Better Than Water

There it is

the dripping of blood

it smells sweet and thick

and it's rich on my lips

the taste of



and anger only making it

Somehow sweeter

it burns on my lips

And my fingers are soaking in it

But I…

But I…

I must have more more MORE

Must drain the life and beauty

To feel alive again and again

Red sings in your veins

We will obey it and

dance one last time

To the thumping beat

Come closer

so we can both

Feel something

punch our chests

Like we were one and the same

Let my feet do the leading

Now come to the shade

Follow me follow me

Screams of pain and


Echo echo in the alley

And all I really hear is

The tempo of violent Life

Thump thumping of hearts

And rushing like rivers

But no water at all here

Red is better than blue

I'm no better than you.