minute or so. She pulled the massive throbbing thing out of her mouth and began gently nibbling at the sides of the shaft all the while stroking it with her hand.

Dan held his breath when she softly sucked one of his balls into her mouth. She knew it was pretty sensitive and she wanted this moment to be right so she treated it like royalty. Dan appreciated her gentleness. He had been hurt down there a few times in the past and it was not fun. Alyson was being extra careful and he appreciated it, and the sensations she sent up and down his body.

Dan couldn't take any more of the teasing from her. She was about to cum. He knew he shouldn't but he was almost there,"Just a few more strokes and, and," he pulled away from her at the last second before he went too far.

The sudden move surprised her a little, as did the quick splash of water in her face from the shower head that was still on. The shock did not last too long because Dan pulled her up to face him and grabbed her in a passionate embrace. Their lips quickly found each other in a passionate and fiery kiss that was cut short by Aly's need for air.

"Damn girl, you are good. You've got skills my woman can't even dream about." Dan was breath so heavy Alyson thought he would pass-out or something.

"You're pretty good yourself. I think we should," Dan didn't give her enough time to finish her sentence. Hip lips demanded hers once more in a passionate kiss. He pushed her back up against the shower wall as he devoured her lips, their bodies pressed hard together, his dick firmly poking her belly. She could hardly keep up with him and finally surrendered to his overpowering kisses.

Dan pillaged Alyson's mouth with his own, nearly bruising her lips with the power of his kisses. She needed to break for air again. Dan then trailed his kisses down her neck and collarbone. Going lower, he started playfully nipping at her nipples with his teeth and lips. Alyson wondered if you could die from a nipple hicky. It just sounded so painful.

Daniel's hands slid down her sides, as he took his turn moving lower on her body. He placed kisses along her bronze belly and slowly made his way down to her beautiful well manicured sweet spot. As the water splashed across her round breasts, Dan continued kissing his way around the tight folds of her womanhood and began lovingly kissed her inner thighs and the sweet tasting lips of her sweet spot. He could taste her extreme arousal, remembering how good she tasted the night before.

Caressing her little bump through the torrent of water flowing over her breasts and across her belly, Dan spread her legs a little wider, giving him better access to her. Daniel ran his tongue over her slit, making her moan softly. He pressed deep probing kisses into her womanhood through the sticky sweet lips of her pussy.

Alyson began to moaning softly with every thrust of his tongue up in her. Using a couple fingers to assist his deep probing kisses, he parted her outer lips, tasting more of the sweetness of her arousal. One of his fingers slipped inside her as his tongue teased her clit, causing her to gasp. She was getting so close.

Pants, groans, and whimpers spilled from her lips as Dan worked her to a massive climax, thrusting three fingers deep inside her as he sucked, nibbled and licked her clit. "Aaah!" She screamed as she exploded in the most intense and lingering orgasm of her life! She literally squirted her love juices all over his face and mouth as she squeezed her own breasts with one hand and ran her other hand through his hair.

Alyson lowered her eyes to meet his as he moved back up her body, his mouth meeting hers, his tongue drenched in her juices. Alyson moaned into Dan's mouth, holding him tight as they kissed. She felt him life her slightly off the ground and push her right leg way to one side. As his tongue entered her mouth so did his hard throbbing dick did her tight virgin womanhood.

She was certain her heart stopped. Not even totally done with the orgasm, her body was thrust into a totally new and alien experience. His dick was much bigger than a finger or two and it pressed tight against the straining walls of her vagina. It was an experience impossible for Alyson to totally describe. She quickly discovered that pain and ecstasy where two sides of the same coin in a sense. She couldn't breathe for the longest time and felt light headed. She actually did wink out for a second before she caught her breath.

Dan kept going quicker and quicker, driving himself and Alyson into a squirming intense erotic experience. She wanted to pull away so bad but she couldn't. It hurt and it felt so intensely good at the same time. She desperately needed a break from this physical and emotional overload but, at the same time, she didn't want the moment to end. She held herself there taking the passionate assault to all of her senses. All she could think was how intense it felt.

She felt herself getting close to something again. She couldn't believe it buried somewhere in the excessive sensory overload was another building orgasm. Then she felt him jerk and thrust deeper into her tight warmth. He let out a muffled groan as his cum exploded into her. She could feel it with every beat of his heart. The first jolt of it flooded her tense body. She couldn't hold the second, third and forth spurts as they overly lubricated every part of their joined members. She could feel cum oozing from around the shaft of his dick and out the strained grip of her very tired pussy.

The intense pressure of his huge manhood shoved in her and the added lubrication of all his cum pushed her body over the edge, the second, slightly weaker but very draining orgasm hit her. She writhed in his arms, twisting, turning, wiggling. Her hands firmly pushing against his chest, all the while he kept pumping away, thrusting his huge manhood inside her until every drop of cum was out of his balls and she was totally done with her orgasm.

Dan slowed down his thrusts as she spiraled down from her orgasm and began to breathe again, gasping for air. As his dick slide out of her, she could feel globs of cum ooze down her leg, from her battered pussy. As she looked down she noticed a little blood mixed in with the cum. Her body, and specifically her poor throbbing pussy had been stretched to the max by his huge dick. She knew that she would be feeling it tomorrow if not sooner.

She slid down the shower wall to her knees in front of him. His dick, still coated with his and her love juices pressed against her cheek. She wanted to taste it, taste him. She took it in her mouth again sucking on it slowly and deliberately. The cum was still leaking from the little slit in the head of his dick so she focused there with her lips and tongue until he couldn't stand it any longer and had to pull away.

Helping her to her feet he held her as the warm water flowed over both of them. He kissed her forehead and cheek. This time as their lips met the kisses were almost like whispers, soft, and loving.


A few minutes after the last kiss, she stumbled out of the shower stall behind Daniel, they were met with the cheers and applause of at least six men who had come in during the activity. She was too amazed, astonished, depleted, and relaxed to even care that everyone in there heard her and him having sex and were now checking her totally nude body out as she stumbled to the bench. Her legs felt like weak and tingly. It seemed like everything was in slow motion.

She could feel the deep dull ache beginning inside her ravaged vagina. This was going to be worse than the mother of all cramps she figured. Her bronze skin tone covered the obvious redness and bruising that WAS her private area. She thought that if he was any bigger it would have been like delivering a baby. She mused to herself, "A baby, she that is what it feels like."

"Aly, Aly, hey, you need to get dressed, here," he said, handing her the top to her swim suit.

"Huh, uh what? Oh, sorry, I'm a little out of it I guess," Alyson responded.

Dan laughed, "I've been talking to you and you have been ignoring me for a full minute now."

She looked up at him, just then noticing all the strange men standing around looking at her. "Uh, yeah, uh, where's my bottom piece?"

Dan smiled at her as he handed her the rest of her bathing suit. "Aly, that was totally insane what we just did in there," he said, looking back to the shower stall. Hesitating for a second, he said, "It was the most incredible experience I have ever had. You're amazing!

"I'd say," a hefty older man commented as he sat at the other end of the bench putting on a shoe, "amazing girl you got there. Here's a hint son. She's a keeper."

Dan smiled a sheepish smile. "I was thinking the same thing," Dan commented back to the older guy.

They finished getting dressed and walked to the locker room door to another round of applause from the remaining men in the room. Dan stepped out of the locker-room with a huge very satisfied smile on his face. It quickly faded as his girlfriend was standing two feet in front of him.

"Caroline," is all he could muster.

She started in without delay, "What the hell have you been in there doing all this time, you gay or something? I can't believe you could spend the better part of an hour in a …" She stopped blabbering when Alyson walked out of the men's locker-room behind Dan. The woman's eyes became almost red with anger. She started to tremble from building vengeance within.

"What the living hell was that little slut doing in there with you!" The woman was literally screaming by now. Dan was looking as awkward and embarrassed as Alyson had ever seen a man look.

Alyson was weak and in no condition for a street fight even if she knew how to street fight. That did not stop Alyson from saying the exact wrong thing that set Dan's, now former girlfriend, over the edge.

All Alyson said was, "I was just in there doing what you apparently can't do, please your man." Alyson didn't even see what came next. A solid slap to the face sent her back against the wall. Dan stepped in and prevented Caroline from hitting Alyson again although he took several go hits to the face and shoulders before bystanders pulled her off him just as the ship's security officer arrived.

"You fucked him didn't you?" Caroline Screamed at Alyson.

"Maybe, maybe not. If I did, fuck him you would have wanted to be there for it; ya might have picked up a few things for the next guy." Alyson replied too tired and worn to get very angry.

The woman took another at Alyson knocking Aly to the floor. The enraged woman tried to kick at Alyson but was stopped by the security officer and Dan.

A soft hand reached down and helped Alyson to her feet. It was Ellen with a concerned look on her face. "You okay?" Ellen said in her soft English accent. "Took a bit of a tumble there did you?"

"Yeah, it's a long story," Alyson said as she smiled at Ellen.

"Oh my, you're bleeding," Ellen said sweetly.

Touching her lip, Alyson could feel where a little of the inside of her lip was cut. "It'll be okay. I've had worse playing girls' volleyball at school."

Caroline's screaming fit at Daniel caught Alyson's attention as well as the attention of all the bystanders when the angry woman said, "That little whore of yours is barely old enough to be out of diapers. She can't be older than 14 or 15! You're a fucking molester you shitbag! She's just a kid!"

All eyes were on Dan and Alyson. She could feel everyone looking at her, judging her body, not considering what was in her head. Nobody was interested in judging her intelligence, mental maturity, or abilities. All they were doing was classifying her in their minds.

By this time another security person had arrived. Hearing Caroline's accusations the second security officer moved over to Dan blocking any easy escape if that were a thought.

"That's not true! You're lying because I can't stand your constant bitching and she treats me like a man." Dan threw back at her.

"The little bitch is in fucking kiddie school you pervert."

Alyson was getting nervous. Ellen standing beside her made her feel a little less alone.

A guard walked up to her, "Miss what room are you in? What's your name?"

"I'm not a kid," Alyson replied.

Yes you are! A whore and a smart-ass kid," Caroline screamed back at her.

"No! I'm a grown ass woman!" Alyson was starting to think that this situation needed something very dramatic to happen to distract everybody. "Where's an iceberg when you need one," She thought.

The guard pressed her again, "Miss, do you have your room key? I need your room key. It has all the information on it."

Stalling as best she could Alyson said, "Uh, I must have dropped it. Where is that pesky thing?" In reality it was inside her bottoms, likely covered with cum right now. Help me find it, I think I lost it when the bitch hit me," Alyson said intentionally loud enough for Caroline to hear.

"You little man stealing baby-whore," Caroline shot back at her.

Alyson was running out of ideas rapidly then the iceberg came to her mind again. It worked last night on the balcony with Dan, it was worth a try. After all, most of the crowd around them were men.

"For the last friggin time you stupid bitch, I am not a kid! Would a kid have these?" Alyson peeled off her top to the swim suit exposing her ever so slightly big for her age size 34 tits.

All eyes riveted to her chest. She could hear people murmuring and commenting on her frame. Several guys smiled. One guy even winked at her.

It was working but it was not enough to make all this go away. The security guard pressed her for her room card, "Miss you must put your top back on. If you can't give me your room card, I am afraid I must detain you and this man for further investigation."

Alyson thought, "My luck the security guard must be gay or something." Then she noticed Ellen's card in her hand and an idea hit Alyson.

"Those tits don't mean a damn thing. You're still a little kid and he needs to go to jail!" Caroline struggled in the guard's grip but couldn't break free.

Alyson began, "You're such an ass; you know that right?" Still topless, Aly moved slightly closer to Ellen. "I'm gay. So Dan is innocent. Just leave us alone."

"Uh, I beg to differ. I heard you two in there!" Some guy said from back in the crowd.

"Okay, fine, I'm bi!" Alyson leaned over and gave Ellen a slight kiss on the cheek, startling her. Seeing that it was not convincing, Alyson wrapped her arms around Ellen and landed a huge long kiss on her lips. What surprised Aly was when she felt Ellen's tongue touch hers for an instant.

During the exchange Aly touched Ellen's hand and slid the room key into her own hand.

"Enough is enough," the guard said, "come with me."

"Oh, wait, here's my card. Hand it in my shorts." He comment earned her more murmurs and smiles from the men in the growing crowd.

The guard took it and scanned it with some reader he had on his belt. "And your name is?"

"Al –Ellen," Alyson stuttered.

"Ellen what" the guard continued.

"Blackwood," a faint voice whispered in her ear. Alyson was surprised nobody heard it but her. She assumed her tits still had people distracted.

"Blackwood!" Alyson said with a grin. "Can I go now? My lip is bleeding. Nothing happened, no crime, no homicide, just a little friskiness."

The guard looked at her and handed the card back to her. He looked over to the other security officer and said, "The card says she's 19."

"That's bullshit!" Caroline yelled.

Turning to the woman, he said, "You, however, need to cool down awhile in the ship's brig.

Turning to the crowd the guard said, "Move along." He turned back to Alyson the guard said very insistently, "Miss, put your top on NOW and move along."

As Alyson quickly put her top on with Ellen's help, she said back to the guard, "What about him?"

"He is not your concern. We have a few questions for him and then he can go."

"But, I"

"Miss, move along now or I will detail you for further questioning."

Alyson and Ellen quickly walked away from the crowd without saying a word to each other. They went up several decks to the somewhat isolated area around the exhaust funnel of the ship. There they stopped and finally spoke.

"Alyson, you are really 13, right? I mean that's what you told me back in the hot bath," Ellen began.

Alyson sighed, "Yes, I am."

"And you, you really had sex with that man?"

"Oh God yes, I did. All over the men's locker room," Alyson admitted, somewhat relieved to be talking about it with another girl.

"Oh my, did he rape you or something? He is a score older than you," Ellen seemed truly concerned.

"No, no, no, if anything, I raped him. I'm the one with all the mixed up hormones."

Ellen seemed still concerned, "But Alyson, the age, its, its, illegal."

Alyson signed again and mustered up the strength to debate her cause once more. "Ellen, people in this world are all about judging people. People are constantly judging others based on their race or where they live or what they wear. People judge Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, because they are not white. Men refuse to pay women the same amount of pay for the same job. It is all wrong! So is judging me because I did something with an older guy."

"Yes, but it is wrong," Ellen offered.

"Wrong to who? Who really says it's wrong for a 17 year old in some places to have sex with an 18 year old? The same people who said blacks shouldn't drink at the same water fountain as whites made up the stupid age rules."

Ellen commented again, "But you're 13 Alyson."

Yes, I am but how about judging me on my mental capacity or maturity. I'm not at home playing with dolls. I am a straight A student in school, I help out at my dad's office during the summer, I answer phones, and I act more like an adult than some adults. Who is really morally right to judge me without knowing me?

They debated for an hour until the wind kicked up and it started to get cool. They eventually worked past their concerns and where back to laughing and chatting about all the drama ole Caroline caused.

As they both headed down to their respective rooms, Alyson said to Ellen, "Hey thanks for being my friend today. I guess I did let my hormones get the best of me. I mean that was my first time. I lost my virginity today. I can hardly believe it.

"From the story who told me, and all the dried stuff on your leg there, it did sound exciting," Ellen said shyly.

"Oh, it was. I was so horny. I must be ovulating or something," Alyson commented as they got off the elevator together.

Ellen smiled at Aly as they started to part and walk to their respective rooms, "Good thing you're on birth control or with that mess, you'd probably be pregnant for sure."

Aly froze in her tracks, "ELLEN, ELLEN," she called out.

Ellen stopped and turned to face Aly, "Yes, what is it, you lose something again?"

"Oh my God Ellen, I think I did lose something besides my virginity. I think I lost my mind." Tears started to form in Aly's eyes.

Ellen walked back over to Aly, "What is it Alyson. What's wrong?"

"I'm not on any birth-control."


Author's Note: I just had a screaming match with some bitch in my school over me messing with her girlfriend. The argument in the hall caught everyone's attention and it sorta went like the one in the story with Caroling yelling at Alyson. The sex scene is just a fantasy I've had for a long time. Hope you liked it.