Listen to the ones that loves you at least for once

Please never wear pearls again

'cause every pearl is nothing but a tear

for a lost love you just don't want to forget


I don't wanna see you near the shore

Thinking about what will never be

Remember that it was not your fault

And take one last look to that sea


You have wore that black dress for so long

A shelter to your memories day by day

But he would be glad to see you in love

and willing to get over your laments


If you're too afraid to look around

If you're feeling you're about to fall from the edge

Feel all those hearts and eyes

that are always remembering your name


Listen to me, listen to my voice

Not for me, but for your own good

Don't wear those pearls anymore

'Cause bringing pain is all they do

Never wear those pearls again

'cause they just never let you forgive and forget