Lucas opened his eyes to a dull light that filtered through the faded yellow curtains. He was in his new room on the second floor of Dr. Lee's house. He got up, and, without making a sound, crept to the window. He pushed aside the curtains and looked out onto the scenic view. Rolling hills, fields with grain that waved in the wind, forests thick with game, and a small babbling brook that started from a spring near the fields and became a swift moving river in the abundant forest. It was picture perfect. He breathed a sigh of relief and knew that for the next few weeks he would be happy. A minute had passed since he had awakened, and he could smell eggs from the kitchen. The door opened with a creek and with soft thuds, he made his way downstairs. Natasha was curled up on the window seat in the den and was staring out at the picture perfect landscape. Gregory was at the stove making eggs, and Dmitri was drinking his black coffee. Nikita was playing with a golden locket that hung from a thin chain around her neck. Everyone had retreated deep into his or her own thoughts, and Lucas felt alone. He sat on the floor by the bookcase and hoped for some conversation. He wasn't weak in the way that he couldn't live alone. He certainly could. He just favored the company of others, and he longed for their feeling s and their trust.

Hanna came in from the screened back door with four large, silver pales hanging from a metal rod draped across her shoulders. Natasha leapt up and hurried over to help her beloved leader, the one who had smoothed her golden brown curls when she cried, the one who bandaged up her injuries, the one who gave Natasha her food when there was little to be had. They brought the buckets of fresh milk into the kitchen and began pouring it through a strainer. When it was properly strained, they poured in into glass bottles that had been washed the previous night.

"Hanna, can we stay here forever?" asked Natasha, innocently batting her eyes.

"Sorry Nat, but we have to go to Germany at some point. But we can stay here until we have a definite way of getting to Germany," Hanna said comfortingly. It was by no means a promise of forever, but it did promise at least a few weeks in this quiet haven. Natasha was satisfied with this answer because she went back to the window seat. Lucas didn't look at Hanna, but instead looked intently at Gregory. He was suspicious of a secret that he knew involved Hanna and Gregory and a little boy named Linden. Yet he didn't know how they were all connected. A little voice in the back of his head said that he didn't want to find out.

Dmitri had drained his cup of coffee and looked to Hanna for today's agenda. Even though Dmitri was built and could easily bench 300 lbs, he sat in his chair, crossed-legged, and his body folded gracefully. Lucas admired him, but feared him none the less. Dmitri was quiet and thoughtful, but the one time Lucas had truly seen him loose control was scary. The tearing of human flesh, the blood-lust that turned his eyes scarlet, and the fists that beat the man to a pulp all had scared the shit out of Lucas. And now, sitting in a white chair, looking intently upon a girl half his size, he seemed more protective and less destructive, but even scarier. Lucas knew if it came down to it, Dmitri would kill anyone that crossed Hanna or Natasha. He loved them like sisters, because the six of them were a family, no matter what.

"Okay, we need to do a few things before we go to Germany. We need money, we need more information, and we need a way to Germany. We will also need a place to set up camp once we get to Germany," said Hanna as she paced the dining room.

"But where exactly are we going to get money?" asked Nikita skeptically.

"Simple. We either sell meat, vegetables and dairy at the farmers market or we get jobs at those convenience stores in the town," said Hanna as she sat down in front of a plate of eggs Gregory placed there for her.

"Okay, but what about information? I mean, we can continue searching the house, the barn and the surrounding land and structures, but I doubt that they will provide us with a detailed map about where we need to go in Germany," said Nikita. She looked triumphant, as if she had just found an angle that would destroy Hanna's plan.

"That's simple too. We do continue searching here, because I guarantee that a library wont have some more personal and detailed information, but I also know that my grandfather probably wouldn't just leave us all the answers in one place. We can search the library and the internet for more general information or for background information on what we find. We're smart enough to put the pieces together."

"Ya, okay, fine you win. Now Gregory, I suggest you make more eggs because more people are hungry around here than just your lady friend over there," said Nikita, jerking her thumb at Hanna. Both Hanna and Gregory blushed and Gregory rushed into the kitchen to cook more eggs. Hanna dashed out the back door to the chicken coup to get more eggs. Lucas just sat their dumbfounded. Now he had confirmation that there really was something going on between them. If Nikita had been joking, they would have just laughed, but they were serious because both Hanna and Gregory blushed and Natasha looked uncomfortable.

"You know Nikita, it's not nice to butt into people's business," said Dmitri calmly. He didn't even look up from a book he was looking at, but his tone was serious and dry of humor. It was the kind of voice he used to threaten people. The kind of voice that scared people shitless. Nikita's face was drained of color and she dashed out of the room like a bug does when the light is turned on. Dmitri just smirked as she bumped into a chair in her mad rush out of the room. He had accomplished his goal, but he sensed something was off. He looked up from his book and glanced at both Lucas and Natasha. Natasha looked innocent but curious, so he looked directly at Lucas. Lucas looked intrigued at the prospect of a secret affair between the leader of the group and the very quiet Gregory.

"Don't even think about digging deep into this Lucas. You won't like what you find," he said, glaring at him. He looked away for the last few words of his tiny monologue. "No one would."